Net nest hand in hand DST cooperation create BBS CMS seamless combination for the benefit of the we

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      official announcement address:

3, network advertising must first try 1 weeks to do, do not believe the data and its commitment to website, must try again after the formal pay investment, look at the real input-output ratio to do otherwise would not do or you just wait and was forced to resign. To avoid the set page bring technology flow joint false illusion almost all the websites to advertise it, the effect will be so be sure to set the advertising code to evaluate the real and effective flow.

      DST is Discuz; official support, recognition and recommendation of the third party team, founded nearly a year, released a number of influential classic plug-in and style, carried out free style upgrades and other activities. In this nearly a year, for the user free to provide a variety of works, DST subordinate DHT is free of charge, hundreds of thousands of Discuz users to solve the installation, use, installation and demand on the difficult.

      the planning and production of the first station in the near future cooperation style.

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comes up with a few more experiences to share with you:

      the cooperation between the two sides is beginning to actively explore the whole station system BBS combined with CMS, can make a historic site for the software to meet the specific needs of individual contributions.

compares several online promotion methods, the former is effective and economical, and the latter is relatively expensive:

      net nest WebWoo.Net by the original PHP168 team members and part of the official forum moderator, dedicated to the development of various types of CMS two, to meet the needs of more people more detailed. For all kinds of domestic CMS, such as PHP168, PHPCMS and so on, there are more in-depth research, for the CMS user needs also have a very profound understanding.

4, in general, the average effective 0.1 yuan per real flow, the cost of investment is appropriate. SEO promotion can never be stressed too much! SEO is always the best way to promote input output ratio.

three website advertising couplets 100 thousand yuan / day bring traffic to 60000 PV, the cost per click 1.6 yuan according to the publish price of 60 percent off to calculate

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

1, the effect of traffic on the site is low, more than you imagine and their commitment is often ten times lower, must have a clear understanding. The effect of online advertising can not be underestimated too much, we must not have the optimistic attitude.

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      the web nest team has released a number of CMS styles and plug-ins since its inception. For many CMS users free upgrade the system, solve the user in the process of the problems encountered.

you have to believe in the above data and experience, because these are the experience of buying money. It is proud to say that I have practiced hundreds of online promotion methods like me and know the cost input to output ratio of each method

      according to the official DST news, the two sides to determine the intention of cooperation: DST net WebWoo.Net will collaborate, create the whole station system with BBS and CMS perfect, including the optimization of the API interface, supporting the production style, making use of plug-ins.

2, China’s Web2.0 site from the effect to see now, almost no worth putting on, because the traffic base is too small, even if the home page thousands of traffic every day, and then precise high-end does not have any real meaning.

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and website alliance promotion cost is:

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      in September 1, 2007, DST announced a partnership with the WebWoo.Net.

           ; if you go to Sina / NetEase / home page advertising, you can refer to the figures:

CPA website alliance promotion 130 yuan / day, 100002 PV 0.1, 6.5 yuan, a registration, the daily registration volume 200, through 10% namely 20

three major portal homepage text chain advertising, 4000 yuan a day, bring traffic 10000, cost is 0.4 yuan.

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