New Board Directors appointed at Ruimveldt Lions Club

first_imgAs the new fiscal year begins in July for the Ruimveldt Lions Club, a new Board of Directors, who were elected, were welcomed last Saturday to their newly appointed positions during an installation ceremony and dinner meeting at their den in Festival City, North Ruimveldt. These Directors are now tasked with overseeing the management of the club.From right: Past District Governor, Lion Sean Noel handing over the gavel, a symbol of the President’s authority, to Lion Daryl Adams, the newly installed PresidentAt the ceremony, Lion Adams, an anaesthetist by profession, was presented with the symbolic gavel, as he was elected President of the club, along with Debbie-Ann Thompson filling the crucial role of Club Secretary.During his acceptance speech, Daryl Adams noted that the motto for the year will be “Progress through shared vision, commitment and active participation”, which places much emphasis on more meaningful community projects, and recruitment of younger members to ensure the viability of the club in its future.In addition to the auspicious installation ceremony, the Leo Club of Ruimveldt (a sponsored youth project of the Lions Club) also held its installation ceremony which saw medical technologist, Shamar Khan accepting the leadership for the group, and the introduction of new members to the youth project.Being in existence for more than forty years, the Ruimveldt Lions Club is a part of a larger network of the world’s largest service organisation that is Lions Clubs International.Lions clubs, wherever they exist, function under the motto, “We Serve”, as the organisation seeks to aid in the upliftment of the less fortunate in society.last_img read more

A continent in midst of ‘seismic shift’

first_imgA spectacular increase in global flows into Africa and Middle East funds supports experts’ view that the economic balance of power is shifting as “frontier economies” increasingly drive growth.The centre of economic gravity is shifting eastwards and southwards with “huge consequences” for the world we live in, according to John Battersby, the UK country manager for the International Marketing Council of South Africa. Speaking after a May international media forum in Johannesburg, Battersby said the global power balance was changing: emerging countries were more rightly called “high growth”.Click here to get the full story from Fund Strategy.last_img read more

3 Cinematography Tools for Capturing Perfect Exposure

first_imgLight MetersTried-and-true light meters are the established way to gather the exposure of your scene and expose your image properly. Not only do light meters help you generally expose a scene, they also assist you with creating the proper contrast ratios for your image.There have been many innovations in the world of light meters in the last couple of years. Now you can turn your iPhone into a light meter with something like Lumu.Light meters are powerful tools, especially during day exteriors when the sun’s position and cloud coverage are constantly changing. If you’re working on coverage of a dialogue scene over the course of an hour, the sun’s position (and, inherently, your lighting ratios) could drastically change. By using a light meter, you can ensure that the contrast ratios and exposure on your talent’s face stays consistent so there’s not a harsh jump in continuity.Exposing your images correctly will save time in the post-production workflow. With access to tools we have today, nailing your exposure should be easier than it ever has been.Looking for more information on lighting? Check out these articles:Light Meters 101: Why You Should Use One for Video ProjectsHow to Properly Calibrate Light MetersSimulating Light From A ScreenUsing 16 FREE Light and Dust Overlays with Motion Graphics and FootageHow to Light an Exterior Day Scene Without Lighting False ColorFalse Color has become one my favorite tools for nailing exposure every time. A lot of cameras and monitors don’t have false color built in. However, if you do have a monitor, like a SmallHD or a camera like a RED or ARRI, this built-in feature is a powerful tool.False color uses different colors to represent exposure values across your screen. For example, let’s say that green represented a value of 55-65 IRE on your monitor. Those areas of the image that are within that exposure range would be highlighted green. Now if the color red was used to highlight overexposed areas of your image, all areas of over-exposure would be highlighted with red. To understand this a little more fully, check out this video from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on understanding false color. Nailing perfect exposure is one of the cinematographer’s most essential roles. Learn to set the right exposure to streamline post-production.Cover image via Shutterstock.Blown-out highlights or underexposed shadows can become a real pain during the post-production process. Luckily, there are many tools available for getting impeccable exposure that it is now more simple than ever. We’re going to take a look at three of the tools I like to use on set when trying to get the perfect exposure.HistogramsAt first, histograms can be intimidating. However, once you learn to properly use them, you begin to realize how powerful they can be. A histogram gives you a quick glimpse at the various exposure values of your shadows, midtones, and highlights across an image. In general, if your histogram is reading more to the left, that implies that your image is underexposed. If the histogram is resting more toward the right, your image is likely overexposed. Generally, having the histogram in the center of the chart is the ideal exposure. Check out this video to learn just a little more about histograms.last_img read more