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first_imgTina HouseAPTN National NewsThe fire around Ashcroft Indian band in British Columbia is under control.The entire community was forced to flee when the wind whipped the flames of a wildfire burning nearby.Parts of the community were completely lost – but no one was seriously injured.There are still more than 150 fires burning across B.C.Here’s a look at one that officials were able to tame.thouse@aptn.calast_img

Morocco to Invest MAD 200 Billion in Energy Sector By 2020

Rabat  –  Around 200 billion dirhams will be invested by 2020 in the Moroccan energy sector and a considerable share of it will be used to strengthen electricity infrastructure, Minister of energy, mining, water and environment Abdelkader Amara announced on Tuesday.This step is meant to meet the growing energy demand which will increase from 25,000 GWT in 2008 to 70,000 GWT by 2025, said the minister who was the guest of MAP Forum on the theme “Is Morocco on the eve of energy transition?” The official also announced the upcoming opening of medium voltage in the field of renewable energy, following the high and very high voltage. “The photovoltaic option has an economic potential of 4.6 GWT by 2030, in addition to slashing the country’s energy bill”, he said.   On nuclear energy-based electricity, the minister said that this is an open choice that could be possible in 2030 unless the regional context changes, adding that such option is part of the diversification of energy sources. Referring to the National energy strategy, he said that it is based on four objectives namely: securing energy supply, generalizing access to energy for reasonable prices, controlling the demand and preserving the environment read more

Sri Lanka ready to join global fight against IS

He said that several arrests have already been made and more was expected over the deadly suicide attacks in Colombo and outside Colombo.The Prime Minister also praised Sri Lanka’s intelligence service saying they helped arrest several suspects linked to the bombers. (Colombo Gazette) Sri Lanka is ready to join the global fight against the Islamic State (IS), Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today.He noted the statement made by IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a new video warning of attacks around the world. The Prime Minister also said that key information has come to light related to the Easter Sunday bombings carried out by a group linked to IS. Wickremesinghe said that Sri Lanka will share intelligence information and expertise with the international community to face the threat from IS. read more

SandersBiden feud ramps up in front of key union audience

PHILADELPHIA — The high-stakes fight for working-class voters moved to Pennsylvania on Tuesday as a slate of Democratic White House hopefuls vowed to use the power of the presidency to crack down on corporate America and strengthen organized labour.But beneath all the agreement at the AFL-CIO conference, a feud between two leading candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, began to spill out into the open. Neither mentioned the other by name onstage. Yet both moved to undermine the other’s credibility with a group of voters that may hold the key to the 2020 presidential election.Sanders was the most aggressive when he ticked down a list of unpopular votes from Biden’s decadeslong record in politics as he faced hundreds of union members in a Philadelphia convention hall.“Unlike some of the folks running for president, I did not vote for the war in Iraq, I did not vote for the Wall Street bailout, I did not vote for a terrible bankruptcy bill and, maybe most important, I did not vote for the disastrous trade policies like NAFTA,” Sanders declared.Speaking to reporters afterward, the Vermont senator repeatedly called out Biden by his first name, charging that “Joe” has a long record of voting against the interests of the working class.“All I wanted to do today was make it clear that in terms of the needs of working people, I don’t have a record I have to apologize for,” Sanders said.Earlier in the day, Biden took a jab at Sanders by reminding union members that the health care plan championed by the Vermont senator — known as “Medicare for All” — would ultimately force union members from their private insurance plans to a government-backed system.“In mine, you can keep the health insurance you bargained for if you like it,” Biden said.The tension between the two leading candidates came during what organizers called a “workers’ presidential summit,” an event in downtown Philadelphia that gave the Democratic Party’s 2020 class an opportunity to speak to hundreds of union officials in a premier swing state.Besides Biden and Sanders, the lineup featured Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, California businessman Tom Steyer, Ohio congressman Tim Ryan, New York entrepreneur Andrew Yang and author Marianne Williamson. A handful of candidates, most notably Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, did not attend.A Warren spokeswoman said she had “prior commitments” in New York, noting that she attended an AFL-CIO forum over the summer.Arguably, no group of voters will play a more critical role in 2020 than those gathered at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Tuesday afternoon. Trump won the presidency on the backs of white working-class voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan in Wisconsin — three states that hadn’t supported a Republican for president in almost three decades before Trump.Biden has built his decades-old political brand as a native of working-class Scranton, Pennsylvania. He reminded union members on Tuesday about his nickname “Working-class Joe” and called labour unions “the backbone of the country.”“The bad news is I’ve been around a long time. The good news is that I’ve been around a long time. You know me. I’ve never not been with you,” Biden said.Yet his long record in Washington gives his rivals in both parties ample political ammunition. Some conference attendees received flyers highlighting the low points of Biden’s record.The former Delaware senator is the only 2020 Democratic candidate who voted to support the North American Free Trade Agreement. As vice-president, he helped implement a rescue package for the nation’s big banks. He also wrote a 2005 bankruptcy bill backed by credit card companies. And as the only 2020 contender in Congress back in 2002, he is the only candidate who voted to authorize use of military force in Iraq.Biden also supported the trade deal written by the Obama administration known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump ultimately killed once he took office. Still, in the Senate, he voted against a number of trade deals, including those with Singapore, Chile and Oman.Until Tuesday, there was little public tension between Sanders and Biden, although Sanders, like other Democratic contenders, has long hoped that Biden’s early advantages in the Midwest would ultimately fade because of his record on trade.Sanders, by contrast, aggressively opposed the trade deals. That’s not to say Sanders does not have tough questions to answer, however.His signature health care plan, Medicare for All, would end the private insurance system. That’s something many union members oppose because it would wipe away the health care benefits they fought to win.Facing pushback from labour, Sanders recently added language to the plan to provide additional oversight for union members.But on Tuesday, Sanders was decidedly on offence.“I did not vote to bail out the crooks on Wall Street. Joe did,” Sanders told reporters. “So not only is there a difference in terms of our vision for Americans, there is a very strong difference in terms of our record.”Steve Peoples, The Associated Press read more

US factory production rises 03 per cent in October but mining and

WASHINGTON – U.S. factories increased production for a third straight month in October, as stronger output of primary metals and furniture offset declines in auto production.Manufacturing output rose 0.3 per cent last month, up from 0.1 per cent in September, the Federal Reserve reported Friday. Factory output is the biggest component of industrial production, which also includes mining and utilities.Overall industrial production fell 0.1 per cent after a 0.7 per cent September gain. The mining sector, which includes oil and gas drilling, declined 1.6 per cent after six months of gains. Utility output fell 1.1 per cent.Manufacturing has been gaining strength in recent months. Output has risen in five of the past six months. And factories have stepped up hiring over the past three months, according to the government’s October employment report released last week.Factories are busier in part because overseas growth has picked up and the housing recovery has driven more demand for furniture and other wood products. Automakers are also having their best year for sales since the recession, although production of motor vehicles and parts fell 1.3 per cent in October after two months of gains.Output of primary metals such as steel rose 1.1 per cent and furniture production was up 1.5 per cent.Economists were encouraged by the gains in manufacturing after a period of weakness in the spring and early summer. They predicted those increases would continue, helped by strengthening overseas demand and less impact from federal government spending cuts and tax increases.“As long as the overseas recovery continues and the domestic fiscal drag fades, output should continue to grow at reasonable rates,” said Paul Dales senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics.The government report was the latest sign of strength for manufacturing. A private sector report from the Institute for Supply Management showed factory activity climbed to a 2 1/2 year high in October. The group’s manufacturing index has risen for five straight months. The October gain was especially encouraging because it showed the federal government’s 16-day partial shutdown had little effect on manufacturers.The overall economy grew at an annual rate of 2.8 per cent in the July-September quarter. But 0.8 percentage point of that growth came from a buildup in business stockpiles. Many economists believe businesses will cut back on stockpiling in the current October-December period and that will slow growth.Manufacturers are hoping that rising export sales will offset weakness in domestic demand.Through the first nine months this year, exports are up a modest 1 per cent. U.S. companies have had to deal with weakness in Europe, which has cut into sales in that important market. by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Nov 15, 2013 7:17 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email US factory production rises 0.3 per cent in October, but mining and utility output both fall read more

Appeals court hearing dispute over governments new Internet traffic rules

WASHINGTON – A long-running legal battle over government rules that require Internet providers to treat all Web traffic equally is back for another round before a federal appeals court.Cable and telecom industry groups will urge a three-judge panel on Friday to throw out regulations that forbid online content from being blocked or channeled into fast and slow lanes.The Federal Communications Commission approved the new rules in February after its previous attempt to mandate “net neutrality” was struck down last year by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.The rules, which for the first time treat broadband like a public utility, have won praise from consumer advocates and content companies such as Netflix and crowdfunding site Kickstarter. They want to prevent Internet service providers from manipulating data moving across their networks or offering paid preferential treatment to some content over others.But providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T say the FCC’s move will threaten innovation and undermine investment in broadband infrastructure. The U.S. Telecom Association, an industry group, calls the latest rules “a sweeping bureaucratic power grab” that subjects companies to “intrusive, central-planner-style oversight.”In an added twist, one of the judges hearing the latest case has twice authored opinions striking down the FCC’s earlier attempts to enforce net neutrality.Judge David Tatel ruled last year that the FCC rules were not grounded in legal authority because the commission at the time classified broadband as an information service. After Tatel’s 2014 opinion, the agency reclassified broadband providers as common carriers akin to utilities, giving it power to impose the new rules.Tatel had also ruled against the agency in a similar 2010 case, finding that the FCC could not prevent Comcast Corp. from slowing Internet access to a popular file-sharing service.Barbara Cherry, a professor of telecommunications at Indiana University who supports net neutrality, said the FCC is simply restoring the classification that Internet providers should have had all along.“It’s a legal chess game basically,” Cherry said. “They never should have classified it as an information service in the first place.”Tatel was appointed to the court by President Bill Clinton in 1994. The other judges on the panel are Stephen Williams, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, and Sri Srinivasan, appointed by President Barack Obama.Placing Internet service in the same regulatory camp as telephone service means providers have to act in the “public interest” when supplying service. It gives the government power to investigate complaints about unjust or unreasonable behaviour by service providers, such as controlling Internet traffic in a way that promotes their own financial interest.Obama endorsed the idea of net neutrality last year, calling on the FCC to regulate Internet service like it does other public utilities to protect consumers.Cable and telecom opponents say the FCC went too far in reclassifying broadband as a common carrier. They argue the new rules will prevent them from recovering costs for connecting to broadband hogs like Netflix that generate a huge amount of Internet traffic.“Congress never envisioned entrusting the FCC with the extraordinary authority that the order purports to exercise or subjecting the Internet to intrusive central-planner-style oversight,” says a brief from the U.S. Telecom Association.Defending the regulations, the FCC said in court briefs that it has the authority “to ensure that the Internet, the central means of communication in the 21st century, remains open to all Americans.”A small Texas broadband provider, Alamo Broadband Inc., has also challenged the rules, claiming among other things that they violate free speech rights.A ruling could take several months. Appeals court hearing dispute over government’s new Internet traffic rules by Sam Hananel, The Associated Press Posted Dec 3, 2015 9:53 pm MDT Last Updated Dec 3, 2015 at 10:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

As Colombians bid farewell to decades of flames Ban pledges UN support

‹› With a ceasefire now in effect and violence in the country reduced significantly, the Secretary-General said that lives have already been saved. Moreover, the initial release of minors is a welcome beginning, he noted, commending the negotiating teams that worked tirelessly in Havana who had shown the courage that will be needed in the crucial period ahead.The agreements promise not only to stop the armed conflict, but to create the conditions for lasting peace based on equitable development, human rights and inclusion. They envision a peace that values and ensures the participation of women, and a future in which there is room in politics for all, “but no room in politics for violence,” underscored Mr. Ban. And while the divisions and distrust from decades of conflict run deep, “I hope that the Colombian people can overcome the pain, join together and make this a truly national project.” He also stressed that the peace process has been led by Colombians “every step of the way.”With the peace accord reached, the parties have now entrusted important responsibilities to the UN, which the Security Council has unanimously endorsed. In that regard, he said the UN Mission in Colombia, tasked with the verification of the ceasefire and the laying down of arms, is already deployed throughout the country.Now, thanks to painstaking, visionary dialogue, you can look ahead with optimism.“Its verification mandate is activated with the signing of this agreement. I thank the countries from within and beyond the region that are providing observers,” explained the UN chief.Further, the United Nations system in Colombia will also be there to help implement the agreements, building on many years of engagement on peacebuilding and its work with victims and communities. “We will continue to offer our support to address the human rights and humanitarian challenges that persist. I am encouraged to know that there is already excellent collaboration among the Mission, the larger UN system in the country and our Colombian partners,” the Secretary-General added.He went on to recognize the invaluable contribution of Cuba and Norway, as guarantors of the process. He also commended Chile and Venezuela as accompanying countries. In addition, peacemakers working in other parts of the world are already studying Colombia’s peace process for lessons that can inform their efforts, he noted.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hails Colombia peace as “powerful message” of hope to the world (21 September). Credit: UN News Centre“The challenge now is to convert the vision that was so carefully crafted in Havana into transformative change here in Colombia, especially in some of the most remote and historically neglected regions of the country. Demonstrating early dividends will be crucial for building confidence,” he stressed. Encouraging the parties to remain as strongly committed to implementing the agreements as they were to reaching them, the Secretary-General also encouraged them to welcome in this endeavour the contributions of all who are part of the diverse and vibrant nation: civil society, the private sector, Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, women and youth. “But now, thanks to painstaking, visionary dialogue, you can look ahead with optimism.You are inviting Colombians to join you in pasando la página a un futuro en paz – turning the page to a future in peace,” said Mr. Ban, adding: Today, Colombians are bidding farewell to decades of flames, and sending up a bright flare of hope that illuminates the entire world. Viva la Paz! Viva Colombia!Also present at the signing ceremony, Peter Thomson, President of the UN General Assembly, congratulated all involved in the process and welcomed the historic opportunity, which brings an end to more than 50 years of armed conflict and opens a new chapter of peace in Colombia and Latin America. “The 2030 Agenda clearly states that there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development,” and as such, he looked forward to the full implementation of the agreements and to continue “our strong engagement and support so the remarkable progress achieved may be reconfirmed in the coming months and years. Colombia and this process are an example and a beacon of hope to the international community.” Secretary-General Attends Ceremony for the Colombian Ceasefire Agreement, in Havana, Cuba (June 2016). UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Deeply moved to see thousands of Colombians at the signing ceremony, Mr. Ban said he was honored to celebrate the achievement of the parties “and that of countless Colombians who never lost hope in peace.”Since 2012, parties have been in talks hosted in Havana, Cuba. Throughout, negotiators have reached agreements on key issues such as political participation, land rights, illicit drugs and victims’ rights and transitional justice. Among other developments, the Government and the FARC-EP announced in May an agreement to release and reintegrate child soldiers from the opposition force. The parties also announced the establishment of a gender sub-commission to bolster the voice of women in the peace process.In his remarks today, the Secretary-General recalled that when he first visited Colombia five years ago, the adoption of the Victims’ Law had begun to build the foundations for peace.“You had the vision to bring the victims to the forefront. What they have lost can never be restored. Yet victims have been among the most forceful voices for peace and reconciliation, and against bitterness and hatred. Their example should be an inspiration to all,” he said.Commending the parties for the first steps they have taken to acknowledge responsibility for tragic events of the conflict, the UN chief encourages them to continue on this path and, welcoming the commitments made to ensure truth, justice and reparations for all victims, he said: “This is how healing begins.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrives at the San Pedro Claver Church in Cartagena, Colombia, to attend a reconciliation mass, ahead of the official signing ceremony today, of the peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP). Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrives in Cartagena, Colombia, where he will attend the signing ceremony of the agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) receives a copy of the Colombian Peace Agreement from Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of Colombia (19 September). UN Photo/Rick Bajornas The city of Cartagena prepares for the signing of the agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Peace Agreement document which was presented by President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón of Colombia to the President of the Council. UN Photo/Kim Haughton Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrives in Cartagena, Colombia, where he will attend the signing ceremony of the agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas read more

Tennis And The Olympics Make An Awkward Match

We’re on the ground in Rio covering the 2016 Summer Olympics. Check out all our coverage here.Olympic tennis should be as, well, grand as a Grand Slam. The world’s best players show up with a chance to win hardware for their countries — and without making a yearlong commitment. They get to hang with other great athletes in the Olympic Village. And they only get one chance every four years — not four chances every year. That makes it especially precious for players who are sidelined with injury just before the games, as Rafael Nadal was in 2012 and as Roger Federer is this year. The reality, though, is a bit more flawed. The necessities of the national nature of the Olympics imposes restrictions on what is otherwise mostly an individual sport. And that robs the Olympics tennis event of some of its top players and teams — and that’s not counting the stars who blamed Zika when they withdrew.No country gets more than four players in each of the men’s and women’s 64-player singles draws — half the size of major draws. That limit means half of France’s eight men in the Top 50 don’t get a shot at individual glory. Meanwhile, to improve regional representation, Ons Jabeur of Tunisia (ranked No. 188 at the time the entry list was finalized) and Stephanie Vogt of Liechtenstein (No. 274) got into the women’s draw. At majors, they’d usually have to try to earn their way in through qualifying.At least in singles, players are competing as they usually do. On the tours, some of the best doubles teams are paragons of multinational cooperation — a former pairing of an Indian man and a Pakistani teammate inspired tennis fans in both their countries. Part of what makes tennis great, if you’re into individual agency for athletes, is that even when players team up on tour, they do so by choice. They choose whom to partner and whom to dump — leading to a fun round of musical chairs and attendant gossip in each offseason. The Olympics, though, forces teammates to split up. Four of the top 10 women’s teams in the world, including the very best one, pair players from different countries. So do six of the top 10 men’s teams. There isn’t a ranking for mixed doubles, yet just three of the 16 majors since the last Olympics were won by a man and woman from the same country. Yet all those players who normally partner with someone from a different country had to find someone else to play with in Rio de Janeiro.The bigger problem with mixed at the Olympics is how easy it is to medal once you’ve qualified: Just 16 teams enter (after having qualified by making it into one of the other draws and then signing up for mixed in Rio), so it takes just two wins to reach the semifinals. Win one of the next two matches and you’re on the podium.Partly because of all the limitations, especially on top players who don’t qualify because their country’s talent pool is too deep, the tours stopped offering ranking points for wins in this year’s Olympic event. John Isner, the highest ranked American man, cited that as a major factor in his decision to skip Rio. Isner and other opt-outers have been feasting on depleted competition at the tour events. Isner got 150 ranking points for beating three players outside the top 50 in Atlanta last week — 150 more than he would’ve gotten if he’d won the gold medal in Rio. Ranking points, not gold, are the currency on tour, yielding direct entry to events and higher seeds that offer safer passage through the draw.The Olympic men’s singles draw may have lost other stars to early upsets because of their best-of-three-set format until the final. Novak Djokovic, who has won just about every important title except a gold medal, lost his first match in straight sets to Juan Martin del Potro. At a major he would have had a chance to try to come back — a thrilling prospect whether or not he would have pulled it off.I asked the International Tennis Federation, which helps organize the event, for a response to my criticisms. David Haggerty, president of the ITF, said in a statement sent through a spokesman: “The ITF is happy with the overall format of the Olympic Tennis Event, which presents a unique opportunity for players to represent their countries in individual competition. The current format ensures a strength of entry alongside a diversity of nations that reflects the universality of our sport.” He added that the draw size and number of sets are constrained by the desire to limit the event to a little over a week so players can get back on tour, and so that they can enter singles, doubles and mixed without undue burden.I’m not arguing, as many do, that tennis shouldn’t be in the Olympics.1Nor is it a plea on behalf of ESPN, the owner of this website and the broadcaster of the U.S. Open but not of the Olympics. All of the sport’s top players in recent years have competed passionately for their countries and have medaled in 2008 or 2012, or both: Serena and Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka. I watched many of them at the London games in 2012 and enjoyed the novelty of watching singles stars playing doubles, wearing country uniforms and bringing lots of new colors to the usually staid Wimbledon aesthetic. And no one who watched the Djokovic-del Potro epic, or saw both players’ tears afterwards, would prefer it had never happened. It’s just a reminder that when the Olympic format is forced on top of an established sport’s pre-existing structure, flaws and awkwardness are inevitable. Tennis is an individual sport and is at its best when players — and doubles pairs — are free to compete for themselves. read more

Big Ten bounceback Ohio State looks to avenge earlyseason conference woes

The California Golden Bears football team will be hoping to continue a trend of Pac-12 Conference dominance over the Big Ten when they play Ohio State this Saturday. On the second Saturday of the college football season, three Big Ten teams traveled west to play Pac-12 teams, and all three of them – Wisconsin, Nebraska and Illinois – lost their games, respectively to Oregon State, UCLA and Arizona State. But this Saturday, the tables will be turned on California, which travels east to play the Buckeyes in Ohio Stadium. California comes into the game with a 1-1 record, coming off a 50-31 victory against Southern Utah, after opening its season with a 31-24 loss to Nevada. California’s first road game of 2012 comes against the Buckeyes, which are 2-0 and ranked No. 12 in the Associated Press top 25. Even though his team is on the road and unranked, California freshman wide receiver Chris Harper believes his team will defeat its ranked opponent on Saturday. “I think that even though Ohio State is a great team, I think that we’re a great team also and we’re going to be able to compete and come out victorious,” Harper said. Junior Keenan Allen, a fellow wide receiver, agreed. “I think our chances (of winning) are high,” Allen said. “We’ve been practicing pretty good all week, and I just think we just got to polish up on a couple of things from these last games and I think we’ll be a great football team.” Coach Jeff Tedford said during the weekly Pac-12 teleconference on Tuesday that playing OSU, who will have senior linebacker Storm Klein and senior running back Jordan Hall suited up, will be a “great challenge” but believes his team is prepared. “I think our guys are ready for that test against a very good football team,” Tedford said. “We’ve had to play through a couple things the first two weeks actually that have kind of persevered us through some things.” Harper said his preparation for playing the Buckeyes has been the same as it is for any other game. “I’m preparing the same I would any other week,” Harper said. “This is just, it’s another game. Although it’s a big game against a big team, my preparation is still the same because I try to come out and work hard every day at practice.” California ranks 49th nationally in total offense, with an average of 441 yards per game in its first two contests, and is tied for 35th in scoring offense with 37 points per game. Defensively, the Golden Bears have been worse statistically, ranking only 78th in total defense while allowing 410.5 yards per game, and 91st nationally in points allowed with 31. Nonetheless, OSU coach Urban Meyer said the Buckeyes’ opponent has no shortage of talent, including future NFL players on its roster. “You’ll see some Cal Bears going in the draft next year,” Meyer said. One California player whose talents have received considerable recognition from OSU coaches and players alike is Allen, who ranked ninth in the Football Bowl Subdivision in both receptions and receiving yards in 2011. “Anytime you play a great receiver, you have to have tremendous respect for their ability, and what they do well,” said OSU cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs. “Keenan Allen is a great route-runner, he’s got great speed, he does really well, he’s got great body control when the ball is in the air, he goes and gets it. They’re going to run vertical routes, so he’s going to be a factor. They’ll do that with multiple receivers, but he’s a tremendous talent.” OSU sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby said he is looking forward to the opportunity to “go against the best.” “Everybody has been talking about him, saying he’s one of the best in the country,” Roby said. “I think he’s a good athlete and I think he’s a good football player, so I’m just ready to go against him.” Allen said the Bears “definitely need to make progress” with their passing offense from their first two games of the season, but pointed out that he is not the team’s only offensive playmaker. “We have a lot of guys on offense who make plays,” Allen said. “C.J. Anderson (senior running back), Isi Sofele (senior running back), myself, Chris Harper, Bryce Treggs (freshman wide receiver). We all make plays in open field, so once we get the ball into our hands, they really going to have break down and make the open-field tackle.” Coombs also praised California’s quarterback, senior Zach Maynard, who is Allen’s half-brother. “He’s very athletic, he’s very fast, he does a great job of avoiding pressure, pulling it down, making things happen, and sometimes scrambles to run, sometimes scrambles to throw, makes a lot of big plays,” Coombs said. “I think he’s a total package and a guy who’s got experience.” As for OSU’s quarterback, sophomore Braxton Miller, California senior linebacker Robert Mullins compared him to Colin Kaepernick, who played the position at Nevada from 2007-2010, and is currently the backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. “(Miller)’s the most athletic (quarterback) I’ve seen,” Mullins said during California’s weekly press conference on Tuesday. “In terms of how dynamic he is, he reminds me of Kaepernick.” Mullins also discussed how the California defense can slow down Miller, who has accounted for 664 yards of total offense in his first two games of the season. “Any time you have a dynamic quarterback like that, you have to be disciplined,” Mullins said. “We have to rally to the ball because he can move in space, he may break some tackles … ultimately, it comes down to what we do.” Another OSU player to whom Tedford gave specific praise was senior defensive end John Simon. “(Simon) plays as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen,” Tedford said. Meyer said that he has great respect for the coach that will be across the field from him on Saturday. “One of my great friends, I’ve known Jeff (Tedford) for a long time,” Meyer said. “Studied football with him back when I was at Bowling Green.” Kickoff in the Horseshoe between OSU and California is scheduled for noon on Saturday. Patrick Maks contributed to this story. read more

Somerset farmer killed by his dog after it accidentally drove forklift truck

Mr Meade Simon Chilcott, principal investigator for the Health and Safety Executive, told Mr Mead’s inquest there were no other “reasonable explanations” for the tragedy.Mr Mead suffered spinal fractures and was pronounced dead at the scene.Dr Peter Harrowing, assistant coroner for Avon, reached a conclusion of accidental death at the hearing in Flax Bourton, near Bristol, on Friday.”The most likely explanation, which I accept, is that the dog that he had in the cab with him on that day inadvertently moved the shuttle lever, causing the forward motion on the Manitou which sadly trapped Mr Mead against the solid gate, causing injuries which he did not survive,” Dr Harrowing said. “We stopped and I could see Dad’s legs at the front of the machine,” Alistair Mead said.”I could see that he was trapped. He was crouched down, facing the machine as if he had turned to see the machine coming towards him and ducked, trying to avoid it.”Mr Mead said his father was being pushed against the gate and was unresponsive.”Inside the cab was my Dad’s dog, a Jack Russell,” he told the inquest.He reversed the truck and first aid was given to his father, with paramedics later arriving on the scene.Mr Mead was pronounced dead at 3.04pm. Mr Meade’s family said they were “processing the tragic and sudden loss” of their father and husbandCredit:GDJ Photography/PA “I’m satisfied that this death of Derek Mead was one of a very tragic accident.”In a statement read to the court, Mr Mead’s son, Alistair, said they worked together and had 1,600 acres over eight farms.The garden of Mr Mead’s home had a large pond, next to which he was building a rockery on the day of his death.In a statement, Mr Mead’s family said: “As a family we have been processing the tragic and sudden loss of our father.”It has been a very difficult time for us and for all of those who knew our father well.”Whilst we grieve for the loss of our dad, grandfather and friend, we celebrate everything that he has achieved and focus on continuing his legacy.”We want to express our deepest gratitude for the support and all the kind wishes we have received during this difficult time from so many that Dad reached out to.”We thank you for continuing to respect our privacy as we, as a family, continue to grieve.”Mr Mead used the “old” Manitou truck, which he used on his property in a personal capacity, to shift top soil to the site.His son spotted the truck at the entrance to a field while driving with his family down a lane near Mr Mead’s home. A farmer was killed by his dog after it pushed a lever inside his forklift truck and crushed him against gate, an inquest has heard.Derek Mead, 70, was working on building a rockery next to the pond at his home in Hewish, near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, on June 4 last year.The experienced farmer stopped his Manitou forklift truck at the entrance to a field on his land and is believed to have got out of the vehicle to open the gate.Avon Coroner’s Court heard that Mr Mead left the machine in neutral, with the engine running, and did not apply the handbrake as the land was flat.His pet dog was inside the cab at the time and may have jumped up or put its paws on the shuttle lever, which moved the vehicle forwards. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Mobile users targeted by phone scam involving Lithuanian numbers

first_imgSEVERAL MOBILE PHONE users have reported being targeted by a phone scam involving calls from Lithuanian numbers.Last night, Irish mobile users with 087 numbers received short or missed calls from a number starting with +37, the Lithuanian country code.It emerged last month that mobile users were targeted by a Slovenian premium number scam which tried to encourage users to return the call and run up high charges.Users targeted by the most recent scam have contacted, reporting that they received calls of a few seconds or just missed calls from different numbers, all with the Lithuanian country code. All users said they were customers on the 087 prefix, as with the previous spate of calls.The telecom’s regulator, ComReg, could not be reached for comment today.Have you been targeted by the scam? If so, let us know in the comments below.Related: Mobile phone users targeted by Slovenian premium number scam>Read: Regulator says mobile users shouldn’t pay price for Slovenian scam>last_img read more

Halo Spartan Assault preview is everything you hoped it would be

first_imgMicrosoft is hoping that their soon to be released exclusive for Windows Phone and Windows 8 will be the final straw that causes some users to consider switching platforms. While it’s too early to say whether or not Spartan lightning has struck twice, the early preview of the game we were treated to recently is nothing short of impressive.343 Studios took on one of the biggest modern gaming franchises and sought to make new games that resonate even deeper with the core of Halo fandom. With over 11 years of heritage, including a library of books filled with extra backstory and character development, they had a lot to go from. Halo 4 upset a chunk of the core audience with the visual changes and the return to a world where Master Chief couldn’t dual wield, but from a story perspective the game was absolutely amazing.What made this experience even more impressive was the extra gameplay scenarios, where you play a Spartan being guided through missions by UNSC Commander Sarah Palmer. Unlike the Spartan Ops of Halo 4, you’ll actually be playing as Palmer for this mobile version of Halo.The big question is how well does the Halo we all know and love translate onto smartphones and tablets? Halo: Spartan Assault is a top down shooter that takes some visual cues from Halo Wars, where you’re at just enough of an angle to make everything seem just a bit more 3D. Controlling your character happens with a pair of virtual joysticks as well as a host of buttons that live around the edge of your device. You use the left thumb for moving, and the right thumb for shooting in whatever direction you point in. The button layout for the game depends on the kind of device you are playing on.If you’re on a tablet, you have separate buttons for weapon switching, ammo readout, and two different grenade throw keys. On a phone, however, your ammo readout and weapon switcher are one and the same. Both versions of the UI feature a generic action button, which does everything from climbing into vehicles to setting explosive charges in missions.Most of the weapons in this game are auto targeting. If you’re using a battle rifle, for example, if you hold down fire in any one direction it will shift from target to target as long as there are more enemies in that direction. Pistols and sniper rifles will aim for the nearest target when you flick your thumb in their direction. Spartan Lasers and machine gun turrets will not auto target, since they spray a line of hurt in the direction you are pointing your weapon. Grenades are the exception, as they will only auto target when your body if facing the enemy. It is not enough to simply be shooting in that direction with grenades.Vehicle control is an interesting aspect of Halo: Spartan Assault. In the preview, the Wraith was the only vehicle available. For this vehicle, you need to use your left stick to go forward and back and strafe while you use your other stick to control the nose of the vehicle. The right stick will also fire the plasma turret on the side of the vehicle. If you want to fire the plasma cannon, you flick the right stick and a ball of plasma will be fired in whatever direction the Wraith is pointed. This steering method takes some getting used to, and it will be interesting to see how this translates for other vehicles.It’s clear, just from the preview, that there’s quite a bit to do in Halo: Spartan Assault. The game itself is broken out into multiple chapters, with missions inside those chapters that play into a common story arc. This should be familiar to anyone who played the Spartan Ops section in Halo 4.In a brief conversation with Halo franchise manager Kevin Grace of 343 Studios , it was made clear that the storyline for this game would continue telling Sarah Palmer’s story while offering some insight into the Spartan 4 program from the books. Nothing about the preview missions gave any insight into the actual story for the game, in fact it wasn’t even clear that we were playing as Palmer until told that was who the main Spartan was in this game.While there were no Windows 8 devices at the preview event other than the Surface RT, members of the Surface team were on hand to confirm that the game would run the same on all hardware types. Despite being considered a slow and often laggy tablet, Halo: Spartan Assault played flawlessly on the Surface RT demo units on hand at the event. Halo: Spartan Assault will first be made available on Windows Phones later this month, starting with the Lumia 928 on Verizon Wireless. Shortly after this launch, the game will come to the Windows Store and be available on everything from the Surface RT on up. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Halo: Spartan Assault artworkHalo: Spartan Assault artworkHalo: Spartan Assault hashtagUNSC LogoHalo: Spartan Assault Double KillWindows Phone Halo: Spartan Assaultlast_img read more

Grippe A près de 14000 morts dans le monde

first_imgGrippe A : près de 14.000 morts dans le mondeSuisse – Le dernier bilan publié par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) fait état d’au moins 13.554 décès liés à la grippe A dans le monde depuis le début de l’épidémie. Ce chiffre prend en compte les cas de décès avérés et vérifiés en laboratoires.En une semaine, le virus de la grippe A a causé la mort d’au moins 755 personnes dans le monde. Un chiffre en forte hausse par rapport à la semaine précédente. Le virus reste très présent en Europe centrale, de l’Est, du Sud-est, en Afrique du Nord et en Asie du Sud. Il est par contre en phase de déclin “substantiel” en Europe du Nord et de l’Ouest.À lire aussiLe syndrome de Cotard, l’étrange maladie qui fait croire à une personne qu’elle est morteEn Europe, le nombre de décès est passé d’au moins 2.554 à 2.788 en une seule semaine. Une forte activité virale est encore constatée en Roumanie, en Ukraine, en Turquie et en Suisse. Sur le continent américain, le déclin continue de se poursuivre. La grippe A y a tué au moins 7.016 personnes, soit plus de la moitié des victimes mondiales. Le virus continue par contre sa progression en Afrique du Nord, notamment au Maroc, en Égypte, en Algérie et en Asie du Sud, notamment en Inde, au Népal et au Sri Lanka. Le continent asiatique enregistre au moins 1.289 décès depuis le début de l’épidémie. Si l’activité virale est globalement en déclin dans le monde, la grippe A est toujours présente et la vigilance doit rester de mise.Le 18 janvier 2010 à 10:57 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Lours blanc bientôt considéré comme une espèce menacée

first_imgL’ours blanc bientôt considéré comme une espèce menacée ?Les États-Unis ont déposé jeudi dernier un projet de résolution visant à inscrire l’ours blanc à l’annexe I de la Convention sur le commerce international des espèces de faune et de flore sauvages menacées d’extinction. Une proposition déjà contestée par l’une des principales organisations de lutte contre le trafic d’espèces, Traffic, et par l’Union mondiale pour la nature (UICN).Inscrit à l’annexe II de la Cites, l’ours blanc est considéré comme une espèce qui n’est pas actuellement menacée d’extinction mais pourrait le devenir si aucun contrôle sur son commerce n’était effectué. Jeudi 11 février, les États-Unis ont déposé un projet de résolution pour faire passer l’espèce à l’annexe I de la Convention, lors de la réunion prévue à Doha en mars prochain. C’est au cours de cette réunion qu’un vote des États membres de la convention décidera notamment par vote du sort du thon rouge.Alors que des scientifiques estiment qu’un tiers des ours blancs pourrait disparaître d’ici à 50 ans, le projet des États-Unis est vivement contesté par l’association de lutte contre le trafic d’espèces, Traffic, comme par l’UICN. Tous deux assurent qu’aujourd’hui, la plus grande menace qui pèse sur l’espèce est le changement climatique entraînant la fonte des glaces arctiques. “La première menace pour l’ours polaire, c’est la réduction de son habitat et le réchauffement. Le commerce, ou même la contrebande, ne présente pas une menace significative” souligne ainsi Richard Thomas, de Traffic.Si la consommation et le commerce d’ours blancs concernent surtout les populations autochtones du Grand Nord, comme les Inuits, depuis les années 1990, ce sont quelque 300 ours qui sont exportés chaque année sous forme de peaux ou de trophées. D’après la dernière estimation sur la population mondiale d’ours blancs, 20.000 à 25.000 individus seraient aujourd’hui regroupés en 19 colonies. Les deux tiers vivent dans le Grand Nord canadien, l’Alaska et le Groenland tandis que les autres se répartissent entre la Russie et la Norvège.Le 21 février 2010 à 11:21 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Eléphants pilleurs et agriculteurs spoliés stress de part et dautre

first_imgEléphants pilleurs et agriculteurs spoliés : stress de part et d’autrePubliée dans la revue Animal Conservation, une étude américano-kenyane montre que les éléphants faisant des raids dans les champs cultivés ont un taux élevé d’hormones de stress : cause ou conséquence ?”Il est impossible de déterminer d’après nos échantillons si les taux élevés de glucocorticoïde associés aux raids sur les récoltes étaient dus au stress lié à ces razzias ou étaient un des facteurs conduisant à ce comportement” chez l’éléphant, déclare le docteur Marissa Ahlering, directrice de l’étude menée conjointement par l’Université de Columbia (Missouri) et l’African Conservation Centre de Nairobi.À lire aussiCrise d’angoisse : symptômes, que faire et comment calmer une crise d’angoisse ?Les chercheurs ont comparé le taux d’hormone du stress dans des échantillons d’excréments issus d’une part d’éléphants impliqués dans cinq raids sur des champs cultivés, et d’autre part de pachydermes vivant dans les deux secteurs protégés les plus proches : le Parc national d’Amboseli et la Réserve nationale du Massai Mara.Résultats : les premiers ont un indice de stress équivalent à ceux du Massai Mara, très visité, fréquenté par de nombreux véhicules et bordé de zones agricoles – que les éléphants de la réserve sont d’ailleurs soupçonnés de piller à l’occasion. En revanche, les animaux d’Amboseli, plus isolés des implantations humaines, ont un indice de stress  significativement plus bas.Les scientifiques espèrent, en poursuivant ces recherches, diminuer les tensions entre les fermiers, qui peuvent recourir aux armes à feu ou au poison pour protéger leurs ressources – vitales – contre les pachydermes, et ces derniers, toujours menacés. Des solutions alternatives telles que clôtures électrifiées, gardes, alarmes ou… dissémination de piment sont explorées.    Le 19 décembre 2010 à 20:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

SPOILERS 1116 WWE Superstars tapings from Greenville

first_img WWE Confirms The Shield And Ronda Rousey At Super Show-Down SPOILERS: 9/1 NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff Fallout TV Tapings to air on WWE Network Google+ Drew Mcintyre Ronda Rousey SPOILERS: 9/5 Impact TV Tapings from Las Vegas to air on Pursuit and Twitch WhatsApp Facebook Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Pinterest Nikki Bella Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img ‘Total Bellas’ Season 4 Will Not Feature John Cena Videos Articles Now Playing Up Next Nikki Bella Fires Back At Ronda Rousey The following was taped on Monday night in Greenville, South Carolina.11/16 WWE Superstars tapings:* Brie Bella def. Naomi.* Titus O’Neil def. Bo Dallas.Source: Prowrestling.netRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Confirms The Shield And Ronda Rousey At Super Show-DownVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:32/Current Time 0:00Loaded: 100.00%0:00Remaining Time -0:32 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Brie Bella Announces She Is Quitting Wrestling Ronda Rousey Says Bella Twins Are A ‘Bunch of Untrustworthy B–s’ Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles SPOILERS: 8/15 Impact TV tapings in Mexico City to air on Pursuit and Twitch Twitter Now Playing Up Nextlast_img read more

Crash between car and bus leaves 2 dead in Fort Lauderdale

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police are investigating a fatal crash in Fort Lauderdale between a car and a charter bus filled with students returning from a trip.It all happened at the intersection of Northwest 11th Court and 27th Avenue, early Friday morning.According to officials, the bus was leaving the Dillard High School parking lot when a Dodge Challenger with two men inside slammed into the back of the bus, causing the car to go up in flames.Both men inside the vehicle were killed, according to police. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene, while a passenger was transported to a hospital, where he later died.One of the deceased’s family members identified him as Otis Harvey III. Family members also said both men were in their 30’s.One witness spoke to 7News about the terrifying accident. “It was a horrible scene,” said Kendra Young. “Honestly, with the car on fire, the rain, the bodies being pulled out of the car.”The Broward County School Board said the charter bus was carrying 34 foreign students, who were returning from a trip to Tallahassee. One family member spoke out about one of the victims. “He had a daughter that’s 6 years of age,” said Brandon Wright. “How do you explain this to a 6-year-old that her father is no longer here?”A student and a chaperone suffered minor injuries and, according to the school board, have since been released from the hospital. Both are expected to be OK.The students on the bus attend various schools across Broward County. They are all expected to be OK, as well.The district has said that they will make counselors available to students who may need them.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

American tourist shot in the tropics returns home

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – An American tourist who was shot in the tropics has returned home from a hospital in Broward County.Related: Tourist robbed, shot in Turks and Caicos airlifted to Fort Lauderdale The victim was robbed at gunpoint and shot in the stomach while vacationing in Turks and Caicos with his family, June 23.He was airlifted to Broward Health Medical Center in critical condition and treated in the Intensive Care Unit.Doctors discharged the victim Friday, and he has since returned home to Alabama.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

40 of French flights cancelled by air traffic control strike

first_imgClose Easter holiday plans were hit by a strike of French air traffic controllers on 8 April as 40% of flights were cancelled in a dispute over working conditions.The strike called by the SNCTA union affected not only flights to and from France but also some through French airspace, and was due to last into Thursday.Pariss main airports of Charles de Gaulle and Orly were both affected but with advanced warning given by airlines the atmosphere was calm in the departure terminal of CDG on Wednesday.Among the companies hit were Ryanair, Easyjet and Air France.Air France said it was running almost all of its long haul flights, most of its medium haul flights but that it would only guarantee 30% of departures from and arrivals to Orly, Pariss second airport.last_img read more

Baltimore Area Church News

first_imgIf you are looking for an alternative to Halloween, here are a few events going on for your children to attend:Morning Star Baptist Church6665 Security Blvd.Woodlawn, Maryland 21207Fall FestivalOctober 28th12 p.m. – 2 p.m.Bishop Dwayne C. Debnam, Pastor Rehoboth Light of the World Church6707 Dogwood RoadBaltimore, MD 21207Women’s DayOctober 22nd9:30 a.m.Rev. Ben Long, Pastor Speak to My Heart Ministries3903 W. Belvedere Ave.Baltimore, Maryland 21215Family and Friends DayOctober 29th10 a.m.Bishop Duane Johnson, Pastor Jesus of Nazareth Free Will Baptist Church401 Gerries Ave.Essex, MD 21221Pastoral Anniversary RevivalNovember 1st7:30 p.m.Rev. Paulette L. Bostic, Pastor Shiloh Christian Community Church825 Yale AveBaltimore, MD 21229Fall FestOctober 31st6p.m.- 8:30 p.m.Free food, candy, smores, and moreRev. Jimmy C. Baldwin, Sr., Pastorcenter_img New Shiloh Baptist Church2100 North Monroe StreetBaltimore, MD 21217Harvesting for HimAre you Fall-O-Ween JesusOctober 31st6 p.m.Free eats and treats, free pizza and drinksDr. Harold A. Carter, Jr., Pastor On October 13th, Bishop T.D. Jakes visited New Psalmist Baptist Church to talk about his new book Soar.  The church was full of people eager to hear about how to make their dreams come true.  The service was full of high energy as Bishop Walter Thomas, Sr., Pastor of New Psalmist, interviewed Bishop Jakes and asked him questions about the theme of Jakes’ book.  In a way that only he can do, Bishop Jakes dropped tons of knowledge both from an entrepreneurial standpoint and spiritual point of view, encouraging attendees to be smart about going after their dreams and using the gifts and resources God has given.  He encouraged everyone to work smarter and not harder, by figuring out what their limitations are and building a team of people who possess what they are weak in.  By the end of the evening, everyone was ready to soar into their dreams and work to make them come true.October is Clergy Appreciation Month.  It’s a time set aside to honor those men and women who lead and give spiritual guidance to places of worship all over the country.  Often their selfless deeds go unnoticed.  If you are thankful for your Pastor, may sure you do something out of the ordinary to show it.  Give a card, write a letter, send flowers, give a gift card, do something nice to encourage your leader. As always, continue to pray for them that God will give them the strength they need to continue in ministry.Mark your calendar for these upcoming church events:The Historic Mount Hebron Baptist Church2651 West North AveBaltimore, MD 21216Sunday School AnniversaryOctober 22nd11 a.m.Rev. Dr. Beryl Whipple, Pastor Liberty Outreach Center1724 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 34Baltimore, MD 21207Trunk or TreatOctober 31st6p.m. – 8 p.m.Fun for All AgesPastors Teajai & Jewel Allenlast_img read more