The 2013 key factors affecting Google ranking


2, many algorithms in the "brand effect" seemed to be Nothing is right.

3, social signals the ranking of the site is great.

"brand effect" can be said to be an out of Shanghai Longfeng, out of the way to promote the search engine algorithm. In the survey, "brand effect" is one of the best. Even if the brand’s Web site to a certain extent, does not comply with the search engine algorithm, still can get good rankings. It seems in Google’s eyes "brand effect" should be in the ranking of search results plays the role of "the winner".

website ranking is always the focus of the webmaster. In order to find out the influence of the relevant indicators website ranking, website search engine of searchmetrics贵族宝贝 were systematically studied in the United States Google ranked 300 thousand website. Results showed that the quality of the content on the website, the quantity and quality of reverse link, website structure planning indicators have a crucial impact on the ranking results. In addition, the "brand effect" and "social repercussions" is also a magic weapon for winning website.

5, the reverse link the ranking of the site is still among the best.

The importance of

The main highlights of 2013: The factors of

1, compared to 2012 this year, the importance of keyword domain name and keyword links decreased significantly.

compared with 2012, ranked in this year’s website factors, link or degree of important keywords correlation was significantly decreased in many domains. At the same time, the reverse link has also been some impact. Pure keyword optimization era seems to have passed, now Google pay more attention to the natural link configuration file. Key link has lost its original influence, and if it is excessive optimization may also bring negative effects.

4, a high quality web content is always very important!

in the 2012 survey, brand occupy the absolute advantageous position in front of the rules. This is the same rule: many algorithms of search engine has "brand effect" in front of the website does not have what influence.



3. social repercussions of the ranking of the site is still very large.

technology is one of the foundations of the page.


2. brand can break a lot of rules algorithm.

1. keywords link correlation and domain correlation decreased.

social repercussions for the website ranking effect has been great. Row >

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