A5 marketing Shanghai does not love what love website


website is rather baffling right down, the website weight is not stable, repeated down right? After all is only a word: love is not love will naturally fall right in Shanghai. So don’t love what love Shanghai website? Today we will make a detailed summary, if your site is down right, should be careful!

five: use the two domain of

The more common

three: website internal construction of poor

is a fresh and smooth website search engine users not only love, the same love, in turn: super long, super multi page advertising pictures, or left and right, middle, large floating ads, will seriously affect the user experience. At this point, a lot of traffic sites do.


station is because pan analytic be right down, there are also many stations because of its pervasive use of two domain names is down right. Not to say that the use of the two level domain does not allow you to determine: every domain value, if the construction of 1000 two level domain, at least 80% of these domain names should be valid.

internal construction is a complex process, but one of the more prominent problems mainly include: the error and the spread of the text; dead circulation links, such as the selection of black hole; only into the chain, not a chain, some talent network resume page. The use of TAG tags flooding;

two: the server is not stable

many owners to buy some cheap, and the server at the end: a IP appeared on hundreds of Web sites are normal. These sites, if no problem is OK, but if a lot of garbage station in which your site will howl, so, good site, are independent of IP.

don’t think the server has a web server that includes your domain name DNS server, is also one of the important links. Generally speaking, Western Digital, network, Dnspod Ali cloud (paid version), is the recommended choice.

floodingA lot of

: there are a large number of sites

site title is a kind, but when the content inside, and is a kind of the general use of more illegal websites. There are such as: the video does not match? Such as: Mi months pass: eightieth sets, but the actual information is the first set. The last thing to say is the most prominent advertising fraud, such as: when the user clicks, download what is false

seven: the influence of reading experience

Some The

this point some ordinary enterprises, there is a slightly understand Shanghai Longfeng, would not have this problem, but for now, there are still many mistakes exist in this website. Different content, different channels are the same title, or is the description tag, which is to be processed.

six: the same title and description

four: content and information does not match the

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