Census: Vermont grows slowly to 625,741 residents

first_imgVermont’s population grew a modest 2.8 percent to 625,741 from 2000 in the recently completed census. The US Census Bureau also announced yesterday that the 2010 Census showed the resident population of the United States on April 1, 2010, was 308,745,538.The resident population represented an increase of 9.7 percent over the2000 US resident population of 281,421,906. Commerce Secretary GaryLocke, Acting Commerce Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank and Census BureauDirector Robert Groves unveiled the official counts at the National PressClub in Washington, D.C.‘A big thanks to the American public for its overwhelming response tothe 2010 Census,’ U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said. ‘The result wasa successful count that came in on time and well under budget, with a final2010 Census savings of $1.87 billion.’Rebecca Blank, now Acting Deputy Secretary of Commerce who has overseenthe 2010 Census as Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, echoed Locke. ‘The2010 Census was a massive undertaking, and in reporting these firstresults, we renew our commitment to our great American democracypeacefully, fairly and openly for the 23rd time in our nation’s history.’The US resident population represents the total number of people inthe 50 states and the District of Columbia.The most populous state was California (37,253,956); the least populous,Wyoming (563,626). The state that gained the most numerically since the2000 Census was Texas (up 4,293,741 to 25,145,561) and the state thatgained the most as a percentage of its 2000 Census count was Nevada (up35.1% to 2,700,551).Regionally, the South and the West picked up the bulk of the populationincrease, 14,318,924 and 8,747,621, respectively. But the Northeast and theMidwest also grew: 1,722,862 and 2,534,225.Additionally, Puerto Rico’s resident population was 3,725,789, a 2.2percent decrease over the number counted a decade earlier.Just before today’s announcement, Locke delivered the apportionmentcounts to President Obama, 10 days before the statutory deadline of Dec.31. The apportionment totals were calculated by a congressionally definedformula, in accordance with Title 2 of the U.S. Code, to divide among thestates the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Theapportionment population consists of the resident population of the 50states, plus the overseas military and federal civilian employees and theirdependents living with them who could be allocated to a state. Each memberof the House represents, on average, about 710,767 people. The populationsof the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are excluded from theapportionment population, as they do not have voting seats in Congress.‘The decennial count has been the basis for our representative form ofgovernment since 1790,’ Groves said. ‘At that time, each member of theHouse represented about 34,000 residents. Since then, the House has morethan quadrupled in size, with each member now representing about 21 timesas many constituents.’President Obama will transmit the apportionment counts to the 112thCongress during the first week of its first regular session in January. Thereapportioned Congress will be the 113th, which convenes in January 2013.Beginning in February and wrapping up by March 31, 2011, the CensusBureau will release demographic data to the states on a rolling basis sostate governments can start the redistricting process.Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution calls for a census of thenation’s population every 10 years to apportion the House seats among thestates. The 2010 Census is the 23rd census in our nation’s history.For more information about the U.S. Census Bureau, please visit http://www.census.gov/>last_img read more

Tour of Croatia race canceled

first_imgNamely, due to disagreements in the organization of the race with Vladimir Miholjević, Ivan Črnjarić took advantage of the fact that the race was not protected and last year he protected the name of the race at the Intellectual Property Office and transferred the right to his company Thorax doo. He also kept the race date after registering with the International Cycling Federation, and without Vladimir Miholjević and his team, he dedicated himself to organizing this year’s Tour of Croatia race. “Despite the confirmations of twenty international teams that were supposed to take part in the race, including some of the best like Trek Segafred, Androni Giocattolia, the race was unfortunately canceled. In addition to professional teams, we had great interest and support from many cycling fans and sports in general”Said Crnjaric and noted that during the organization he encountered constant external obstructions at all levels and false allegations by a former business partner that caused great damage to the Tour of Croatia project, to him personally and to cycling in general, for which appropriate legal measures were taken. actions for the purpose of protecting their rights and interests. Related news: “I would like to thank everyone who recognized the value of this project and the postcard of Croatia that the Tour of Croatia cycling race has been sending to the world for years. Also, I thank all the partners and sponsors who have joined the project so far. Unfortunately, the financial construction was not fully confirmed in time by some sponsors and the project as such had to be canceled in the last phase of preparation”Said Ivan Crnjaric, director of the Tour of Croatia. The organization pointed out that the confirmed teams were: Trek-Segafredo, Team Androni Giocattoli, Bardiani – CSF Pro Team, Burgos BH, Gazprom-RusVelo, Israel Cycling Academy, Neri – Selle Italia – KTM, NIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanè. Riwal Readynez Cycling Team, Roompot – Charles Cycling Team, Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise, Team Novo Nordisk, CCC Team, EvoPro Racing, Vino – Astana Motors Fan Club, BIKE AID Pro Cycling Team, MERIDIANA PRO CyclinG TeaM, TARTELETTO – ISOREX Continental Cycling Team , Team Coop and Amore & Vita – Prodir, as well as the broadcast of the Tour of Croatia on the media houses Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Eurosport Asia, Fox Sports Africa, FLO Sports USA and DAZN Japan. The organizers of the Tour of Croatia race yesterday, just five days before the planned start, informed the public that the fifth edition of the cycling race “Tour of Croatia”, one of the best tourist postcards in Croatia, had been canceled. After the conflict, the whole story about the Tour of Croatia race ended in court. The new director of the race canceled the race only five days before the planned start, and Vladimir Miholjević turned to the organization of his race, which he called CRO Race, and was given a date from October 1st to 6th. The cancellation of the Tour of Croatia race caused great damage to our tourism Vladimir Miholjević, the alpha and omega of the whole race, reacted to the whole case at the end of the year and emphasized that Tour of Croatia for 2019 has nothing to do with Tour of Croatia, and the case of “Tour of Croatia” is in court “Apart from the 13 letters contained in the name Tour of Croatia, the new race has nothing to do with previous editions of the Tour of Croatia. It is true that the name of the race was not registered with the Intellectual Property Office, which was unfortunately used by former associate Ivan Črnjarić and in May this year he protected the name Tour of Croatia as his private property. Unfortunately, this is my naive omission because from the very beginning I thought that this race should contribute to everyone, and the Tour of Croatia received numerous awards in the first four years of its organization, was named the sporting event of the year and the most beautiful Croatian postcard in the world. ” Miholjevic pointed out. Read the full press release in the attachment. Photo: Tour of Croatia Tour of Croatia in its 5th edition was to be held from April 23 to 28, as part of which cyclists from international teams would pass the stages from Slavonia to the south of Croatia. As Črnjarić points out, the Tour of Croatia was supported by the Croatian Cycling Federation, the Croatian Olympic Committee, the UCI (World Cycling Federation), the Ministry of Tourism, and the Central State Office for Sports. As in previous years, a decision was made on the financial participation of the Croatian National Tourist Board and many other partners and sponsors. The project was completely ready and the last confirmation of the participation of some of the already agreed sponsors was awaited, but unfortunately it was absent at the last minute, it is written in the announcement. Vladimir Miholjević: Tour of Croatia for 2019 has nothing to do with Tour of Croatia, and the case of “Tour of Croatia” is in courtlast_img read more

China investigates release of coronavirus-infected inmate in Hubei

first_imgThe woman, surnamed Huang, is now in quarantine along with three family members, health authorities in Beijing said on Wednesday. She was one of more than 300 inmates in the prison to be infected.Virus containment in jails throughout the country has come under greater scrutiny after the cases were discovered.Xiong Xuanguo, a deputy justice minister, told reporters on Wednesday that local law enforcement was to blame, saying there were “gaps” in their prevention and control work.Hubei province revised its daily tally of new infections last week after it had failed to include more than 200 cases from its prisons, casting doubt on the accuracy of its data.Ying Yong, the Communist Party chief of Hubei province, called on officials late on Wednesday to strengthen virus-control measures in prisons, detention centers, drug treatment centers and other public facilities.  China has sent an investigation team to Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak, after reports that a prison released an infected inmate who then travelled to Beijing.A team led by the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court and Ministry of Public Security will look into the incident, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China said in a news release on Thursday.Media reports said an infected inmate was released from a Wuhan women’s prison after completing her sentence. Family members then drove her to Beijing. The report has caused uproar, with netizens asking how she got out of a city that has been sealed off for more than a month.”We healthy people get stuck in Wuhan and she can escape the strictest lockdown there with a fever?” one commentator said on China’s Twitter-like Weibo.”She must have really good connections,” said another.An official with the Hubei provincial prison regulator told The Beijing News on Wednesday that the inmate had been released lawfully. The Beijing CDC confirmed she was infected with the virus, SARS-Cov-2.center_img Topics :last_img read more