Link in the construction of common problems of TOP10

has nothing to do with the industry Links

a link may seem completely conform to the format (i.e. the keyword in the anchor text and no nofol>

now, this error is a common problem, you should focus on the relevant industry website to find Links when. If you have a dating website, then a financial industry chain is not great significance to you. Just add a chain only, if you are a new word, no other links are optional, to consider.

exchange links are very common, but there are many webmaster, will add a nofollow attribute in your link. The search engine is unable to crawl the content inside, in the invisible, you can do a one-way link for him, so add Links, also check whether the nofollow property in the link.

1, check whether there is a link to the Nofollow property of

5, the

picture link text link effect is good, but if the picture link is the only choice, don’t refuse, because this ~~~

search engine optimization link building is a very important work in the construction of the link to pay a lot of time and money, but sometimes pay may not return, here I am in building links encountered in ten of the most common questions:

If the quality of your

friends of the chain is very high, it is undoubtedly a very happy, but when the anchor text is "click here" without any sense of the word, that this link is almost meaningless, the keyword is vital in the anchor text, even if the high quality links.

2, to get high quality links and useless anchor text

sometimes we rush to get Links, you will ignore some small details, such as the anchor text. Indeed the picture link is attractive, and even can bring more clicks than text links, but to search engine optimization, nothing is more important than the anchor text keywords in

link farms it refers one site into a farm, designed for the collection of Web site and exchange links, and enhance the PageRank (PR) with little or no substantive content useful to the user. Link farms usually all comers, and these are collected by the website is usually irrelevant. Link farms is a form of cheating was banned from the search engines, in the regular Shanghai dragon in don’t make links or intervene in factories, otherwise they will be punished.

are not stronger than what

7, will not exchange links

Although there is no

Web spider crawling

4, don’t refuse the picture link

6, link farms

3, link to some very good

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