Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain outside the chain it is also important to explore

finally suggested that we must master the controllability of the chain. First, to failure outside the chain, the chain failure to fill second, refusing to buy or sell the chain can not buy the chain on the spur of the moment, can only say that the short-term, long-term effects may cause you not to accept the.

said the chain to write articles, the article is a lot of content is king, the chain for the emperor to emphasize the importance of the chain, since Scindapsus algorithm revision, it is the chain for the emperor? Recently seen in various forums at most a reply is secretly tell you, the chain is still useful. Does the chain position secretly tell you, in fact it should be content for the emperor, the chain is king. Careful people found, the position switch. Since the algorithm to increase the revision since the original content detection efforts, and the foreign chain has intensified a crackdown on the chain of garbage. Think about it since its revision algorithm, how many friends despise the foreign chain construction, or in a lot of thought forum signature reply message on the line, so often heard friends say I’m a chain with good weight how old do not go on? If you are the way to do a website, you can only say you OUT…

was the first to explain this problem to understand the weight of what. I understand it’s weight in the trust degree of exposure. A popular point of metaphor is the entertainment package rookie same, to continue showing in the major media, constantly active topic in the media, when widely advertised, is to launch a variety of works, good works caused by benefit, basic is red, money is rolling come. Through this parable you should understand why the high quality of the chain. The weight is nothing more than so, if your website on the Internet are not even showing a few times, you want to "red" that is not possible, of course there are grassroots star examples, but you think you may have that chance, A5 period home page headlines for you? Wake up! Of course not!! said the chain is the only growth factor weight, but it is a necessary factor.

when you are outside of the chain had accumulated to a certain extent, is bound to produce the qualitative change, this is no doubt.

we need to understand the release of the chain, the other is the most main is to transfer the weight, this is presumably did not dispute. The more weight the better high quality of the chain transfer. How about that the chain is the high quality of the chain? Simple natural circulation of the chain, the chain has a wide range of social flow, the artificial trace is not obvious. Note that the revised algorithm is against the garbage chain, and not against the chain.

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why pains to release the chain

Please indicate the source: Why is

outside the chain of high quality

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