Fish may cause six reasons to love Shanghai decline

the webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon forum, promotion forum, "love Shanghai ranking why down" is one of the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, according to the fish has sub opinion, summed up the result for everyone (including the target keywords and long tail) in Shanghai dropped the love factor:


3. update surge. For example, you every day before is to update the article about 10, suddenly you today suddenly update 1000 articles. (a little joke: so you will love Shanghai scared of spiders. He is afraid, maybe tomorrow will not dare to come. Love Shanghai) will think you are a collection of behavior, in order to you under the pain killer.

. This is not to say, if you are new, so your ranking floating and you eat shit as normal. Don’t shout and wrangle. One to three months, do you have to do, then naturally dense willow trees and bright flowers.

1. external links increase or drop. Whether the chain increased or reduced, as long as the larger general love Shanghai will think you are caused by cheating. If you really do not use the method used, it is you. Don’t ask East West asked, understanding of error, it is the primary task you start with a clean slate. If you’re not cheating, then you can not worry, in the next period of time, as long as you can keep the chain stability. As long as you love the chain stable, Shanghai will gradually found that perhaps he wronged you, but after a big update, the restoration of friendly attitude towards you.

5. new

4. content of poor quality. Perhaps you will say, I always do not like how the quality of the content, why the previous ranking is very good. I tell you, it is because of love in Shanghai to give you the opportunity (especially the new station, love Shanghai generally to a new period of opportunity, but you have ranked) over and over again hurt him. He was when, will set you on the doomed eternally.

fish can now think in Shanghai love leads to keywords ranking drop on more than six, but not limited to the above six. The reason ranking floating is too much, the above is just a common cause. For your reference, please correct the deficiencies, and added

The concept of

6. love Shanghai. We all know that love is love Shanghai send the occasional nerve, or a few days every month discomfort. If you confirm the above several factors are not met, then a little calm about it! Maybe later tomorrow and the next day or three days, your ranking will come back.

2. has been implicated in Links. If you are ranked after Shanghai love big update suddenly plunged, the son fish suggest that you must check the Links. See if there is love Shanghai kill their own web site link list. If there is, it causes needless to say. You will soon kill him, to ensure their own for the first time with the love of the ShangHai Railway Station in the same line, as a companion, love Shanghai will not be too hard on you.

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