Novice how to do well in the station optimization Share tips

on the web site to the attention of the anchor text site rich, although we are diverse in external links anchor text often comes in, but is also suitable for web site optimization optimization in Shanghai Longfeng station, the establishment of the anchor text we can aim to establish a directory the internal links, and the associated keyword Best sorted out in the article page reasonably added several anchor text, such a process for optimizing the directory page will play a very good role.

second, can carry out the operation is associated with the content of the article page page links, outbound links inside pages of the best we should follow the principle of relevance, related at the same time, we can also pay more attention to your own love Shanghai product page settings, such as love, Shanghai know Wikipedia encyclopedia, love Shanghai experience like some excellent results from experience.

Guizhou Luomeng learned Shanghai dragon optimization today is very hot, it is the enterprise website to get good rankings of the necessary, its main purpose is to use the search engine rules and procedures to improve the site’s ranking, through marketing ideas that can make a web site is more well known, so as to promote the rapid development of the site. A leading position in the industry to make the site in the process of competition, so as to obtain better returns.

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First, we optimize the

third, the need to pay attention to is "don’t constitute Links, this will make people feel a little excessive optimization, but not conducive to the optimization of the performance, but also not conducive to the weight of the export link, so in order to sites of interest, it is best not to constitute Links between web pages.

Guizhou Mazzoni know a lot about the site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng station optimization techniques and tips, but the most important thing is our own needs in the usual practice to learn from experience, but also to learn from some other excellent websites, to optimize their website, continue to accumulate experience and lessons, in order to keep the advantage in the same industry, and strive for the interests of their website.

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