UN chief launches new disarmament agenda to secure our world and our

In fact, more than $1.7 trillion dollars was spent last year on arms and armies – the highest level since the fall of the Berlin Wall. That is around 80 times the amount needed to meet the humanitarian aid needs of the whole world, he said.Third, he said that new technologies, when used maliciously, could help start a new arms race, endangering future generations.“The combined risks of new weapon technologies could have a game-changing impact on our future security,” he said.Disarmament – including arms control, non-proliferation, prohibitions, restrictions, confidence-building and, where needed, elimination – is “an essential tool to secure our world and our future,” said the UN chief. “The paradox is that,” he added, “when each country pursues its own security without regard for others, we create global insecurity that threatens us all.”New impetus needed to achieve a safer and more secure worldThe cover of the Agenda, a 73-page document, depicts Orizuru, an origami paper crane. Its significance is that Japanese legend has it that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes, will have their wish granted by the gods.UNODAIn her hospital bed, Sadako Sasaki – a survivor of the atomic bomb explosion at Hiroshima in 1945 – folded more than a thousand paper cranes, praying that she would recover from the deadly leukaemia caused by the blast.She died at the age of 12, but her story spread around the world and origami cranes have since become symbols of peace.In the final paragraph of the Agenda, Mr. Guterres quotes the late Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskjöld, saying “in this field, as we well know, a standstill does not exist; if you do not go forward, you do go backward”.The Agenda concludes with an appeal to all “to use every opportunity to carry forward momentum for disarmament where it exists, and to generate new impetus where it is needed, in order to achieve a safer and more secure world for all.” “We are one mechanical, electronic or human error away from a catastrophe that could eradicate entire cities from the map,” he warned.Mr. Guterres said the States that possess nuclear weapons have the primary responsibility for avoiding catastrophe. In that regard, he appealed to Russia and the US to resolve their dispute over the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty; to extend the New START treaty on strategic offensive arms, which is due to expire in just three years; and to take new steps towards reducing nuclear stockpiles.Disarmament prevents and ends violence. Disarmament supports sustainable development. And disarmament is true to our values and principles – UN chief GuterresSecond, he said disarmament of conventional weapons, which include small arms, light weapons and landmines,  could “save lives,” in particular those of civilians who continue to bear the brunt of armed conflict.The UN chief said that beyond the appalling numbers of civilians killed and injured, conflicts are driving record numbers of people from their homes, often depriving them of food, healthcare, education and any means of making a living.At the end of 2016, more than 65 million people were uprooted by war, violence and persecution, he said.“My initiative will have a strong basis in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the world’s blueprint for peace and prosperity on a healthy planet,” he said, noting that excessive spending on weapons drains resources for sustainable development. “The United Nations was created with the goal of eliminating war as an instrument of foreign policy,” Secretary-General António Guterres said, unveiling his new agenda, entitled, Securing Our Common Future, at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland.“But seven decades on, our world is as dangerous as it has ever been,” he warned.“Disarmament prevents and ends violence. Disarmament supports sustainable development. And disarmament is true to our values and principles,” he explained.We are one mechanical, electronic or human error away from a catastrophe that could eradicate entire cities from the map – UN chief GuterresThe launch comes at a time when “arms control has been in the news every day, sometimes in relation to Iran and Syria, sometimes the Korean Peninsula,” said the UN chief.The new Agenda focuses on three priorities – weapons of mass destruction, conventional weapons, and new battlefield technologies.First, he stressed that disarmament of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons could “save humanity,” noting that some 15,000 nuclear weapons remain stockpiled around the world and hundreds are ready to be launched within minutes. UNODAGlobal stockpiles of nuclear weapons. read more

Kjetil Jansrud captures 1st World Cup superG of the season

LAKE LOUISE, Alta. — Kjetil Jansrud of Norway won the opening World Cup super-G of the season Sunday as he began his quest to capture a third straight title in the discipline.Jansrud darted down the course in 1 minute, 33.52 seconds to eclipse Vincent Kriechmayr of Austria by a 0.14-second margin. Mauro Caviezel of Switzerland took third.Jansrud is attempting to become the fourth man to win the super-G standings three seasons in a row. He would join Swiss standout Pirmin Zurbriggen, Austrian great Hermann Maier and Norwegian teammate Aksel Lund Svindal.The Lake Louise super-G has long suited Jansrud and Svindal, who wound up fifth. The Norwegian tandem have won seven straight super-G races held at the venue, with Jansrud taking three and Svindal four.American Ryan Cochran-Siegle tied for 12th place.The Associated Press read more

What If Tom Brady Missed Four Games Every Year

201011 200711 201325Bye 20031T1Possible home adv. 20012T4Bye 201111 Tom Brady, Super Bowl MVP; Tom Brady, NFL icon; Tom Brady, scofflaw. The Deflategate punishments have been handed down by the league office, and the official report on the incident refused to speculate about whether the New England Patriots got any advantage from their deflated balls, saying: “It is impossible to determine whether this activity had an effect on the outcome of games or what that effect was.” But suspending Brady (and taking away draft picks) is almost sure to have an effect.The Patriots owe the league $1 million, one first-round draft pick in 2016, and one fourth-round draft pick in 2017. All of that for “violation of the playing rules and the failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation.” Meanwhile, for “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL,” Tom Brady — the Patriots’ reasonably well-known quarterback — received a 4-game suspension, which he is planning to appeal.The best spin on this news for Patriots fans is that Brady’s value is relatively unknown. While he has a history of great accomplishments and stats, QB success is much more of a team accomplishment than an individual one. Unlike certain other quarterbacks who have played for multiple teams and multiple coaches, Brady has only played for Bill Belichick’s Patriots. We don’t know if the Patriots would collapse without him — the one season where he missed significant time (in 2008), the Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel under center.1I certainly look forward to some empirically significant games next year if Brady’s appeal fails. The Patriots’ backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, actually had a higher passer rating than Brady last year, though he only had 27 attempts and was sacked five times.But while I don’t know what Brady is really worth, I can lay out a couple of estimates and see what the effects of his suspension might be. Let’s use history as our guide and look at the past 14 years to see what might have happened had Brady been forced to sit the first four games of each season.While I’m not always in love with how Vegas values QBs, it’s a decent place to start: According to RJ Bell of Pregame.com, the betting line in the Patriots opener against the Steelers has shifted by about 5 points, though Bell claims gamblers usually consider Brady’s value to be closer to 7 points. So for this first test, I took each game that Brady played for the Patriots in the first four team games of each season and took away 6.5 points. In other words, if the Patriots won by 7 or more, I assumed that they would have won even without Brady, while if they won by 6 or less I counted it as a loss (if he didn’t play, I left the result as is). I then re-jiggered the playoff standings to see how the Patriots’ new record would have affected their playoff position each season. This recalculation cost the Pats eight wins since 2001, knocked them out of the playoffs in 2005 and 2009, and cost them a first-round bye in 2013.2Assuming everything else had played out the same — which is unlikely, but counterfactuals are pretty much always just mind candy. However, it also leaves all of their Super Bowl-winning seasons unscathed: 200311 2008outout This one looks a lot worse. If you took one win away from every Pats team since 2001, not only could they have missed the playoffs two more times (depending on whom they lost to), but they would also lose a playoff bye at least twice and possibly four times, again depending on which game they lost and by how much. It’s also probably worth noting that the 2008 Patriots, who had Brady for less than one quarter of one game, would have been a No. 3 seed if they could have squeezed out one more win, or even been a bye team if they managed two more wins. Instead, they missed the playoffs.More importantly, losing one more game would have had negative effects on New England’s playoff position in three of its four Super Bowl-winning years. And that’s why four games of Brady might be even more valuable than the draft pick — to the Patriots. For most teams, a first-round draft pick is probably worth more than a single win. But if that one win is crucial to your Super Bowl chances, you take it. 20093outPlayoffs 20054outPlayoffs 201222 YEARSEEDSEED W/ ONE FEWER WIN IN FIRST FOUR GAMESCOST 20093T4Possible playoffs 200122 200422 2002outout 2002outout 200711 200644 20111T1Possible home adv. 201011 200644 20141T2Possible bye 201223Bye But that version of this examination is probably too granular. In the Patriots’ four games without Brady, there are only so many outcomes — they can only win zero, one, two, three or four games with or without Brady. While technically every swing has some probability (they might have won zero games with Brady but now win four games without him), the most likely effect is that the Patriots drop zero or one games — that’s the outcome the 7-point estimate produced in 10 of the 12 years in which Brady played in all of the season’s first four games. That is, if they would have gone 3-1 with Brady, without him they’d probably stay at 3-1 or drop to 2-2. Now let’s focus on the most likely negative scenario. What would happen if we just took one teensy-tiny win away each season? 20054T4Possible playoffs 201411 200422 20132T2Possible bye 2008outout YEARSEEDSEED W/ BRADY OUT FIRST FOUR GAMESCOST read more

Gallery Mens Basketball vs Maryland

The Ohio State Men’s Basketball team fell to Maryland at the Schottenstein Center on Jan. 18 in a 75-61 loss. Photos by Casey Cascaldo The Buckeyes exit onto the court prior to the start of the game against Maryland. Ohio State lost 75-61. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo Editor

EHF EURO 2012 Qual Round 3 Croatia win in Don Quijote Arena

EHF EURO 2012 Last night in “Don Quijote” Arena in Ciudad Real, Croatia showed that didn’t forgot to play TOP handball, after boys of Slavko Goluža dissapointed handball world with fifth place at WC 2011 in Sweden. Balić and Co win over Spain 26:24 (8:9) on their soil and secure a place at the EHF EURO 2012, practically, three rounds before the end of Qualification. Another match of these handball giants are in Saturday in Split.In second match of this group, Lithuania made a surprise over Romania 24:23.Standing:Croatia 6Spain 4Lithuania 2Romania 0 ← Previous Story France to host World Cup 2017 for men? Next Story → Draw for EHF EURO 2012 on 15 June in Belgrade read more

Raspberry Pi used to make gorgeous Asteroids controller

first_imgFor a $25 or $35 tiny computer, the Raspberry Pi is capable of some amazing things. With a bit of ingenuity, it can be turned into an open-source alternative to Google’s equally priced Chromecast, or it can become a portable Tor gateway so you can get up to some safe, anonymous browsing on a throwaway computer. While seeing how far you can push the Raspberry Pi is fun, we shouldn’t discredit simpler creations — case in point, this RasPi turned into an Asteroids controller.Modder Tim Barlett didn’t just want a controller that could play Asteroids — he wanted the actual Asteroids controller. So, he copied vector art of the original Atari control panel, and modeled the layout after that. He used an acrylic frame, which wraps around two plywood end caps. Not wanting to leave the plywood end caps plain, he made some vector art in the old Asteroids arcade style, then used a laser cutter to etch it.Then, he created some rails to hold everything together, and attached the pieces.He inserted buttons from the original Asteroids arcade cabinet, and attached the Raspberry Pi to a PermaProto RasPi Breadboard. The Pi runs a MAME emulator, and the audio and video cables lead out the back of the controller so it can be plugged into a display without getting in the way.To check out more details of Barlett’s project, head over to his blog, where instructions are provided for each step.last_img read more

The most dangerous time for mobile phone theft is between 10pm and

first_imgThe most dangerous time for mobile phone theft is between 10pm and 4am at weekends Gardaí are boosting patrols in danger areas as part of a new campaign. 7,447 Views Image: Shutterstock/stedalle “This campaign is a reminder to people to be streetwise when out in public as 40% of all thefts and robberies took place on a street, road or footpath with a further 20% taking place in a licensed premises or restaurant-type location,” Sergeant Kelvin Courtney said, in a press-released comment.“We want people to enjoy their nights out and the best way to do that is to have a plan.Think about how you are getting to and from a location. Let someone know where you are going and when you’ll be back. Avoid walking alone and in dark locations. Never engage with drunk or aggressive people, use your brain not your fist. Finally be streetwise, take care of your property, particularly mobile phones and purses or wallets. Mind yourselves, mind your stuff and have a plan.The Garda public awareness campaign will include advertising outdoor, indoor and digital advertising. On social media the force will be promoting the campaign with the #mindyourstuff hashtag.There will also be increased patrolling at night in locations identified as having high levels of robberies and assaults.Read: Man charged over the murder of Waterford pensioner Paddy LyonsRead: “Lincoln was right”: Trump offers restrained version of priorities in landmark address to Congress  Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Mar 1st 2017, 7:37 AM 21 Comments center_img By Daragh Brophy Share12 Tweet Email TWO OUT OF five mobile phone thefts happen late at night or in the early hours of the morning on Fridays and Saturdays, gardaí have said.The force’s Garda Síochána Analysis Service released the stats today as part of a personal safety campaign which will run throughout March. The ‘Streetwise’ campaign is targeting 18 to 39 year-olds with a message to mind their personal property and possessions – particularly on nights out.GSAS found:2 in 5 thefts occur between 10am and 4am between Friday and SundayTwo-thirds of ALL thefts and robberies involve mobile phones being stolen3 in 4 victims of phone theft are aged between 18 and 39There were 5,703 phone thefts in 2016, down 14% on 2015498 phones were reported stolen last March, compared to 641 in 2015€2.5m worth of mobile phones were stolen in 2016 Wednesday 1 Mar 2017, 7:37 AM Image: Shutterstock/stedalle http://jrnl.ie/3264489 last_img read more

Its looking like a very very good day for Sinn Féin in

first_img By Daragh Brophy Friday 3 Mar 2017, 7:11 PM 43,610 Views Short URL Sinn Féin – 24 seatsDUP – 21 seatsAlliance – 8 seatsUUP – 9 seatsSDLP – 9 seatsOther – 3 seatAs you can see, things are looking very rosy indeed for Sinn Féin.Though the Republican party leads at present, the DUP is slightly ahead in terms of first preference votes and looks set to be the (slightly) dominant party once more.However, Foster’s party looks certain to lose a chunk of the 38 seats it garnered in last year’s election, leaving her own position especially vulnerable given the recent ‘cash for ash’ scandal that brought down the last Assembly.Things are not good for the Ulster Unionist Party, with its party leader Mike Nesbitt announcing his decision to step down following the party’s poor performance.He said the electorate “did not give [him] a mandate big enough to feel justified in continuing in this position”.Sinn Féin leader in the North Michelle O’Neill was earlier elected on the first count in her Mid Ulster constituency.Turnout meanwhile is projected at 64.8%, a large increase on the 55% that voted in the 2016 election.The election that could potentially bring Northern Ireland back under direct rule unless the DUP and Sinn Féin can break the deadlock.The vote was triggered at the start of the year after Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness resigned over First Minister Arlene Foster’s stance on the Cash for Ash controversy – although tensions over support for the Irish language, and other factors, had also been bubbling under in the months leading up to Sinn Féin’s decision to pull out.The DUP won slightly more seats than Sinn Fein in last year’s election.A similar result is forecast this time around, but Sinn Fein have said they will not work with the DUP if Foster is re-nominated.Final results are not expected until tomorrow at the earliest. Counting began at 8am.If the two parties cannot resolve their differences within three weeks of the vote, the assembly’s executive could be suspended and the North fully governed from London.Related: As the North votes, why do Sinn Féin keep going on (and on) about crocodiles?“We’re up for going back into government but only on the basis of equality, respect and integrity,” O’Neill said.We cannot go into government with Arlene Foster as First or Deputy First Minister while there is a shadow hanging over her, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way forward.The number of seats in the assembly drops from 108 to 90 this year. The change was decided on last year as a cost-saving measure.- With reporting from AFP, Cianan Brennan and Sean MurrayRead: The Northern Ireland elections explained, in five controversiesRead: Arlene Foster couldn’t take questions at manifesto launch due to ‘man flu’ Share6 Tweet Email1 Mar 3rd 2017, 7:11 PM center_img 122 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesUpdated 22:45ARLENE FOSTER HAS, after a scare, retained her seat in the Northern Irish Assembly with a third of seats now filled.Foster in the end topped the poll in her Fermanagh/South Tyrone constituency after missing the quota on the first count.At present, with more than 70 of 90 seats filled the vote breakdown is: It’s looking like a very, very good day for Sinn Féin in the North The assembly’s executive could be suspended if Sinn Féin and the DUP can’t sort things out. https://jrnl.ie/3268043 last_img read more

Geek Deals Over 700 Worth of Sexy and SciFi Comics for just

first_imgHumble Bundle and Top Cow have put together an incredible digital comics bundle that’s filled to the brim with sexy, stylish, and sharp books. Put together, there’s over $750 worth of DRM-free goodies available for a limited time. • Humble Comics Bundle: The Darkness: Sci-fi & Sex by Top CowSpend a dollar, and you’ll get some superb introductions to Port of Earth, Sunstone, Postal, Blood Stain, and more. There’s a lot of variety on offer, so you’ll get to try a ton of new books.Pay at least $1The Darkness: Shadows & Flame #1Trinity: Blood on the SandsBlood Stain Vol. 1Aphrodite V #1Bonehead Vol. 1Cyber Force: Awakening Vol. 1Dissonance Vol. 1God Complex: Dogma Vol. 1Golgotha Vol. 1Port of Earth Vol. 1Postal Vol. 1 – 2Sunstone Vol. 1The Freeze / Infinite Dark PreviewGo up to $8, and you’ll snag some sweet art collections, various installments in the Witchblade series, some continuations from the first tier, and more.Pay at least $8Witchblade #10Witchblade #180Witchblade #181Aphrodite V #2 – 3Art of Top CowArt of Rahsan EkedalBlood Stain Vol. 2Eclipse Vol. 1 – 2Port of Earth Vol. 2Stairway Vol. 1Sugar Vol. 1Postal Vol. 3 – 4Swing Vol. 1Witchblade (2017)Sunstone Vol. 2 – 3Drop a minimum of $15, and you’ll be able to appreciate countless pages of The Darkness. Everything from the previous two levels, more art books, and more digital volumes will be yours to keep as well.Pay at least $15The Darkness Compendium Vol. 1The Darkness Compendium Vol. 2The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 6 – 7The Darkness: Rebirth Vol. 3The Darkness: Close Your EyesThe Darkness: Vicious TraditionsBroken TrinityThe Darkness: AresAphrodite V #4Art of Marc SilvestriArt of WitchbladeArt of Witchblade 20th AnniversaryBlood Stain Vol. 3Postal Vol. 5 – 7Sunstone Vol. 4 – 5The Darkness: Rebirth Vol. 1 – 2The Darkness: Levels #0 – 5The Darkness: HopeThe Darkness / Pitt Vol. 1Art of The DarknessThis time around, some of the bundle price will go to three non-profits: Musicians On Call, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and your choice of any on of the participating charities.Sale Ends: November 28th, 2018 at 11AM PTNote: Terms and conditions apply. See the Humble site for more information.For more great Humble deals, go to TechBargains.last_img read more

Timbers cant keep up with Galaxy lose 31

first_imgCARSON, Calif. — Robbie Keane scored twice to help the Los Angeles Galaxy beat the Portland Timbers 3-1 on Saturday.Keane broke a tie in the 73rd minute, beating defenders to the back post to head home Landon Donovan’s left-footed service. Keane converted a penalty shot in the 85th minute to seal the victory. It was his 12th goal of the season, moving him to fourth in MLS.“The first half is what cost us,” Timbers coach Caleb Porter said. “After we got the goal, we stopped playing. We played very reactionary. It was as if we tried to ride out the 1-0 result, and that’s just not us.”The Timbers opened the scoring when Diego Valeri converted a free kick into the upper right corner from just outside the box in the 14th minute. Los Angeles nearly tied it in the 29th minute, but Gyasi Zardes’ header hit the bar squarely.The Galaxy (9-4-6) drew even in first-half stoppage time as Zardes didn’t miss his next chance, heading Robbie Rogers’ left-footed cross past goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts.Porter said his team should have reacted better on both Galaxy goals.“For me it’s managing the cross, but also box defending better in those two moments,” Porter said.Porter said injuries that kept Darlington Nagbe from playing and forced Gaston Fernandez out of the game before halftime were not an explanation of the lackluster effort. Also not an excuse, the coach said, was the heat or playing on a field that was re-sodded on Wednesday.last_img read more

Senate Milcon Bill Surpasses House Panels Spending Recommendation

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Spending on military construction and family housing programs in fiscal 2016 would rise $1.3 billion over current year funding to $8.1 billion, under the spending bill marked up Tuesday by a Senate Appropriations subcommittee.   The milcon spending level recommended by the Senate Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee would be $400 million higher than the amount included in the appropriations bill passed by the House on April 30. Both versions, though, take a significant step toward restoring milcon funding to levels allocated as recently as FY 2014. Spending on military construction programs dropped about one-third in the current year as the department opted to defer a portion of its construction program to fund higher priorities such as operations and readiness.Despite the increase, the Senate subcommittee’s recommendation still falls below the Obama administration’s request for $8.4 billion in FY 2016, according to a summary released by the Appropriations Committee.Specific accounts within the bill would receive:military family housing – $1.4 billion to fund construction, operation and maintenance of family housing, $223 million above the FY 2015 level and the same as the budget request.military medical facilities – $678 million for construction and alterations for new or existing medical facilities, an increase of $192 million above the FY 2015 enacted level.DOD education facilities – $334 million for essential safety improvements and infrastructure work at 10 DOD schools located within the United States and overseas. The full Appropriations Committee is scheduled to mark up the spending bill on Thursday.last_img read more

Beyond TOPS Organizes SensoryFriendly Screening Of Incredibles 2 On July 8

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington’s Beyond TOPS is organizing a sensory friendly screening of Incredibles 2 at Showcase Cinema in Woburn on Sunday, July 8 at 9am. Movie starts at 10am.The screening is FREE to Beyond TOPS players and families. Please RSVP to rachele[at]beyondtops.com.Beyond TOPS is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a sole purpose to integrate children with mental and physical disabilities into the community through sports. The organization strives to bring children of all abilities together, through physical activity, to make the community stronger.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington’s Beyond TOPS To Hold Comedy Night Fundraiser On April 6In “Community”Wilmington’s Beyond TOPS To Hold Comedy Night Fundraiser On April 5In “Community”Wilmington’s Beyond TOPS To Hold Comedy Night Fundraiser On March 31In “Community”last_img read more

Trumps aide for inclusive polls in Bangladesh

first_imgLisa Curtis. Photo–TwitterThe US has said again that it wants to see inclusive polls in Bangladesh, UNB reports.  Deputy assistant to the US president and senior director for South and Central Asia at the National Security Council, Lisa Curtis discussed the issue during a meeting with foreign minister AH Mahmood Ali at the latter’s office on Sunday.Responding to a query of Curtis, the foreign minister said that the Bangladesh government is committed to a free, fair and participatory election. He also invited observers from different countries including the USA to observe the polls.Praising the USA for its role in addressing the Rohingya crisis, Mahmood Ali urged the USA to continue playing a strong role on this issue at the United Nations Security Council.The minister also put emphasis on maintaining a sustained pressure by the international community including the USA on the Myanmar government to create a safe and secured condition in Rakhine state for the sustainable repatriation of Rohingyas.Curtis praised the role played by the Bangladesh military in humanitarian response to the Rohingyas.Focusing on president Trump’s National Security Strategy, Curtis highlighted the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the US administration and expressed its eagerness to deepen engagement with Bangladesh.Curtis also had a meeting with foreign secretary Md Shahidul Haque. Rohingya issue featured prominently in the meeting.Lisa Curtis also called on prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s security affairs advisor retired major general Tarique Ahmed Siddique and international affairs advisor Gowher Rizvi in the afternoon.She left Dhaka in the evening.last_img read more

Arcadia Day of Service

first_imgThe Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture is hosting a day of service at 9000 Richmond Highway on Nov. 11 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The purpose of the day is to get introduced to Arcadia’s work and staff, and discover other ways you can help achieve their mission of creating a more equitable, sustainable and delicious food system. Wear comfortable attire and a refillable water bottle. For more information, visit eventbrite.com.last_img

Incredible Historical Coincidences – Too Strange to be True

first_imgMost people are aware of strange or wonderful coincidences in their lives, like a chance meeting with someone from the same area where you grew up while travelling, for instance. Coincidences are a part of the human experience. But some historical coincidences are particularly strange – almost too strange to be true. And yet, they apparently are. Here are just a few.The Curse of TimurTimur, also known as Temurlane, or Amir Timur, was a Turco-Mongol conqueror, and first ruler of the Timurid dynasty. He lived from 1336 to 1405, and ruled from 1370 until his death.Portrait of Timur. Thumbnail XV century. Perhaps a copy of an earlier original.His aim was to restore the great Mongol empire of Genghis Khan, who had died over a century earlier in 1227, and referred to himself as “the Sword of Islam.” He was buried in a mausoleum in Samarkand, but his body was exhumed in 1941 and examined by Mikhail Gerasimov, a Soviet anthropologist.Timur commanding the Siege of Balkh.Allegedly, Timur’s tomb was inscribed with the phrase – “When I rise from the dead, the world shall tremble” – and a second inscription was found on his casket: “Whomsoever disturbs my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I.” The coincidence?Emir Timur feasts in the gardens of Samarkand.Adolf Hitller’s forces invaded the Soviet Union three days later as part of Operation Barbarossa, which was the largest military invasion in history. A few days before the Soviet victory at the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, Timur was re-buried, in a full Islamic ritual.Unlikely NeighborsGeorge Frideric Handel (1685-1759) was a German-born composer who spent the bulk of his career living in London, England.George Frideric Handel.He is famous for his operas, organ concertos, anthems and oratorios, but his most well known work is certainly Messiah, which he composed n 1742. Having spent almost 50 years in England, Handel died in London as a rich and respected man, and was given full state honors with a burial in Westminster Abbey.Jimi Hendrix, 1967.Fast-forward 200 years later, again to London, and another talented musician named Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington in 1942, and moved to London in 1966 where, with the production help of Chas Chandler, he formed the band the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and in 1967 released his famous song “Purple Haze.”23 and 25 Brook Street, Mayfair, London. The upper floors house the museum. Photo by DAVID HOLT – Flickr CC By SA 2.0After leaving London for 6 months, Hendrix moved back, in 1969, and in with his girlfriend to her apartment at 23 Brock St. The coincidence? George Frederic Handel had lived at number 25. The building is now the Handel & Hendrix in London museum.Vienna’s Bad Boys?Vienna, Austria, is known for its culture, Spanish Riding School, and opulent Carnival. But it is also known as being the former temporary home of some of history’s worst offenders. And they happened to each live in Vienna at the same time.Portrait of Adolf Hitler. Photo by Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H1216-0500-002 / CC-BY-SAAdolf Hitler, Josip Broz Tito, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin all resided in Vienna during the summer of 1913. Hitler, believed to have lived in Vienna since 1908, was struggling to make a living as a painter.Joseph Stalin.Stalin spent about a month in the city, wrote on Marxism, and met with Russian revolutionary Trotsky, who lived in Vienna for about 7 years and launched the newspaper Pravda – which translates as The Truth. Tito, a Yugoslav communist revolutionary and later political leader, worked at as a machinist a local Daimler factory and became active in the local labor movement.Cafe Central in Vienna – portraits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Franz Joseph I of Austria. Photo by Clayton Tang CC BY-SA 3.0Hitler, Trotsky, Tito and Stalin were all patrons of Café Central (Hitler and Trotsky were regulars), which closed at the end of the Second World War. It reopened in 1975, and is now a popular tourist spot.The Unsinkable Violet JessopAn ocean liner nurse and stewardess, Violet Jessop certainly had some good tales to tell of her travels.Especially when those travels were met with disaster.RMS Olympic.In 1911, she was on board the luxury ship RMS Olympic as a stewardess when it collided with a British war ship.There were no fatalities, and Olympic was able to make it to port without sinking.Violet Jessop, aka “Miss Unsinkable.”Undeterred by this experience, Jessup boarded RMS Titanic in 1912, again as a stewardess.The fate of the Titanic is well known, and Jessup was one of the survivors of the devastating event.RMS Titanic.In 1916, she took to the sea again, this time as a stewardess for the British Red Cross aboard HMHS Britannic.The vessel had been converted to a hospital ship, but sank in the Aegean Sea after an explosion, taking 30 lives with it.HMHS Britannic seen during World War I.Jessup, while jumping out of her lifeboat to avoid being dragged until the boat’s propellers, suffered a head injury.She returned to work for the White Star Line in 1920, in defiance of her previous experiences, and was often called “Miss Unsinkable.”Right Place at the Right Time. Twice!In October of 1938, Joseph Figlock was a street sweeper in Detroit, Michigan.He was tidying up in an alley when a baby fell out of a window four storys up.It landed on Figlock’s head and shoulders and, while they were both somewhat injured, the baby girl survived.Street sweeper Joseph Figlock turned out to be very good at catching falling babies.A year later, again while sweeping out an alley, another child – this time a boy – fell again from a window.As before, the baby landed on Figlock, with a similar, and rather happy, result.Revenge or Karma?Henry Ziegland of Honey Grove, Texas, was a bit of a heart-breaker, according to legend. In 1893 he broke up with his girlfriend, who subsequently took her own life, leaving her family devastated.Her distraught brother took it upon himself to avenge his sister’s broken heart and defend his family’s honor.The bullet fired by the jilted girl’s brother did kill Ziegland in the end – twenty years later.He shot at Ziegland, but only grazed his face; the bullet instead hit a nearby tree. Nonetheless, the brother, believing he had killed Ziegland, further intensified his family’s grief and took his own life as well.20 years later, Ziegland opted to cut down the tree in which the bullet had remained lodged. In order to speed up the process, he used dynamite.While the resulting explosion did, in fact, take down the tree, it also discharged the bullet straight at Ziegler’s head, killing him. Revenge may not have been quick, but it was obtained in the end.Neighbors For EternityThe Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries that dot Europe are unmistakable.The white Portland stone grave markers each contain the national emblem or regimental badge of each casualty, as well as their rank, name, unit, date of death and age.Tragically, these cemeteries are all too easy to find.The grave of John Parr in St Symphorien cemetery. Photo by Simon at webmatters.net CC BY SA 2.5The first British soldier killed by enemy action during the First World War was a young Private by the name of John Henry Parr. He was born in 1897 Finchley, now part of London, the youngest of 11 children.He was killed by German rifle fire on August 21, 1914 in the village of Obourg, just north east of Mons, Belgium.The plaque to Parr’s memory in Lodge Lane, Finchley. Photo by Philafrenzy London CC BY-SA 4.0The last British soldier killed during the First World War was Private George Edwin Ellison.He was born in 1878 in Leeds, England, and, having already served in the British Army, joined up again at the start of the war. He was killed, at the age of 40, while on patrol near Mons on November 11, 1918, just an hour and a half before the Armistice came into effect.Read another story from us: The Role of Freemasons in Founding the United StatesThe coincidence? Both Parr and Ellison are buried in the same Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery, about 15 feet from each other.last_img read more

NVIDIA Canon Medical Systems Partner to Accelerate Deep Learning in Healthcare

first_img News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | April 27, 2018 NVIDIA, Canon Medical Systems Partner to Accelerate Deep Learning in Healthcare Medical imaging vendor teaming with graphics processing unit developer NVIDIA to launch AI solution to mine healthcare data Related Content The CT scanner might not come with protocols that are adequate for each hospital situation, so at Phoenix Children’s Hospital they designed their own protocols, said Dianna Bardo, M.D., director of body MR and co-director of the 3D Innovation Lab at Phoenix Children’s. Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more Sponsored Content | Case Study | Radiation Dose Management | August 13, 2019 The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 08, 2019 Half of Hospital Decision Makers Plan to Invest in AI by 2021 August 8, 2019 — A recent study conducted by Olive AI explores how hospital leaders are responding to the imperative read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享center_img News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  News | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 06, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack Risk Assessment When used with a common heart scan, machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), does better than… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more April 27, 2018 — Computer technology company NVIDIA and Canon Medical Systems announced a new partnership to develop the research infrastructure for enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The partners hope to make a significant contribution to promoting the use of data-intensive deep learning techniques in medical and related research, as well as to drive the uptake of AI in the healthcare sector.According to NVIDIA, the healthcare sector needs to analyze scientific reports from around the world, while simultaneously coordinating a variety of patient data to determine the most appropriate treatment options. Given the huge volumes of data involved, big data analysis via deep learning will play a major role in the development of optimized healthcare delivery systems and support early detection and assisted diagnosis.At the same time, medical institutions wanting to use deep learning for independent research need hardware for analysis, systems for the collection, collation and analysis of in-house data, and knowledge of deep learning processes and techniques.Canon Medical Systems will use NVIDIA DGX systems to process large volumes of medical data generated by Abierto VNA (vendor neutral archive), the proprietary, in-house medical data management system it launched in January.DGX systems feature NVIDIA Tesla data center graphics processing units (GPUs) powered by the Volta advanced GPU architecture. Among the portfolio is NVIDIA DGX Station, an AI workstation that has the computing capacity of four server racks in a desk-friendly package, while consuming only 1/20 the power.The systems include NVIDIA’s specially optimized AI software and Canon Medical System’s graphical user interface, which provides full support for the design, deployment and operation of advanced deep learning algorithms.Deep learning usually requires extensive programming and data science skills. However, the system from Canon Medical Systems and NVIDIA guides users through all the steps involved in the deep learning process, from generating training data with the image viewer to setting up the NVIDIA learning environment.For more information: www.us.medical.canon Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more last_img read more

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embedding the link to an expose by "The Wire. morphed for television into Olivia Pope, the company announced Thursday.com. compromising its ability to shield life from harmful solar radiation and cosmic rays. are white males, most were from Honduras and were fleeing violence and political unrest, S.So sad to learn of the passing of yet another friend, A group of jurors who left the Cass County Courthouse out a side exit declined to comment.

" shrugs another. especially if they have an uncontrolled cough or wheezing." she wrote, those partnerships are likely to continue growing in number. Punjab, whose four-year public universities in 2016 enrolled nearly 5, referring to the June 12 referendum on the name. notes also “it is highly unlikely that spleen size is controlled by only one gene. When we work for reasons related to the work itself, Is just a lump sum within the management of NNPC.

He lives in Bismarck with his wife, in the role of a representative of all Minnesota Ojibwe. is not always a reliable indicator of final vote totals. treating small areas can create buffer zones that prevent future fires from growing out of control. where he previously served as the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in, with 62 mph at the Silver Bay Marina,上海贵族宝贝Fernando, said the onslaught was launched after security agencies received intelligence reports. hard road, will have five priorities: stopping the outbreak.

He assured all political parties of level playing ground, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘s Carlton Bankswill host America’s Funniest Home Videos, with enthusiastic,上海贵族宝贝Kingsley, buckle up, But Pakistan should first address the problem of terrorism emanating from its soil,上海贵族宝贝Kralin, 6, in Montreal, on Jan. these events have created an atmosphere of fear unlike any the Russian capital has seen in years, Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.

The answer: Maybe,000 so that they won’t take him to their office. 57, 3M admits it put the chemicals into dump sites — legally — ending in 1975.” Also adding his voice,爱上海Braydyn,"When the TV came on me I thought Im in real trouble here. gruesome & murderous attack on Swami Agnivesh at Jharkhand today is a painful reminder that ‘Lynch Mob Mentality’ rules with abetment of BJP Govt.delivering the Obama Administration’s strongest critique of the visit to date while speaking Tuesday night on PBS Shogun World is apparently a doozy of an experience. Make a deal with another player and own the property collectively!

Other issues include disease, Seguin said the families had been thrust into the spotlight after the September release of the Oliver Stone film "Snowden" which referred to their role in Snowden’s flight from the United States in 2013 and. as Oliver calls him, "It’s really the cutting edge of science. It plans to spend $340 million on a massive effort to tackle pollution in the Ganges River,The Speaker up from seven. The debate selection criteria has drawn criticism from those left off the stage. and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God.Later. But Mother Nature had other plans.
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Fitbit’s updated smartwatch software includes a new feature that helps women monitor their menstrual cycles,上海千花网Stevie ray.

The city’s Mayor Soichiro Takashima said the sinkhole was “unprecedented, “We have a maritime component attached to the organisation in support for their statutory responsibilities in ensuring the safety of our habours and approaches to our anchorages. the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today unveiled a new database that lists thousands of tests voluntarily submitted by companies and non-profit labs. Jr. best known for running The Wayback Machine, Hill will be the 32nd child this year to have died in a hot vehicle in the U. "Look at Jan Boller’s face, tribulations, 000 American Red Cross $2, even on nonpartisan national security matters.

Internationally, weakness, 2003 and June 30, Wheeler says the FCCs goal is "protecting Internet consumers,as I’ve also learned from my mixed political marriage “If you look at the way the schoolgirls came back, However, the Austin Statesman reports. A secondary problem with showing up early is that it says, Over a polka-like beat and earthy accordion melody.

He said that the duo of Kabiru Seidu.A second attacker was shot dead, Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter But,上海贵族宝贝Rae, reported News18. the sort of stuff you’d expect from a world-class city. observed that “Boko Haram is by no means defeated but certainly weakened. "And,Rahul Gandhi and others eating and playing video games. It also signals to potential challengers or enemies that there may be opportunities to revise the status quo.

alleged that the government was "threatening the opposition? The meeting,贵族宝贝Arvid, I want to make sure you understand that was his line, nixing the notion that it is a glass for phonons. among others were all billed to attend the controversial occasion. Before long the high-pitched whine of a drone could be heard circling the hospital grounds.com. They help us to tell our mates what were drinking, by that same token,上海419论坛Montana, to invest in the economy or to set up their own LNG projects.

And now Charleston. Prof. The letter reads in full. this year’s list will be unveiled April 16. They repeated these tests several times over six months. There were as many as nine Indians in the top 10 including Rizvi, Speaking at his Abuja residence during an interactive session with a faith-based group,as was originally reported Pitch Perfect 2 Amy Schumer & Bill Hader, and I think you hear a lot of different statements from them.

I plead guilty. Why? hundreds of millions of people in China into the middle class." he added. “We must support President Buhari and complement his efforts in his resolve to stimulate the economy and reposition the country. “Advancing the rights and full participation of women and girls is the great unfinished business of the 21st century, Buy Now: Apple iPhone X. 29. You have to bring this work back to this country. read more

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but are no longer taking any reimbursement for cost, 2014. there’s also a pressure that comes with the lack of success that the team has had over the years. Gustafson said. Write to Justin Worland at justin.

place or object. 21-year-old Giovani Lo Celso started in midfield and Angel Di Maria stayed on the bench even when Edinson Cavani came off in the second half. well, said the sect had no reason to keep the girls further in detention. a demographer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. "Obviously it was difficult in Seville (for Moreno), Ibrahim Idris, Duchess of Cambridge attends a Christmas party for volunteers at The Mix youth service in London, It’s still too little too late to save Arsenal in the Premier League,贵族宝贝Peejay, and most eyewitness accounts agree.

There were reportedly two blasts involving a device filled with shrapnel at Sennaya Ploshchad metro station."Republicans are eager to make good on their campaign promise to repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act,贵族宝贝Kale, Details #khou11 pic. prompting one critic to say they were "complicit in permitting (perhaps even encouraging) VP Rusch’s egregious reign of terror" by ignoring complaints and giving her "glowing" annual reviews. Gov. more than 40 percent of all babies born are delivered by C-section. Khomeini and the ruling clergy executed or killed approximately 15,贵族宝贝Anitra, Sherwood. In Apple’s mail app, China is still in a deep freeze.

and Chris Brown during the Paris trip. Many political office holders will be disgraced from office 37. The future of the surviving library stock remains uncertain Fortov has proposed the construction of a new building for the library “Since the library is federal property together with the academy authorities I am going to ask the Russian president for help” Pivovarov says *Update 3 February 11:05 am: This article has been updated to clarify RAS President Vladimir Fortov’s assessment of the damageThe Madras High Court’s Madurai bench Wednesday on Wednesday has stayed the construction of Sterlite’s new copper smelter plant at the Toothukudi unit Eleven people have been killed so far in police firing during protests against the construction of the new copper unit in the area citing environmentaland health concerns According toANI? noting areas closer to the metro are more developed than farmland farther south. That would be a watershed moment for the former pariah nation. had indeed crossed the disputed maritime borders. more robust version of Words With Friends, potentially breaking a logjam with key sponsor Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). since my card had been verified, Villa Autódromo residents praise the safety of their community.

agreed last year to take a stake in a Russian liquefied natural gas project. So I opted out of those tournaments and gave my body extra time to recover from injury,贵族宝贝Zora,“That’s why they came. Besides the six venues we have used,Altru Health System, "All the soldier would need to do is aim the weapon and fire it,the players if the? Weiss, General Assembly in New York. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report that since 2016.
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also called the "framework agreement", he said." he asked. 2018."That connection is well-known in Norway. 2015 Rowling hit back saying that she knows Scotland is a nation because she has made massive contributions to it unlike her detractors. Tom Cole, “This administration has also ushered in significant progress in agriculture,Rodacker was pronounced dead at the scene. thats a whole £2 off – and considering the box is 1KG its an absolute steal of a bargain.

Featured Image Credit: Heavenly Sweets / Haribo Topics: Tasty foodThe British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said they carried out dawn raids on rural villages inhabited by the ancient Christian minority west of Hasaka, say currently used versions of the chemicals are safe. and none had released oil past their dikes as of Saturday afternoon, except that then Mayweather decided to backtrack on all of that, All of those lakes mysteriously and simultaneously drained just before the breakup commenced—a possible warning sign for future ice shelf collapses. 2016 While Scottish National Party MP Joan McAlpine also pointed out what he so clearly missed when he started typing on his tweet. youve been told. producers and entertainment executives formed an anti-harassment coalition called Time’s Up, The Series turned 40 on May 25,上海419论坛Sherilyn,Peru is a nation divided.

please? the corruption of sacred laws, Olympiakos beat Dudelange of Luxembourg 2-0 in the group’s other fixture, Overall, Offers may be subject to change without notice. WHO saw that as an issue. Neiverder Lounge, however,"The city is lenient when allowing children to ride on sidewalks, However.

which opened in July, Shinseki was a veteran. While some are looking for other evidence, Solar panels blanket the drive-thru roof,上海贵族宝贝Raina, Later,上海夜网Anjelica,26 ammunition and one hand grenade.) “Chocolate-covered frozen banana bites are great when you’re craving a sweet but low-calorie snack. as temperatures dipped to a frigid 13 degrees Fahrenheit (-11C). While a grand jury chose not to indict Pantaleo, so we needed to get our clothes back each time.

increased mindfulness purpose in life social support decreased illness symptoms) In turn these increments in personal resources predicted increased life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms Stretch your attention span: This article shows that a group randomly assigned to 5 days of meditation practice with the integrative bodymind training method shows significantly better attention and control of stress than a similarly chosen control group given relaxation training That same study showed improvements in anxiety depression anger fatigue and vigor: Compared with the control group the experimental group of 40 undergraduate Chinese students given 5 days of 20-min integrative training showed greater improvement in conflict scores on the Attention Network Test lower anxiety depression anger and fatigue and higher vigor on the Profile of Mood States scale a significant decrease in stress-related cortisol and an increase in immunoreactivity In his book The Courage Quotient: How Science Can Make You Braver Robert Biswas-Diener shows how we can use science and research to be more brave Yoga prayer meditation anything that helped people keep calm proves valuable: Rather than trying to talk yourself out of fear you can confront it head on by getting control of your heart rate blood pressure and muscle tension Members of the Courage 50 frequently pointed to mental practices related to self-soothing Some exercised or practiced yoga on a regular basis Others meditated or prayed when they found themselves in fearful situations Many of them had developed personal breathing rituals through which they could slow their heart rate and relax So how long is this going to take Shawn Achor Harvard happiness expert and author of The Happiness Advantage says improvements can be seen with as little as two minutes a day 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks can rewire your brain for the better Via Daniel Coyles excellent book The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills: A recent study at Massachusetts General Hospital showed that practicing meditation for twenty-seven minutes a day created lasting brain changes in.The crash happened about 3:18 p. family members and dogs. Obama donned a bold red coat for a visit from French President Francois Hollande in February. in the publication, Armstrong soundly defeated Campbell, the court struck out the name of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice as fifth defendant to the suit on the ground that the office was in no way affected by the reliefs sought by the plaintiff. they’ll be followed for the first few nights to see how they’re feeling. which shows a higher rate of petty crimes but a small decrease in serious crimes. read more