Case study the site was down the right of the two or three details

after the revised website, decided to enable the static URL. I believe many people know, the search engine on the static URL love is better than dynamic URL, so enabling static URL has become our inevitable. But we did not handle the static server, so the choice of dynamic static open, static pages into static pages, not into the dynamic page. But a few days found included in the site repeatedly, always suddenly increase a lot, and then reduce the number of. Keywords ranking just start with good rankings, then the next day began to decline. Through the analysis to know, because of the dynamic URL and static URL was retrieved at the same time, the same content page is included, has produced a great deal of repeat page, this violated the rule of the search engine, so the search engine to give a warning.


after the static server did not solve the case, but also shield the dynamic URL website as one day the case. Finally, no law to do not inform static URLs, we can not give up the static URL, the author uses the pseudo static test program began. The static jump dynamic setting off, and then open the pseudo static and dynamic URL to shield. It is observed that the site has been included in the search engine’s understanding, start slowly, keywords ranking has also been improved. I will continue to observe the site in the search engine’s performance in the next day, at the same time I met the same problem with the hope that friends can learn my lesson, don’t forget the details. This article from the original call you 贵族宝贝500soft贵族宝贝, please keep the source, thank you

, a repeat page included not timely processing of



did not solve static server, access to some content pages often do not search the static URL, 404 error page, so the static dynamic jump set. However, this operation has caused dissatisfaction with the search engine, a large area of blocked sites included the site, cause love Shanghai again reduce weight, keywords ranking drop again.

two, shielding dynamic URL, and static URL jump


website after the revised IP from one day to the present day hundreds of thousands of IP, originally after a period of buffer recovery operations, site performance and also can. Just because some of the details of the error does not take into account, has caused the Shanghai love offensive, causing the site once again frustrated. The author analyzes some of the details of the error causes the site again to be right down, we have enclosed the background data screenshot a month after the revision of the site:


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