Talk about how to use the site map hold Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

two, how to optimize the site map set hold live Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

in the source program, it will bring the function of the site map generation, of course some self-developed program may ignore the map making, but also never mind. Method for making the website map there are many methods, first if you can write a code, the independent is very simple. Second online map, if you do not code, can be in the search engine search tool to make online website map, now there are a lot of tools, third by Google online to create a site map, Google currently supports a variety of multi map, at the same time, we don’t have to write your own code, but also made more in line with the search map engine crawling. Therefore, the map making method is simple but also difficult, whether you understand it or not, and will not write code code can independently create maps, lead to Rome.

for each ER, I believe that the site map should not be unfamiliar. Each site has two map, a website is summed up all the data of the map, two submitted to the search engine map. The site map can let users better know all the content of the site, but also very helpful to fully link all the spider crawling website. As we travel, there is a city map can let us know how the car arrived at the destination. But many owners often ignore the importance of the site map, today I to tell you something about how to use the site map to HOLD in Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect.

Shanghai dragon Now a lot of

site map needs updating every second. The site map is generally to generate static pages display, because the site map does not need to update the all-weather 24 hours, and the map is updated too frequently to Shanghai dragon optimization >

, how to make a site map

first map must use text for navigation. The site map is mainly to see the search engine, so don’t get too fancy, after all, users must never know what is the site map. At the same time with other elements, such as pictures, FLASH, JS code for map navigation links, search engine do not know ah, even things don’t know how to crawl crawl? So, the site map should be simple, clean, YISHION word in the form of anchor text for each link.

site map many owners feel that as long as he placed a home page or web site to the bottom point of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in fact, now a lot of people don’t know how to place the map, according to the search engine crawl rules, ROBOTS site documents and site map is started by the search engine crawling in view of this page, you can know the importance of the site map, for such an important element of course need to do the optimization. So how to enhance the effect of optimization map of Shanghai dragon?

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