Yoga Club opens in Dominica

first_img Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Dr. Lucia John, PhD, founder of Patanjili Yoga ClubA yoga club, founded by Dr. Lucia John, under the patronage of High Commissioner of India to CARICOM, Shri Gauri Shankar Gupta, the Patanjili Yoga Club has officially opened here.The club was launched on Sunday June 26, 2016, a few days after the celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21 and will operate from the Perfect Health Institute and Wellness Centre at McIntyre Lane, Goodwill.During the launching at the club, Dr. John said yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon however people do not understand the extent of yoga. “Yoga means union, yoga means health, yoga means good attitude, yoga means being inward but we have taken it to be just physical exercises and it’s good that at last the world is going to be putting attention on what yoga really is.”Yoga is what the world needs she added. “That is what we are going to try to do in Dominica, we’re going to try to have yoga in schools, we’re going to try to have yoga with the youth groups, we’re going to try to have yoga in the business places and I’m sure we will see a difference in Dominica.”Therefore what the Patanjili Yoga Club offers is the “totality of yoga”. Club members will be introduced to not only the physical exercises, but also mental and attitude practices. “When we look at the schools, we see what is happening, lots of children have ADHD that is attention deficit hyperactive disorder…applying yoga to these children will help them to get better again; to get them to focus on school and use their school days to learn and to get to the next level,” she said. Thus, the club will also seek to aid in developing writing skills. “When we say yoga we mean mental potential so what we are doing and we are going to be doing it more and more is working with the young people.”This will also help with unemployment on the island she said as writing is the “easiest employment around”. “It may be their own story, it may be someone else’s story, it may be just fiction and help them to publish…help them make some money.” Dr. John also revealed that it is the intention of the Indian High Commissioner to CARICOM to sponsor a group of Dominican teachers to learn yoga in India. They will return as instructors of yoga being able to incorporate it in their schools. “I think this is going to be the best thing that he can offer us because when you have yoga teachers in the schools, it’s different from having people outside the school coming in to teach yoga or to teach any exercise.”Art will also be taught. Shrinivas Kale, member of the steering committee, said in India yoga forms part of their daily life from morning to evening. Persons engage in different parts of yoga throughout the day both knowingly and unknowingly he said. “Yoga has their own benefit and the main aim of yoga is to unite; when we say unite the question is with what, unity is with anyone and everyone and that’s what the meaning of yoga is.”He said yoga also means spiritual uplifting and that occurs when one is physically strong, therefore it is crucial for the body to be strong, effective and preferably disease free. “That’s why yoga has become very popular in the west because it helps to cure a lot of diseases because the aim of yoga is to reduce the disease so that we can increase the focusing…this yoga will help achieve a lot of other things in students, in children, in nation, in country.”This Kale said will help make Dominica a better country as it will lead to harmony in society. “India has their own technology in space, their technology in medicine, their technology in missile industry, technology in ammunition…and how India achieve that is because of the intelligence and that intelligence we can achieve through yoga because we start focusing better and that’s what we want to achieve in Dominica.”Members of the steering committee are Dr. Lucia John, Mr. Shrinivas Kale, Mrs. Rujuta Kale, Mr. Vijay Punjabi, Mrs. Zilia George and Miss. Reyer Raymond.– / 15 HealthLifestyleLocalNews Yoga Club opens in Dominica by: – June 28, 2016center_img Share Share 743 Views   no discussionslast_img

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