Law on hunting sent to the Croatian Parliament

first_imgAt yesterday’s session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Draft Bill on Hunting was accepted and sent to the Parliament for adoption.The newly proposed legal solutions create preconditions for the introduction of more order in hunting. Starting from better management of hunting grounds, through breeding, protection and trade of game through the use of hunting weapons, to regulating the relationship between hunting licensees and hunting rights providers. Furthermore, the new law establishes the preconditions for stronger development of hunting tourism, revival of hunting customs and traditions, and more effective involvement of hunters and their associations in the development and improvement of hunting as a significant economic branch of the Republic of Croatia.”The century-old tradition of hunting in the Republic of Croatia, the number of game we have today and the diversity of flora and fauna in our forests can be thanked, among other things, to hunting societies that conscientiously and dedicatedly care for more than a thousand hunting grounds in Croatia. But together we must also take care of the game that does some material damage to public and private property. This regulation provides an optimal solution to the problem of wildlife in order to protect people and property with maximum protection of the wildlife population and rational management of the resources we have. The decentralization of hunting supervision and management proposed by law will enable better management that will be harmonized with the situation and needs of a certain area.. “Said Minister Tomislav Tolusic.The novelty proposed by law is the possibility of establishing private hunting grounds of 500 ha of uninterrupted land of one owner, as well as establishing a private hunting ground by merging the land of several owners, if each owner has an area of ​​not less than 500 ha and together form an uninterrupted whole. Due to easier, more complete and faster implementation of the law in the field of prevention of damage to game and damage to game on agricultural crops, regional self-government units The proposal of the law provides the possibility: to reduce the number of certain species of game that endanger the health of humans, livestock, other game, other animal species or cause other damage, make a decision to reduce the number of certain birds to prevent serious damage to ponds and waters.Additionally, the species Crow (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis) is included in the list of species considered game.The law also regulates the prevention of damage from game in traffic and on agricultural land, because it puts all participants on an equal footing with more clearly defined rights and obligations. The current legal solution has not satisfactorily regulated issues of this nature, which, due to uneven court practice, has generally resulted in lengthy court proceedings that have resulted in the blockade and liquidation of hunting associations.Also, with the aim of avoiding lengthy court proceedings, the proposed changes to the distribution of funds collected from fees for concessions and leases of hunting rights enabled the Ministry of Agriculture to provide financial resources for securing hunting grounds and financing them.last_img

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