Good sound program on the method of keyword mining site

? Here you can see the

again cannot do without the song

online is always a secret, this kind of flow is huge, has epoch-making significance to do keyword list.


well, on Friday night The Voice of China said here, I hope every friend can find their own keyword list from your own love program, and fitness forum webmaster original A5, 贵族宝贝bbs.iyodong贵族宝贝, every friend to find the key word list, good cheer.

      here we can get on Youku keyword list, I believe we can see that the general "The Voice of China + date", is to search for more, is more concerned about the trend of search this program created, so we can find some date when searching keyword traffic. These words belong to our information acquisition.



: the second key prompt cannot do without the singer (such as love Shanghai, soso)

keyword flow is how hot, you want to do traffic can take a look.

Although the

finally: big traffic – Watch Online

index is not high, but each song has his potential flow market, when I want to listen to the song of the singer’s direct search, is a kind of business opportunities. Every song is a masterpiece, do a keyword list, songs can not be less.

I believe big flow often lies in the online watch, such as "The Voice of China love Shanghai video", "The Voice of China online watch" and so on, as long as the keyword and watching the will draw on the best stage, such as


every singer had a song, such as Xu Haixing’s "own", Ding Ding’s "love to be frank," and so on, can be used, so we just a love Shanghai index shots, "The Voice of China himself"

Shanghai index

believe that people want to see this show is through love Shanghai, then what is the love that Shanghai


also love Shanghai that is also a date, and "The Voice of China + singer", like "The Voice of China Zhang Wei," The Voice of China Zhang Yuxia "" then we can get second pieces of information, it is now the singer, second, good voice singer Chinese has almost to the about 20, each of which is a list of keywords. Look at the love flow

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