Look at the ranking status of Chengdu network marketing from love Shanghai bidding system

optimization of network marketing, we see the auction on the left side of the only one on the right), for there are eight, full. (see Figure two). Chengdu network marketing search to find relevant results about 3260000. Independent website should be several hundred, there is no specific estimate, most enterprises station (network company, network marketing company, marketing company, training school) but many happy horse like Shanghai, Phoenix blog website.

(Figure two)

(Figure 1)


love Shanghai gradually abandoned the classic version of the bidding system, accelerate the bidding mode of Google. With phoenix nest know, phoenix nest system and Google Adwords are very similar, so it is easy to satisfy more users to use its new bidding system. Look at the "Chengdu love Shanghai network marketing". See love Shanghai official website www2.baidu贵族宝贝. Or see below 09 years notice (Figure 1).

two, the status quo of Chengdu network marketing bidding

2, Shanghai index can be found through love the Chengdu Network >

, a love for the Professional Edition – Shanghai love Shanghai phoenix nest auction system

has been doing Shanghai dragon, but recently revised its own website title, because they are used in WordPress CMS, Chengdu seems to be very difficult to optimize network marketing. But after a period of adjustment, love Shanghai normal update, included also start up, I started to believe, look at my first love troubles of K station in Shanghai after the Shanghai dragon — Reflection on the need to pay attention to the local situation know my site, optimization is the thing, happy today the key to the dark horse is through love Shanghai bidding system to examine the status and optimization of Chengdu network marketing significance. Perhaps like the Shanghai dragon optimization we often discussed the significance.

three, happy horse Chengdu for five network marketing and Optimization about

"Shanghai love nest" is a new love Shanghai search promotion service management platform internal codename. Through this new platform, customers can search for love in Shanghai to promote information more efficient management and optimization, the promotion effect is more scientific evaluation.

1, Chengdu side network marketing is not mature, just do a Chengdu network marketing rankings can not really prove strength of enterprises, need to do a good job of marketing, micro-blog marketing and more effective direct marketing etc.. When customers choose network marketing service outsourcing to a comprehensive investigation, multi angle cooperation, not only do Shanghai dragon. So for enterprises not up to the real marketing, the market is still not your position.



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