Travel companies around the world are intensively preparing for the growing number of wealthy Chinese tourists

first_imgLate last year, Hainan Airlines Co. Ltd. he landed for the first time on a direct flight from Beijing to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The management of the American airport was carefully preparing for this big event. Since that day it has become a routine flight three times a week, always full of Chinese tourists who want to taste the infamous pleasures of this desert city. When they land, the passengers are expected to receive an unexpected and unusual reception, three kind Chinese-speaking hosts, ready to help in any way possible and to join new clients from China. “Somehow we outplayed ourselves,” Mike Boyd said. “It wasn’t until we started promoting ourselves that we realized what we really needed to do.” These days, over coffee, we commented on trends with colleagues from the tourism sector in Croatia. It is incomprehensible that some do not recognize the importance of making promotional materials in Chinese, and at the same time make brochures in Czech… which makes no sense because, for comparison, 16.479 Czechs and 70.286 Chinese visited Zagreb in the first ten months of this year. Halo? As a destination, due to the structure of its offer, Croatia is primarily interesting for group visits of Chinese of older age groups, of lower purchasing power. What we have not yet experienced and do not know is that Chinese tourists, especially the younger ones, travel freely and independently. The classic picture of a Chinese tourist in Croatia is a group led by a nervous guide, from the airport to the bus, and on to the hotel where they have half board at best, and usually stay only one night. They have a specific route and their journey is more like a race than a pleasant and relaxing holiday. However, it is not news that Chinese tourists, some of whom also know a little English, travel the world in a completely different way. Not everything is in New York and LA, London or Berlin. In 2018, Latvia was an absolute hit, Bulgaria is leading in our environment, they are interested in small villages, national parks, luxury goods and top hotels…. they spend in the true sense of the word. The markets of Turkey, Spain, Greece and North Africa have recovered. Which tourism market do we have to turn to? Do we know the Chinese tourism market? McCarran Airport management has set aside $ 2018 in its 150.000 budget for the China Ni Hao program, one-third has been spent on campaign launch costs, promotional materials, staff training, etc., and the rest is allocated to 60 hours per month for staff who welcomes and escorts Chinese tourists to the airport. You wouldn’t believe where they all went… and that the world takes Riga International Airport, which recently ordered airport leaflets in Mandarin Chinese, to take them seriously in the world. RELATED NEWS: “I want every guest who comes to Las Vegas from China to feel our welcome, and how much we appreciate them,” said Chris Jones, chief marketing officer at McCarran. Las Vegas Airport has founded a new company called China Ni Hao, which is part of Boyd Group International, which founded the company with the same goals two years ago in New York. China Ni Hao through its franchise chain offers the concept of “China Welcome” for US airports and other destinations that expect more than 23 million Chinese visitors by 2021. The focus is not really on the number of passengers expected at airports, but on the amount of money that in on average, an individual guest spends a trip to the United States. It is about 8.000 USD, of which a good part goes to the purchase of branded products. Over 200 million Chinese have decided to travel outside China next year The Chinese tourism market is very sensitive to political issues. Traditionally, the Chinese pay more attention to togetherness and emphasize their patriotic spirit than will privately have a great desire for attractive travel. And this move by the airport in Vegas is one of the attempts to keep Chinese tourists. However, not everything is so rosy. Trump’s rhetoric creates a big gap between America and China. Contrary to Obama opening the borders, Trump declares China a trade and business enemy of America. In addition, he has a markedly excellent relationship with the Taiwanese president, which is a major turning point in U.S. foreign policy compared to previous presidents. It is to be expected that such rhetoric will be a threat to Chinese tourism in America. Do you know how he explained it? “The Chinese market is so different and so special. I realized that these people need an inscription in their own language. You can leave me in Italy or France, and I’ll handle it. But send me to Beijing, and – if there is no inscription in English – I am lost. ”What have we done to make it easier for an individual guest from China to arrive at Zagreb airport? How much budget is provided for this purpose? Did we determine it at all? For over 200 million tourists who will leave China next year and travel abroad on vacation, many companies from the tourism and retail sectors are designing a range of services to these new and wealthy consumers with great interest. China Ni Hao aims to make it easier and more enjoyable for Chinese tourists to travel by providing Chinese-speaking hosts and implementing the company’s website on WeChat, a one-stop app used by nearly 700 million Chinese. Author: Andreja Gazdek, ProConcept HOW TO TAKE A PART OF THE CHINESE TOURIST MARKET CAKE?last_img

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