Content of the product is more conducive to the transformation of long tail keywords

I am currently using the method of

today I tell you that not only the user needs to solve the problem even if, but to go further, that is a combination of products, such as the user asked: how to judge the quality of the oil fume purifier? After we do the content, directly to recommend their products below, to guide the user inquiry. To use the soft thinking here, according to a clever, let the user feel you recommend is natural, can give the user a strong advertising taste, if will prevent mechanism of advertising taste is too strong if users start.

now this operation is better than only address the needs of users in.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform throws "super chain algorithm upgrade, since the chain to function offline" in this article, the chain becomes more and more small, the official even bluntly not to waste time and money in the chain. The chain for the emperor of the Shanghai dragon circles once wanted to resounding slogan officially ended, the chain is not so important, what is important? Needless to say is natural, but the content of the website how to do is a particular problem, today I will talk about how I do website content.

problem, now the general site are equipped with love Shanghai bridge or taking business software like, those users most often asked to collect, also on the table.

finally, is chat and customer service staff, because they are every day with clients who know the user pain points, most people who know the customer, the customer asked what we love, put these questions to collect.


The second is the communication tool in the

if you do not do this recommended action, you can solve the problem of users, users directly off "to leave, to know the needs of these users class problem is generally belongs to the long period of keywords. So you have to guide the user to immediately contact, then the problem is you solved it a problem to him again, put forward a new problem. How to do this? Only you can solve, naturally to your products, give customers a natural feeling.

is the largest of the three collection of user demand, in fact, collect the user should be the entire company thing, if you have the ability to promote it. The user needs to be collected after the content, the content of some professional needs to answer this, see you in the company’s operation ability and power, if there is no one with you, then you can integrate content.

I do website content center is on the demand of users, so the question is, what the user needs is collected? Is the first major statistical tools, see the user is searching what words come to our website, if it is done for promotion of the words better, if it is used widely, it needs it the more we put the user search those who represent the needs of users and our website also does not meet the needs of users to find the words. Statistics in a table, convenient after the layout of long tail keywords.

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