Love Shanghai love Shanghai search results page is garbage or user experience

in order to obtain a better user experience? This view seems to be nonsense, such that the search result is actually requires the user to at least one click to get the original love Shanghai search page. If you love Shanghai on this, Baidu has been clicking on the search results page love Shanghai love Shanghai will always provide the search page, will allow the user to enter a cycle of death. Let users stay until the crazy love Shanghai, love Shanghai leave.


through the picture we can see that love Shanghai found recorded a lot of love Shanghai search page. Love Shanghai such a large number of repetitive manufacturing search results

business team inadvertently found love Shanghai love Shanghai had included the search results page, that is to say we search for a keyword in love Shanghai, and get a search results page, then love Shanghai grab this search results page.

that will probably make a lot of people confused, with a simple example: when a user searches for "Shanghai Shanghai dragon" in the words "love Shanghai, Shanghai Shanghai dragon company" love Shanghai very well in the search results page ranking love Shanghai. We click on the go, we may find the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon company ranked" the love of Shanghai keyword search results page ranking is very good. Again, click to go, perhaps we will find another "Shanghai and Shanghai dragon company ranked" words related to keyword search results page ranking is very good. We have been in love with Shanghai under the guidance of non-stop click, but can not get the result we want.


Of course, this is only a hypothesis

allows users to enter the cycle of death phenomenon is only a hypothesis, but if you love Shanghai endless crawl their search results page, this phenomenon will happen. Shanghai love their products to Shanghai dragon is very good, when we search for a keyword, love Shanghai love Shanghai is given a lot of the search results page, we found what we click on search related keyword search results page, the search results page again shows very good ranking search results love Shanghai after we click into the page, and will find that this page is keyword and a search results page of the search results page, and the endless. The user has been unable to jump out of the clutches of love Shanghai, until crazy, out of love in Shanghai.

trying to do?

but we carefully analyze, we will find that this does happen.

we put aside the love Shanghai search engine concept, we will find the love of Shanghai is a Shanghai dragon very good website, of course this is accepted. We just love Shanghai in search of a keyword, we will find that love Shanghai show 10 search results. But each search results are keywords and we deeply is phase >

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