Search engine optimization of those things two

Hello, I am the snow leopard, Tomb-sweeping Day has passed, today to the official working hours, an article on "search engine optimization is one of those things" to introduce the first step of search engine optimization, also received a lot of friends agree, today we went on to class continue search engine optimization of those things two.

introduced more than a simple search engine optimization that section second, the contents of the above said although not much, but it is very messy, very critical, need to want friends to finish.

is a title written it is very important Oh, because the title can be said to occupy the most important position in your page, the spider crawling your page is from left to right, from top to bottom, from the web page source code check, your title is at the top of the title, so how is the key Oh, don’t put all the words to write in the title, as the title of a write a long column. In the structure of the page search engine simply could not show the title, so as to shorter, short and pithy, as the saying goes "fullyequipped small sparrow", we also have such a request in writing the title, both short, and can contain many contents of requirements. Try to do is to put your keywords into a word written. Whennot long is the most appropriate, another point to note is the core keywords to write on the left. The keyword in right side row.

explained over the tree structure, we explain the construction of the internal connection, on the site at the beginning of the construction, we should put some links inside your website layout well, use the H tag in the HTML language and some other labels, but we do this magic weapon station must, of course, there are pictures of the the alt attribute, there is the most critical meta label, believe that for any webmaster are not unfamiliar, a website on the line before the first check is his right, title, keywords, description of the three tag set.

an article we talked about the website keyword selection and some errors, there is the selection of space selection program, this article first snow leopard in terms of website construction, what the program will be good, the next step is the construction site, the construction site is very important Oh, first ensure that the structure of the site should be neat this, I believe many of my friends are aware of this, I’m not so much nonsense, more important is the choice of the structure we try to choose a tree structure, because for a small station, the tree structure is the most conducive to the optimization of a structure, also can let visitors at a glance, a spider in your site you, along the tree stem began to climb, encountering the bifurcation of the left to go climb a place climbed back to climb, clear, not getting dizzy, in the tree structure, tree The root node has no predecessor node, the rest of each node has only one predecessor node. The number of leaf nodes without subsequent nodes, each node can rest subsequent nodes is a can also be multiple.

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