Analysis of Shanghai dragon Optimization Website optimization direction and important

Shanghai dragon is a very important job. When you see this sentence, in Shanghai dragon industry, certainly not strange. If there is no informed friends, you do not bother to try to fall in love with Shanghai dragon sea search test, found the results certainly with such a prompt: "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to love Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng advice" (see photo)

, a website internal analysis

Shanghai dragon


Shanghai dragon is a very important job, when you see these words, do you think, love Shanghai attaches importance to Shanghai dragon, it will not affect the ranking of Shanghai, the dragon and the work would be difficult to add it back. I’m sure there is thought, including my own, I also think so, Shanghai dragon ER tired, that we only know in the industry. Layman a recognized the Shanghai dragon industry, good money, and easily, oh, what a cloud. Of course, you can also change the angle to the same kind of problem, through such tips, love whether Shanghai has been approved by Shanghai dragon in this industry, Shanghai dragon ER back work will be more easy, then, only technology competition between Shanghai dragon ER with Shanghai dragon ER. All of this is only my personal guess. The reality is it? Recently many clients have a reaction, say Shanghai is a robber, the bid is too costly.

work is very important, it is one of the most important search engine marketing, love Shanghai is recognized, or have any heart, we all have to do his work. Since the love of Shanghai let us look at the Shanghai dragon guide, then we will look at what, not less, right.


How to grasp the direction of

according to a need for optimization of Shanghai Longfeng website to the website is nothing more than internal analysis of the website program, web design, website structure, content, and several aspects of this WEB. Is the most important. How to make search engines love on the site? The structure and content of the website is very important, the site structure clear logical way between pages back to the chain, this can be beneficial to the search engine spiders crawling, so as to enhance the weight of the website. The WEB server is the main performance, speed, speed, so visitors comfortable, the same search.

when I saw this sentence, I also can’t understand love Shanghai’s intention? Ha ha, is a technical problem, but a humble heart, to search the staff tips? Even if the language can not express, but I also believe that everyone has the same feeling. Only to be sensed, not explained. This is a tip like a bomb in Shanghai dragon world, now exploded, what is your first reaction? And you love Shanghai old man is kind of hint, or in order to promote the optimization of its guide to

website optimization website operation skills? Through their own analysis, lists the following two points:

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