Love Shanghai mobile upgrade algorithm to teach you avoid ranking crash risk

will always be behind the unbridled, unbearable, love the Shanghai mobile bucket algorithm upgrade thoroughly to those "opportunistic" webmaster really poured a bucket of ice water. Today we will talk about, search mechanism at present, which can affect the ranking results:

C, a data download, if the mobile terminal has the download link, when users click on the download request can be downloaded directly, such as: no jump to other pages to download, as well as: registration, login before you can download action, but also can not for profit and the "false information download".

in the past we often say is to the mobile terminal adapter, complete with basically no problem too big. The official is not directly involved in the mobile terminal page ranking, the most obvious is the use of Canonical tags, pointing to the PC terminal to extractauthoritative link. However, it is because of this, many websites learned a loophole, in PC station disorder.

said this, we come to some basic aspects of the popularity of mobile terminal construction, after all, the current industry, we believe that more than 80% of the mobile terminal website "basic" do all the problems (A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, and this proportion reached) some basic do not, just as your mobile terminal quietly.

mobile terminal

B, mobile advertising, advertising is prohibited greatly obstructs normal practical information, influence to users, causing interference to the user time, and said to be "induced by advertising", "erotic advertisement", to guide the user to click, do not meet the specifications.

D, TITLE Title: most of the sites are deployed directly by the end of the title of PC deployment, did not consider the length of the display device, if serious long, need to know the title of households shows only half of that, unable to complete the reading, this situation needs to be modified to do benchmarking.

After the website optimization of mobile

these problems, will directly affect the search engine on the web scores plummeted, led to the mobile terminal is down right, even with a certain probability linked to the PC end.

A, the page display width: page structure should be adaptive to the mobile device screen width, banned such as pictures of ultra wide, ultra structure wide and requires the user to browse all the information about rolling.

1, URL adaptation, the most important in the search engine is URL link can be adapted, usually the link structure will be "www" or "

E, the page out of links: mobile devices, try not to use the "standing jump" type of links, such as some advertising jump, some query jump, will affect the search engine rating.

at present, mobile devices for website evaluation criteria, but also a temporary stay in the "user experience", we believe that as the technology matures, these rules will be more perfect and.

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