From the WordPress link management by our future trend of Shanghai Dragon

at two o’clock, let me the most shocking is that WordPress has removed the link management function, it makes me feel like "This is absolutely impossible", but in fact, it does delete

2012.10.23, love Shanghai super chain (please click to watch the cheating algorithms: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73, Penguin) and Google baby noble algorithm update is similar, for the purchase of the link, the black chain, sprocket and so on link cheating to focus on.

, WordPress started to delete the "link" management, and so we have declared that "there is a period of time without removing a part of the function, now I should delete link management", although the WordPress is not love Shanghai, nor aristocratic baby, but it will not reflect the future trend of some Shanghai dragon industry from the side. It is, tell us, Links are now obsolete, no longer used, so you bloggers, you can discard Links

well, before answering this question, I think we need to look at the end of 2012 on the hyperlink, the change of love Shanghai and Google algorithm:


so, a website to get a good ranking, the inevitable need to get outside the chain, a lot of it all, now Shanghai dragon industry, for the super link cheating technology research is the largest, the station group, black chain, sprocket, buy links and so on, compared with the means of Links the method is so innocent, so simple.


WordPress for a major upgrade in 12.12, update to the 3.5 version of "Elvin", in this version of the update, there are two places is the most attract my attention.

in my eyes, WordPress has been the most suitable for content management system, do not one of the Shanghai dragon! Whenever Shanghai dragon ER all know that hyperlink has been one of the core search algorithm, so an analogy, the Internet on all websites as a voter, then the link is votes. If a website to get more links, on behalf of the more votes, will eventually become the search engine of the president "".

2, in the dashboard to delete the link management function.

1, Twenty Twelve provides the default theme, the theme of the biggest feature is compatible with mobile devices better.

2012.4.24, Penguin over Shanghai Longfeng nobility baby cleaning site, especially for the website link exchange, use a lot of black chain and other traditional promotion way "to fight the Shanghai dragon".


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