Shanghai dragon net is really do chicken ribs how to not let the net again at a disadvantage

(2) classification to handle their own work, to write the contents of a valid classification, so that different users can find the first time needed in the enterprise website.

(3) net is not a literary youth, we write the article is not only presented to the user, is also presented to the search engine, so every time to write the article to be carried out.

4 network series is not literary youth, we write out something more in line with the Shanghai dragon.

we should first understand the net work is not a simple copy paste, although the focus of our work in the content, but also the skill of writing we should pay attention to the place, so in the process of writing or some tips should be noted.

1 the status quo, not their own industry deep understanding, with a fixed salary, doing mechanical work, though boring, but no pressure.

2 the lack of occupation planning, because in the loose view, Shanghai dragon net this occupation obviously can not be a lifetime, otherwise it is futile.

I want to have this attitude, mainly because of some network staff for their own is too lax, when outside of our evaluation is not high, some friends will not give up on themselves, go ahead, sometimes 360, adventure.has, net although not too high technical content, but do still can have a good future. But now the Shanghai dragon market, especially in the network environment for the development of the second city is really not too much. Mainly in the following four aspects:

chicken ribs?

is now more than four points in the net work of personnel problems most frequently, is why we always cannot go farther in the industry, so as to know their shortcomings, we must be improved, otherwise people laid a < /p> is you!

said Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, I think a lot of customers will directly think outside the chain of the Commissioner, I don’t know why you foreign chains are so fond of, on the contrary as a network of personnel is not often mentioned by people, because in the eyes of everyone, the net who can do this work, no technical content also, it is this understanding that our position in the company is not high, each time the personnel changes will play to our attention, but the Shanghai phoenix net really so

3 no sub industry responsibility, think network series is to write something, or copy and paste, so that you can actually use the net a lot of sideline business.

(1) pay attention to the organization of the content, so that the whole article as much as possible all blend into one harmonious whole, applied to the real case and data, empty talk is not convincing, but remember, is a very important duty is to net new ideas into a paper called.

A all the ability to first

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