first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE we are pleased to announce that a new online publication, the City-County Banner, will be launching sometime during February, 2019? …The City-County Banner will service Orange and Dubois counties, specifically focusing on the cities of Jasper, Huntingburg, French Lick, and Paoli? …the City-County Observer will be a media partner with the City-County Banner and both papers will be operating as corridor newspapers?  …this publishing partnership between the City County Observer and the City-County Banner will provide articles and advertisements published in both papers to readers in cities stretching from Paoli to Evansville? …that the City-County Observer is also working on additional media partners up and down the corridor?IS IT TRUE a hedge-fund-backed media group known for buying up struggling local papers and cutting costs is planning to make an offer for USA Today publisher Gannett Co., according to people familiar with the matter? …its been reported that MNG Enterprises Inc., one of the largest newspaper chains in the country, has quietly built a 7.5% position in Gannett’s stock and plans to publicly urge the McLean, Va., publisher to put itself up for sale? …we been told that the USA Today publisher Gannett Co.,own the Indy Star, Louisville Journal, Nashville Banner and the Evansville Courier and Press? …hear are a copy of links concerning this issue for your review: IT TRUE here is an article concerning newspaper acquisitions ?Our take: What Digital First’s bid for Gannett meansIS IT TRUE yesterday we posted comments concerning a charitable organization named “Funk In The City”? …we have been told that “Funk In The  City” has raised around $200,000 to help the disadvantaged living in the Haynes’s Corner and Center City areas since 2008? …we give five (5) cheers to “Funk In The City” President Ashley Vezzoso Schaefer and her Board of Directors for a job well done?IS IT TRUE we give five (5) cheers to Holli Sullivan for creating House Bill 1002?  …this legislation will reallocate funds to proven workforce programs so Hoosiers could increase their certifications, earn stackable credentials and secure high-paying jobs in high-demand fields to meet the changing needs of Indiana employers? … its obvious that State Representative Holli Sullivan understand how to think outside the box?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that several movers and shakers in the Vanderburgh County Democratic party feel that its time for the At-Large City Council member Jonathan Weaver to publicly announce if he’s going to be a candidate for the Mayor of Evansville? …if Mr. Weaver decides not to run for the Mayor of Evansville we hear that several well qualified people are looking at taking on Mayor Winnecke?IS IT TRUE that the State of Illinois bet on Video Gaming and lost? …that legalizing video poker and slots was supposed to generate billions of dollars for the State of Illinois but a decade later, that hasn’t happened?  …we are now hearing that Illinois State Legislators want to double down on gambling in that cash poor state? …we hope that the  Kentucky and Indiana State Legislators will take heed when they make amendments to their state gambling laws later on this year?IS IT TRUE that the White House announced yesterday that President Donald Trump signed a bill providing back pay to federal employees affected by the ongoing partial government shutdown?IS IT TRUE we can’t wait to read what our most infamous right wing poster Joe Biden will have to say about the above post?IS IT TRUE to no one surprise Old National Bank CEO Bob Jones will retire after 14 years and current CFO Jim Ryan was named as his successor?  …we wonder what kind of a “Golden Parachute” will Mr. Jones receive upon his retirement?IS IT TRUE during the early years, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum was the place where the best entertainment occurred? …this included hosting car shows, the Shrine Circus, and Evansville College used to play its basketball games there?  …once Roberts Stadium was built in the fifties, the Coliseum lost some of its appeal and it closed in 1969?  …the Coliseum was built by the city and was given to Vanderburgh County around this time? …during the waning years of not being in use, the Coliseum deteriorated until the Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County took it over and started to renovated the building?  …we want to thank members of the Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County for saving this historic landmark from the wreaking ball? …we are pleased with the way that Veterans Council of Vanderburgh County Commander Mark Acker and his staff are running this facility on behalf of the taxpayers of this community?  …we would like for anyone that demanded that Commander Acker hand over the keys to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum please go hide under a rock?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you think that the Republicans will take control of the Evansville City Council in 2019? 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