On the website of Shanghai dragon the status quo of hyperlink

site links in general will have navigation links, links, notes Links etc. [i.e., internal links (within the chain) and outbound links (chain)], in fact, the link is still very important for the website of Shanghai dragon, but this piece of content is easy to most people ignore and neglect.

will focus on product classification, honor, etc. application case and add the corresponding links, and ensure the link position is correct, so there are two aspects of the role,

error: we will find daily Links many customers at the bottom of the site links, many large websites, because this can increase my traffic.

then how should we set up a website in these links? I will share with you to use their own methods and skills in daily work:

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1, Links

small by a search engine to search the "gift packaging" open several websites, find links to attention and application in the low degree of the site, in addition to the site’s own (which is convenient for people to view reading) navigation links, the above mentioned links are no corresponding reflected.

4, or flash

two, outbound links

second, enhance website readability and simplicity, reduces the difficulty of reading tour; (i.e., if you want to see when the product without entering from the navigation, click on the corresponding link can be accurately access);

3, product display details page

website added a picture or flash, when adding the link must add the "ALT" label, if there is no ALT label, then the search engine for flash images and they will not recognize the


is to ensure that the website information columns daily activity (generally high degree of active sites, search engines crawl more likely) an important window, in addition, it is a window to showcase the company’s image;

According to , a link station The



first, can guarantee that the search engine on your site grab included more comprehensive (i.e., search engines crawl to run along the internal links);

The contents of the product

link principle is related to site related products, relevant qualifications or other relevant content is recommended to add the corresponding link;

visitors can read the introduction, from the side to prove its intention to buy more, this time he will have a few problems about "there is no application or comment", "the product quality can be guaranteed", "customer contact", then the general will be placed in corresponding application cases, in the bottom left side of the site or honor, contact and add the corresponding link;

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