Talk about the pros and cons of website optimization using images for navigation from two aspects

, a search engine from the perspective of

code, which in turn corresponds is that

search engine and the webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge, the use of picture as the site navigation directory will influence the optimization effect. But this is only relative, if the use of images can not play the Shanghai dragon or search engine optimization effect, not love pictures, then why the search engine will have a separate image search? And you will think of search engine friendly optimization using pictures, mainly because the bondage of traditional ideas the search engine not only know as text image recognition. This is actually a misunderstanding by the traditional ideological influence, for now the search engine still can not fully identify the picture inside the content, but we are slightly with a ALT label, nature can make the search engine know the contents inside, but also in the picture search engine, if the picture and keyword matching degree is high undoubtedly, can also bring some traffic to the site. If we do not see the navigation query code directly, it is difficult to distinguish the navigation is the use of the picture, as everyone knows, the search engine is just an ordinary visitor in one, and this kind of navigation picture is also unable to let search engine found adverse Shanghai Longfeng processing optimization. So, for navigation optimization, it is not necessarily that using the picture is not good, if handled well, the same picture type navigation can also fully reflected Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect. Let’s look at the following user experience.

The main purpose painted red circle navigation From the angle of

this article is written to tell the webmaster, now do not use the old view of Shanghai Longfeng optimization the vision of the past, after all, the search engine in the high-speed development, if it is to optimize the means of five years ago, ten years ago to give website optimization has clearly let oneself lose at the starting line the. Just like ten years ago, the search engine cannot know the website pictures, can now use ALT tags to probably analysis to the content of the picture. In short, the optimization is not immutable and frozen site, the best Shanghai dragon is changing with the change of search engine, so that you won’t let yourself fall every defeat situation. Today I talk about the optimization of navigation should be how to keep pace with the times.

Here is the


two, from the perspective of the user experience

many owners in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, more for search engine and >

where we can see that the navigation circle is arranged in the form of pictures, the picture is not recognized as everyone knows the search engine, but the forum is to picture navigation, will not affect the ranking? Analyze the reasons for the author to.

in Hefei forum as an example, look at the settings, such as the optimization of navigation map:


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