Talk about new people how to build the chain

2. to keep so few blog

1. does not depend on the BBS signature chain


"content is king, the chain for emperor", a website in addition to the need to support high quality content, but also need high quality of the chain support. With the strengthening of the audit system of Shanghai foreign love chain, when new people in the construction of the chain, to avoid as far as possible to their site to create some spam links, the chain of garbage accumulation to a certain extent, will let love Shanghai reduce confidence, on your web site, if things go on like this, will appear in the worst case, whether you how hard are difficult to re let love Shanghai trust your website. The new construction of the chain, we should hold a purpose: the more the chain to success, love Shanghai for its trust degree and gives higher weight, a high quality of the chain, be worth you to send hundreds of Forum irrigation obtained the signature of the chain. Therefore, if you are still crazy in the major forum for irrigation, or copy other posts with their outside chain release, so it is necessary for you to continue to look down, I believe there will be some help for your

BBS signature of the chain, the chain is one of the traditional form. As a rookie, BBS signature chain is certainly one of the main building on the chain. Because many people go to the forum, the forum is also grow with each passing day spam, so love Shanghai on BBS signature of the chain was right down, the signature of the chain can gain weight is very little. If you often go to the forum, you will find that nowadays many forums have gradually banned signature, like the A5 forum is an example. So, we can not blindly rely on the BBS signature of the chain, the chain can seek other way. Of course, you can also use the signature in the case, if you have time I can insist to do some, but must be away from the water. Moreover, in the construction of the forum outside the chain, I have a little proposal to share with the person here: the high weight of the Shanghai dragon forum or industry forum, insist to write one or two substantive posts every day, can be their own life experience, can also be their own website experience, specific content can be friends to creativity, as long as you post received some attention in the forum, the signature of the chain to improve the weights of the website or have some help, interested friends can try


site outside the chain to the pursuit of a variety of forms, do not blindly just a forum outside the chain, the chain blog is new concern, like Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and news, blog bus, not to say that each platform we are going to set up a blog, blog is a kind, do not care much but, when you have one or two blogs have a certain influence in the industry, can also become a marketing tool. Of course, this is just to say, it is not so easy, blog is we need to "feed", we need to unremittingly to update and maintain the blog content, to a certain time, then we will be perfectly integrated into the Bo Wenzhong site outside the chain, can very good to the net station >

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