Simmons’ suspension was harsh – Hendriks

first_imgFormer West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) director, Jackie Hendriks, believes the regional governing body was wrong in its decision to suspend West Indies head coach, Phil Simmons, for recent comments he made regarding team selection. Hendriks, a retired president of the Jamaica Cricket Association, is of the opinion that what should have been done instead was for Simmons to be reprimanded with a warning. “I can understand the frustration that Simmons may have felt with him going and talking to (Dwayne) Bravo and (Kieron) Pollard, and wanting them to play, and his frustration of not getting them to be a part of the one-day squad,” said Hendriks. “However, it’s rather unfortunate the comments he made. They were totally out of place, and temperate, and, should have been kept to himself,” added Hendriks. “However, having said that, I don’t believe the action of the board to suspend him was the right one.” “I think it was a bit harsh, given that it is the head coach we are dealing with, and, could have been handled in a much more diplomatic manner,” Hendriks said. Continued Hendriks: “He (Simmons) should have been called in, and be asked to explain the reason behind his outbursts. “Thereafter, a stern warning should have been issues that such utterances are unacceptable, and a repeat of would lead to his ultimate dismissal.” Simmons, said he believed there were outside “interference” in the selection of the one-day team for Sri Lanka. According to the 52-year-old Trinidadian, who was this summer offered the reigns of the regional side, he along with chairman of selectors, Clive Lloyd, was of the opinion that Bravo and Pollard should be included in the team, however, other selectors disagreed. Former West Indies players Courtney Walsh, Courtney Browne, and Eldine Baptiste, are the other voting members on the selection panel. Meanwhile, Hendriks, who represented the West Indies in the 1960s as a wicketkeeper, said he found it rather “peculiar” that Bravo and Pollard are good enough for the Twenty20 team and not the one-day side. He said, while not exceptional, the duo remain two of the region’s best limited overs players, and deserved a place in both regional squads. “I find it peculiar that they are selected for the Twenty20 team, and not the one-day team,” he said. “They are two of the players we have in limited overs cricket, and as such I am still struggling to see why they were not in the World Cup squad to begin with, and now not in the one-day squad for Sri Lanka. The West Indies are down to play two Tests, three one-dayers, and two Twenty20s, respectively, while on tour of Sri Lanka.last_img read more

Premier Robinson Gives Statement on Newman Case

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Related Items:#magneticmedianews Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, June 26, 2017 – Providenciales – The past few days in the TCI has seen us casted in a negative light in major US media houses. This day was feared by many, but we believe with the response we see especially among the people of this country, that this can be a turning point in addressing crimes among our residents and visitors.I speak of the recent shooting incident involving a tourist. My Government’s thoughts and prayers are with Mr Newman and his family. We continue through our Tourist Board to maintain contact with Mrs Newman and receive updates on his care. Under the NHIP Policy my Government was able to offer coverage of the medical transport to a receiving facility. However we understand that those arrangements were made through private arrangements.As Premier, I acknowledge my Government’s initial response contained in a Release issued by the Minister of Tourism who responded on behalf the Government and over the past two days we have met with the Police and amongst ourselves to see how best we can support the Police at this time and to devise a way forward on repairing the obvious fall out in reputation through positive messaging that is us TCI.After taking into account all efforts through all Agencies, I address you today.We wish to at the outset thank the medical staff at Interhealth Canada’s facility in Providenciales for their response and critical care administered to the Mr Newman.This is no time for more speeches but for our people to know that we continue to support the Police in their efforts to ebb the stem of gun related offences and do so with a record that we can already begin to feel proud of. I wish to recount for the benefit of us all how we have supported the Police over the past six months and I outline them as follows:Making a request to the UK for assistance and the resultant UK Security Assessment as early as February this year during my first visit to London;The purchasing of a building to house the highly anticipated CCTV Program and other new crime fighting initiatives;The approval of funding for additional Police Officers including managers of the CCTV Project in the recently passed Budget;The approval of $1.2m in the purchase of new cars in the recently passed budget;The agreement in the National Security Council to devise a national security strategy;The inclusion of modern crime fighting initiatives and other legislative support for the Police in our legislative calendar;The beginning works jointly between the Police and Immigration to seek out and to repatriate undocumented persons to the tone of over 500 in the last six months (these numbers are not those repatriated through entry on illegal sloops); And we can expect to see greater efforts in this area after the recruitment of additional Police and Immigration Officers already provided for in the recently passed Budget;The presentation, as Premier, to Cabinet of a Paper on the rehabilitation of offenders in an effort to reduce the rate of repeat offenders,The initial dialogue with the TCHTA and to having received their agreement to employ those at risk under the Government’s Change for Change Program to be led by the Ministry of Home Affairs; andHolding meetings with Pastors to assist in creating Programs that will address our youth.Crime fighting is everyone’s business and while in Opposition we continued to lead on this dialogue. We acknowledge that many of these measures are not yet in place and can look forward with great anticipation. However we acknowledge the awakened consciousness of our people for the immediate here and now which is critical. In what is now a challenging period, we see a readied people ready to assist and play its role and commend those who have stepped forward to play a more active role as a citizen.As Premier, I must say that I am pleased with the efforts of the Police who are working hard in the aftermath to bring these culprits to justice and I am in particular pleased that the Acting Commissioner on the evening after visited the majority of Resorts and interacted with guests until the wee hours of the morning.What is left for me to say as Premier following our Government’s initial response and the Acting Commissioner’s multiple updates is that there are four things I wish for us to know:My Government remains firm in its stance for stiff penalties for gun crimes and crimes against visitors to our shores which are already in law and we are keen to support stiffer penalties where needs be;The Police has our full support in diverting even more resources into the Grace Bay area and certainly not at a loss to local communities;I am excited that our people are keen to be greater participants in this fight against crime and I call on us all to remain interested and to know that the best help that can come forward from you now is information. You may think what you saw or hear is insignificant but we are appealing to you to contact law enforcement who is prepared to investigate any and all tips for this recent incident and all instances.I encourage residents and visitors alike to be vigilant and to not take any unnecessary risks by making yourselves an easy victim.The response of our people shows that this level of crime, though comparatively very low, will not be tolerated and as Premier, I am confident that serious crime strategies already in train together with tougher penalties and a plan to save our youth are the keys to lowering crimes.My Government over the next few days, weeks and months (and led jointly by the Premier’s Office and the Ministry of Tourism together with key stakeholders and residents living at home and abroad who have already offered to assist in ensuring that the positive message about Turks and Caicos Islands remains out there) will embark on an aggressive positive campaign. We remain a safe destination and we are certain of this. We do not and will not downplay the recent incident in any way and will continue to support the Police in every way. This time however requires that all hands are and remain on deck.May God bless these Turks and Caicos Islands.#magneticmedianews The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provo Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meetinglast_img read more

Job cuts in austerity move by Bank of the Bahamas 30 redundancies

first_img Related Items:#bob Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNASSAU, Bahamas – November 17, 2017 – Thirty jobs lost in a layoff program of the Bank of the Bahamas as the institution is striving to make it on its own within the black, profiting instead of losing.Media reports say the BOB explained the layoffs are related to closures of branches in Exuma, which will close by year end and Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama, which has already shut down the office there.Though the decisions are called difficult, they are also called calculated or considered and are based on the pressure on BOB to cut costs.  Government funded bail outs for the Bank of the Bahamas are to the tune of a staggering, $300m.Interestingly, the layoffs follow a profitable quarter for the Bank’ it is said this is the first recorded profit since 2012.last_img read more

San Diegos Democrat Members of Congress respond to Mueller Statement

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The investigation of Russian Collusion is legally over. There was no collusion, and insufficient evidence to bring a case of obstruction. Yet, the Democrats in San Diego’s Congressional delegation are not convinced President Trump is clear of committing a crime.As KUSI’s Steve Bosh reports, our local Congressman believe President Trump is guilty of Obstructions, and they want to begin impeachment proceedings.Later in the newscast, Political Analyst and Attorney Vik Bajaj reacted to the Mueller statement. Watch his full interview by clicking here. Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics FacebookTwitter Steve Bosh, Steve Bosh Updated: 5:56 PMcenter_img May 29, 2019 Posted: May 29, 2019 San Diego’s Democrat Members of Congress respond to Mueller Statementlast_img read more

Huff Po Newspaper Guild Square Off Over Unpaid Bloggers

first_img“There’s no commitment; they can post as frequently or infrequently as they would like to,” Ruiz said. “The Huffington Post makes no claim of ownership over their posts, and they can cross-post on other sites, including their own.” AOL laid off hundreds of employees since acquiring Huffington Post and putting Arianna Huffington in charge of editorial operations. Ironically, Huff Po seems to be slowly weaning itself away from free blogger content and investing more in full-time staff and name journalists, hiring 17 new journalists over the past week, including John Montorio, former managing editor of The Los Angeles Times and associate editor of The New York Times as culture and entertainment editor and hiring political writer Jon Ward from News Corp.’s The Daily. Huffington Post has taken a lot of knocks for building its business (which sold to AOL earlier this month for $315 million) partly by using unpaid bloggers. Those knocks became official last week with The Newspaper Guild, a union of media workers in the U.S. with 26,000 members, calling for HuffPo contributors to stop offering free content. “Just as we would ask writers to stand fast and not cross a picket line, we ask that they honor this electronic picket line,” the guild said in a statement. “We feel it is unethical to expect trained and qualified professionals to contribute quality content for nothing. Working for free does not benefit workers and undermines qualify journalism.” The guild went on to call for Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington to “demonstrate her commitment to the working class she so ardently champions in her writing.” (The Guild has created a Facebook page called “Hey Arianna, Can You Spare a Dime?”)In an interview with FoxNews, Huffington Post spokesperson Mario Ruiz says media professionals should get fair compensation (which it does with its 160 full-time editors and staffers) but draws a line between staff and bloggers. last_img read more

Experiment suggests silicon missing element in Earths core

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Diagram of the Earth. Credit: Kelvinsong/Wikipeida Earth scientists have concluded that approximately 85 percent of the Earth’s core is made of iron while nickel makes up an additional 10 percent—but the final 5 percent has been a bit of a mystery. In this new effort, the researchers conducted lab experiments that gave results suggesting that the final ingredient is silicon.To figure out which elements exist in the Earth’s core, researchers have been building virtual Earths in labs and then subjecting them to real-life conditions such as heat and pressure. For now, this is the only approach possible because the core is far too deep to dig a hole and send a probe down—it is approximately 3,000 km below the surface and is a relatively small target—about the size of Pluto. Experiments have consisted of building cores containing different materials, subjecting them to heat and pressure and then sending seismic waves through them to compare with real ones sent through the real core. Silicon has been considered as a possibility before due to the ease with which it bonds with metals, but it had not been thoroughly tested. The researchers in Japan heated their iron, nickel and silicon core to 6,000C° and applied pressure 3.6 million times that at the surface of the planet. Seismic analysis indicated the mixture they had created matched that at the real Earth’s core, strongly suggesting they had found the missing element.As the researchers note, understanding the true makeup of our planet, including its core, may help to better understand its history. Learning about the materials that make up the core today offers a way to learn more about what the interior parts of the planet may have been like billions of years ago, such as when the core separated from rockier material around it. The results of the new effort also suggest that oxygen is likely not very abundant in the core, which some in the field have suggested was a real possibility. Researchers offer ‘proof’ that oxygen is the only light element in the Earth’s core More information: MR22A-01: Sound velocity of iron-light element compounds and the chemical structure of the inner core, AGU Fall Meeting 2016, … app.cgi/Paper/153611AbstractThe light elements in the core could constrain the conditions of accretion, subsequent magma ocean, and core formation stages of the Earth. There are several studies for sound velocity measurements of the iron-light elements alloys. However, the measurements are not enough to constrain the light element abundance in the core tightly at present due to inter-laboratory inconsistencies using different methods which are originated from the difficulties to make such measurements under the extreme conditions. We measured the sound velocity of iron alloy compounds at high pressure and temperature relevant to the Earth’s core using double-sided laser heating of a DAC combined with inelastic X-ray scattering at SPring-8.We measured the compressional velocity of hcp-Fe up to 166 GPa and 3000 K, and derived a clear temperature dependence of the Birch’s law for hcp-Fe. We measured the compressional velocity of Fe0.89Si0.11 alloy and Fe3C at high pressure and temperature, and we could not detect temperature dependency in Birch’s law in these compounds. Additionally, we measured the sound velocity of Fe3S, Fe0.83Ni0.09Si0.08 alloy, and FeH at high pressure. Combining our new data set which showed remarkable differences from previous data on the sound velocity, we present a model of the chemical structure of the inner core. The outer core composition was also estimated based on partitioning behaviors of these light elements between solid and liquid iron alloys under the core conditions. Explore furthercenter_img Mystery at the core of the earth © 2017 (—A team of researchers from several institutions in Japan has conducted experiments with results that indicate that silicon is likely the missing element in Earth’s core. The group gave a presentation outlining their findings at a recent meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Citation: Experiment suggests silicon missing element in Earth’s core (2017, January 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

TMC to train workers to scale up presence on social media

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress will go hi-tech to train its party workers to acquaint themselves with social net working sites.The initiative has been taken up by party’s MP and Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee. Partha Chatterjee, party’s secretary general and Derek O’ Brien will be present at the training that will be held on June 20 at Moulali Yuba Kendra.It may be mentioned that Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee has said over and again that party workers and sympathizers should be active on social media to counter the canard spread by the BJP. She has also asked party leaders both in the city and districts to be active on social media. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThere will be two digital directors for every Parliamentary constituency. Hence, 84 digital directors will be given training. Trinamool Congress has proposed to approach more than 2.5 crore people. Apart from the digital directors, others will also be trained. It may be recalled that Mamata Banerjee has asked the MPs to ensure completion of the projects taken up under MP LAD in view of the Lok Sabha polls.The projects taken up by the state government will be uploaded on social media channels as many people particularly those living in Kolkata are not aware of these projects. For example, only a few people know that the state government has distributed 70 lakh bicycles among the students of classes IX to XII studying in state-run, aided and sponsored schools under Sabuj sathi project and the scheme has successfully brought down the number of school drop outs particularly girls in the semi-urban and rural areas. The state government has taken up around 30 projects in the past seven years and all are unique.Trinamool Congress leaders said the BJP is systematically spreading canard against the state government and Trinamool Congress. Trinamool has decided to counter BJP’s malicious campaign on social media channels. It may be mentioned that the BJP had uploaded a video of a riot which took place in Bangladesh and not in Bengal.last_img read more

Five projects of ITE dept bag SKOCH award

first_imgKolkata: The state Information Technology and Electronics (IT&E) department has reasons to rejoice as five projects of the department have bagged SKOCH Order-of-Merit awards at the 52nd Skoch Summit in New Delhi, held from June 21 to 23.Society for Natural Language Technology Research (SNLTR) project that deals with digital archive of Bengali Literature, CyberSecurityCoE, Electronic Braille Reading System, and Matir Kotha and Implementation of ICT at School project were awarded. All these projects are being implemented by West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Ltd Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flights(WEBEL).It may be mentioned that SNLTR, a society under IT department, is working on digitisation of prominent Benngali literary works, which are out of the protocol of copyright. As the process of digitisation follows an international encoding standard, it is easily accessible globally to the public on internet.SNLTR has digitised the entire literary works of Rabindranath Tagore with swaralipi, complete works of Saratchandra Chattopadhyay, complete works of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Swami Vivekananda Rachanabali, and cinema-script of Satyajit Ray’s film Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killed”The ongoing projects includes digitisation of Sukanto Rachana Samagro, Sree Ramakrishna Kathamrita, Nazrul Islam Rachana Samagro and Multidimensional Corpora of Bengali Speech,” a senior official of WEBEL said.In the cyber security category, Bengal is all poised to lead by example and has already set up a Cyber Security Centre of Excellence in New Town with the aim to explore new employment opportunities in the cyber security space amid growing demands for professionals and experts.”WEBEL Mediatronics Ltd’s Electronic Braille Reading System is being used by states like Jammu and Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh for imparting education to the blind students,” the official said.Matir Kotha project and Implementation of ICT at School scheme in Bengal both won the Gold Awards.Aninda Chatterjee, managing director Webel along with some senior officials were present at the award function in the capital.last_img read more

Celebrate summer with Khadi

first_imgThe onset of summer, along with bringing a change in the weather, food habits and lifestyle, marks the beginning of new trends with brands launching summer collections to cope up with the sweltering heat in style. In an attempt to provide a collection of summer-friendly outfits, Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) launched summer collection at its Khadi India showroom in the national Capital.  KVIC Chairman V K Saxena inaugurated the exhibition.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’V K Saxena inaugurated the exhibition by paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and lightening the traditional lamp. Dr Naresh Pal, Jt.CEO, KVIC and other senior officers were present. The day which also marks the 61st foundation day, five employees of Khadi India showroom were awarded for successfully rendering 25 years of service.Products launched include white to coloured Khadi dress materials along with designer collections are on display for sale. This is for the first time that KVIC has launched summer collection where in-house and outside designers are displaying their range of garments.When: April 13-30Where: Khadi India showroom, Connaught PlaceTimings: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PMlast_img read more