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first_imgIDC recently completed a study on The Business Value of Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail  and the findings are impressive. Not only does it quantify many of the benefits our customers have seen, but it confirms VxRail has become a backbone for data center infrastructure. Regardless of the size or vertical, companies with revenue from $100M to $15B in Healthcare, Finance, Government and Entertainment industries reported that on average 79% of their revenue was tied to applications running on VxRail.¹ These customers also realized a 452%, 5-year Return on Investment (ROI) and 10 months to payback.¹We launched VxRail almost five years ago. At the time it was the first – and remains the only – jointly engineered hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution with VMware. Continually setting and raising the bar for reliability, performance and operational simplicity with features like single click upgrades and synchronous releases with VMware HCI software has made Dell Technologies #1 in HCI.²We are excited to showcase the proven ROI and payback results,  extraordinary productivity gains  and unique business advantages that our customers have achieved with what we call the VxRail Advantage. While this blog provides an overview of the exceptional results our customers have come to expect, there was simply too much material to include it all. So much, in fact that we decided it deserved its own website.Exceptional Business ResultsFrom day one, VxRail has been a catalyst to accelerate IT transformation. Whether our customers are accelerating data center modernization, deploying a hybrid cloud, creating a developer-ready Kubernetes platform, or running applications in harsh edge environments, VxRail delivers a turnkey experience that delivers operational and business results.IDC said it best in the study: “IDC’s research demonstrates the value proposition for interviewed organizations of VxRail and VCF on VxRail as a cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and high performing infrastructure for many of their most critical business applications.” ²IDC found that the average customer experienced a 68% improvement in IT staff efficiency and 72% operational savings when considering infrastructure cost, IT staff efficiency and unplanned downtime, proving that VxRail has delivered on the promise of operational simplicity. In our customer’s words, “VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail has allowed us to effectively triple our staff without adding any headcount.”²Exceptional Productivity for IT TeamsThe proven resiliency, unique HCI System Software, and single call support separate VxRail from the pack and enable IT Teams to spend more time focusing on value added business activities instead of day-to-day operations and maintenance.IDC found that implementing VxRail resulted in 92% less unplanned downtime than previous solutions. ² Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai noted: “We wanted to be more resilient. Having the Dell EMC VxRail foundation has given the business more confidence in IT. We’re having fewer interruptions and when they do occur, they’re much shorter.” ²Our unique VxRail HCI System Software extends VMware native capabilities to deliver a seamless, automated, operational experience and enable one-click automated updates. This means customers spend less time planning for, scheduling or recovering from upgrades gone wrong, helping implement new features sooner and taking advantage of software and hardware improvements. Combined with our award-winning support, with over 1,800 VMware-certified Dell EMC support professionals resolving 98% of all VMware cases in house, our customers can quickly resolve issues from hardware to hypervisor.³“We’re getting a lot more hours back with Dell EMC VxRail because we don’t have to worry about interoperability and compatibility issues during upgrades.” – US Insurance CompanyShareExceptional Business AdvantagesWe all know that IT teams are no longer a cost center, they are now a revenue-generating, dynamic part of the business strategy. In one of the IDC study’s most interesting and important parts, our customers described how VxRail helps put them a step ahead of their competition.Businesses reported better performance for key critical applications with 32% faster transactions and 39% faster queries improving productivity and internal customer satisfaction and development teams reported 114% more new applications along with 32% faster development lifecycle, getting new tools and features to their business faster. ² As the City of Amarillo, Texas observed, “Dell EMC VxRail has made us more agile and responsive to business demand. Our team has eight developers that are saving a lot of time. It must be about 80 hours a month, collectively. It’s been huge for them because they can spin up environments in minutes.”I want to thank all our customers who have provided the abundance of new proof points and customer stories showing the exceptional value our customers see with VxRail. To discover more customer stories, value assessments and analyst studies and learn how 10,000 VxRail customers Expect {and receive} Exceptional outcomes from VxRail, please visit here.¹ The Business Value of Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail, December 2020 #US47005920² IDC WW Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, Vendor Revenue (US$M) Q2 2020, September 17, 2020³ Based on internal analysis of all service requests from February 1 to October 31, 2019last_img

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