Survivor Wants Care For Ebola Patients, Urges More Support for Health Workers

first_imgMs. Kyndy Kobbah, a survivor of the deadly Ebola virus from the Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County, is calling on the government of Liberia, local and international partners to provide more care for patients affected by the disease and undergoing treatment at the various centers.Speaking yesterday at the Information Ministry Ebola Hour regular press briefing, Kyndy Kobbah, who is a Physician Assistant (PA), said  many of the patients who appeared for treatment are not given proper care and attention by health workers, including nurses and doctors at the unit.She explained that many of the patients who died at the Ebola management unit died due to lack of care, not receiving drugs on time, food and other necessary support needed from health practitioners who are expected to save lives.   Ebola patients can survive, provided proper care is given to them by health workers and other family members.  According to her, “Patients who show up for treatment and are confirmed positive of the deadly Ebola virus, especially those carried by ambulances, were sleeping on Tarpaulin and not receiving food on a regular basis. She said staff from the Rennie Hospital, we were laid down in front of the treatment center for more than an hour, calling on health workers to pay attention to us, but no avail. We had to start sending threatening remarks before they came to our aid.”Madam Kobbah disclosed that, they were saving lives at the Rennie Hospital when one patient affected 14 of the staff of the deadly virus after many of them were fully attending to him.  These included some staff and security personnel.  Many of them died while  trying to fight for survival at the center in her presence.According to her, “This man was not showing any signs and symptoms of the disease when diagnosed by staff of the hospital. He began using the staff bathroom and other facilities, which caused many of them to be affected. We have limited supplies of personal protective equipment and others.”Madam Kobbah called on parents, health workers and the government to focus on the children who are admitted and found positive of the virus.  The should be cared for and at the same time given special attention in order to increase their chances of survival.  “If these children are given special care and attention by the government and health practitioners, as well as family members, this would greatly reduce the death rate of many of them who are affected.”  She also expressed gratitude  to some of the doctors and nurses from the center for their support in helping patients by providing care and attention at the critical time of need by people wanting to survive.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

TMC leaders spend time with people as part of Didi Ke Bolo

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress leaders travelled in local trains and spent time with people on Sunday, as a part of the ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ programme.Lakshmiratan Shukla, minister of state for Sports, travelled in a local train and distributed cards containing the telephone number to get in touch with Mamata Banerjee, among the passengers. “I used to travel in local trains regularly on my way to Maidan for net practice. I spoke to several people and distributed cards among them. Their response was very positive,” he said. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaRabindranath Ghosh, state minister for the North Bengal Development department, spent Saturday night at the house of party supporter Farid Mondol at Deocha village near Cooch Behar, who was beaten up allegedly by BJP workers recently. It may be recalled that Trinamool Congress has lost the Cooch Behar seat in the Lok Sabha election. Ghosh said: “Many persons had come to meet him. I have distributed cards among them. People keep faith in Mamata Banerjee because they know that under her leadership the state can progress.” He also took part in a musical programme held on Saturday evening. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayMeanwhile, Trinamool Congress MP Chaudhury Mohon Jatua had lunch at the house of local BJP leader Tapan Mondol in Mathurapur. He also distributed cards among local people. Chiranjib Chakraborty, party MLA from Barasat, talked to local people and visited the houses of some of them. Later, he had lunch at the house of a party worker. ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ has earned tremendous response from people. The people have lodged their complaints with Mamata Banerjee, who in turn has addressed them. The senior leaders of the party have taken part in the programme as well. Banerjee has asked the leaders to talk to the local people and listen to their grievances. The leaders are visiting tea stalls and eateries to lend ear to the complaints of local residents.last_img read more

Building blocks of life

first_imgMy fiancé recently told me that she had sex with her first cousin who lives in London. I’m not being able to come to terms since hearing this. What should I do?Name withheld, Noida I think you should be happy that she has told you everything and hasn’t kept you in the dark. You should also respect her honesty and let go of the past. It will be a bit difficult but the ghosts of the past shouldn’t be dragged into the present. Both of you have a good life ahead and if the love is true, these things won’t matter in the long run. Let go of the doubt before you get married. If the shadow lingers and haunts, then please give ample time to recover. Never bring back the incidents of the past during arguments and fights of the present. Trust and faith are absolutely mandatory and you cannot continue a relationship with any pinch of doubt. Also Read – Feel what you fear I’m 28, I get too affected with situations and feel angry, hurt and uncomfortable. Please help me overcome this. Chandrima, West Bengal Every moment of pain or joy in our lives is defined by the story we create about an experience. You have the power to reframe your story about anything that has hurt you, and any of the circumstances surrounding it. If you’re feeling angry, hurt, or betrayed, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like a victim. Instead of feeling angry or victimised by someone’s actions, try to find the silver lining in the experience. There is a gift in every situation, even the worst ones, if you look for it. The heart is a muscle. It only becomes stronger with use – so open up, take a risk and get comfortable with time. Also Read – Homecoming My son is in the 7th standard and I get regular complaints about his bullying habit. Please suggest how I can put an end to it. Vanita Sinha, New Delhi It’s important to tell your child that his bullying behaviour is not right. Try to be calm about it, but make sure he knows that you want it to end. Here’s how to start: Explain to your child what bullying is. Talk with your child about what he’s doing and why he might be doing it. Listen to him and try to avoid blaming him. Help your child understand how his behaviour affects others – for example ‘Would you like someone to do that to you?’ or ‘How do you think that made the other person feel?’ Keep an eye on your child’s use of the internet and mobile phones. Try to divert his energy on something that is constructive – sports, art, etc. He needs to feel good about doing something better. I fear I’m suffering from depression. What are the signs to determine it? Name withheld, Kolkata Though depression is different for every person, there are a few signs that are hallmarks of the illness. You may have depression, if: You feel worthless, helpless, or guilty without knowing why. You’re feeling hopeless about most aspects of your life and can’t imagine that anything will improve for you. You feel a decrease in your energy levels and are tired no matter what you do. You feel restless at night and have trouble sleeping and/or waking up in the morning. You’ve stopped feeling pleasure doing the activities that used to make you happy, such as spending time with friends, pursuing your hobbies or being intimate. There has been a dramatic change in your sleeping habits, such as insomnia, early-morning wakefulness or excessive sleeping. You have lost your appetite or are overeating but cannot stop. It is much easier for you to be alone than to put the effort into interacting with others. You constantly feel irritable for no reason. You have had thoughts of suicide – if you are thinking suicidal thoughts, seek help immediately. (Send your questions to read more