first_imgWe hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE that the 8th District congressional candidate Dr. Richard Moss (R) has formally committed to joining the “Freedom Caucus”?  …the “Freedom Caucus” is a conservative bloc within the Republican Caucus in Congress? …some people are saying that this political move by Dr. Moss will generated some good support for him against the current 8th District Congressman?IS IT TRUE Dr. Richard Moss claim that 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon (R) family now lives in Washington, DC is really getting political traction?  …Dr. Moss claims that last year Congressman Bucshon sold his expensive family home in Newburgh and purchased a new family home in the Washington, DC area?  …Congressman Bucshon also has a condo in Newburgh which he calls his official residence? If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] IS IT TRUE the City of Evansville don’t have a revenue problem but they do have a spending problem? EDITOR’S FOOTNOTE:  Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City County Observer or ourFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE the best way for Evansville City Council to balance the budget is make budget cuts not increase taxes? IS IT TRUE that the Evansville City Council seems to be providing protection for the Vanderburgh County Council from a political perspective when it comes to raising the Local Option Income Tax hike by $8 Million per year?…this move is bordering on political suicide to run interference for the County Council who should be forced to vote on a tax increase on the people they were elected to serve?IS IT TRUE the cries of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION are getting louder and they could easily be eliminated if the Vanderburgh County Council would be forced to put up or shut up by the all too willing to take a political bullet to the gut by the Evansville City Council that is hell bent on self-destruction on the tax increase?IS IT TRUE Mole #3 tells us that in spite of the assertions that all of the proposed Local Option Income Tax dollars will be used for public safety equipment, raises and health insurance only may not be totally truthful?  …could the real truth be that the some of the proposed Local Option Income Tax dollars will be quietly earmarked to expand the Vanderburgh County jail? …maybe the City is taking this issue on because the majority of criminals are from the City and the County doesn’t want to pay for the criminal habits of City dwellers?…on the other hand the City Council may just be going through a bout of hubris?IS IT TRUE that the Gallup rankings on community exercise are out and to many people’s surprise greater Evansville is doing much better after sinking to the bottom of the barrel less than 10 years ago?…Evansville is the highest ranking city in the State of Indiana for community exercise with a national ranking of #125?…other metro areas checked in at #162 (Indianapolis), #168 (Fort Wayne), and #160 (South Bend)?…Evansville checks in at second in Indiana on healthy eating behind only South Bend at #117 in the nation?…when it comes to overall well-being (the criteria that Evansville was dead last in the country for just 7 years ago), River City is up to #145 from #189 (last) a short time ago?…Evansville trails both Fort Wayne and South Bend in overall well-being but came up ahead of Indianapolis who at #164 is sinking toward the bottom 10 nationwide?…the City County Observer would like to thank and congratulate all those who have altered their lifestyles to get us out of the cellar for well-being?…we also must consider that we were wrong to make fun of the silly chicken fat video that Mayor Winnecke and his supporters made?…we attribute the positive changes to the chicken fat video inspiring the populace to exercise more and eat less?…speaking of eating less it is Fall Festival week so go enjoy yourselves and do the chicken fat dance next week to get rid of that fat?IS IT TRUE that the top ten cities nationwide for exercise are Boulder, CO; Fort Collins, CO; San Luis Obispo, CA; Greely, CO; Santa Rosa, CA; Honolulu, Hilton Head, SC; Anchorage, AK; Clarksville, TN; and Chico, CA respectively?…seven of these cities are in states where marijuana is legal?…the bottom ten cities for exercise are Roanoke, VA; Rockford, IL; Gulfport, MS; Spartansburg, SC; Buffalo, NY; Toledo, OH; Montgomery, AL; Cedar Rapids, IA; Akron, OH; and Hickory, NC?…not a one of these cities that fight exercise like a cat fights a bath has legalized marijuana?…if you want to blame something on the legalization of dope, then blame the exercise craze because these results correlate too well not to have some relevance? Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you feel its time for the taxpayers of this community to start holding our public officials accountable for their bad business decisions concerning tax increases? 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