Five reasons for the decline in ranking websites

Shanghai dragon friends all know the chain, webmasters often only the pursuit of the number of the chain, but ignore the quality, resulting in the decline in ranking websites. In order to save time, many owners find some chain group tools, although it can be a massive increase in the chain in a short period of time, but the chain that belongs to the garbage outside the chain, the search engine is denied. So when the construction of the chain is not only the pursuit of quantity, but to ensure the quality, steady increase in the number of.

1, website URL

we know that dynamic URLs tend not to be optimistic about the search engine, to make a suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimized website, we need to first put the site URL into static or pseudo static structure. But often because many programmers don’t understand Shanghai Longfeng, wrote in the program when they do not pay attention to this point. So whether it is to write their own programs, or to download the program, we must first consider the problem of URL, this must be solved at the start of the website before, or after the change is very convenient.


, the web server is not stable

hacking horse is another most webmasters headache, it is impossible to guard against. A good website ranking has been found, suddenly one day to open the site after pop up a lot.

choose a stable server website is the premise of optimizing Shanghai Longfeng, many owners in order to save money to buy some cheap servers, the optimization for the latter work brought very big trouble. When the search engine spiders crawl your site, if the server is unable to access or speed is very slow, so the spider will automatically leave, if repeated appear this kind of circumstance, perhaps a spider off time to crawl your site, causing the site’s ranking fell fast, according to update etc..

3, the website chain problem

of the search engine, if your site is updated every day, some high quality articles is very good. But the content often become the webmaster of a headache, if every day to write myself, that requires a lot of manpower, and it is difficult to adhere to. In fact, the content is not to write their own high quality, we can transfer some valuable articles. The frequency of updates is to keep the content, can not update today, tomorrow is not updated, we should update regularly, which is beneficial to the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

2, the content of the website problem

5, the site was linked to horse

when we do website optimization, website ranking problems often encountered in the 100 page, suddenly website snapshot has not updated, the website, website snapshot included drop, then these questions, we need to find the cause and correct them, to solve the relevant problems today to share five reasons for website ranking the decline:


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