Webmaster do Shanghai dragon to find their own learning optimization gold deposit

Shanghai Longfeng exchange platform website currently has a lot of, the most famous portal site than in Admin5, chianz, tui18 three, and the Shanghai dragon promotion forum of the most famous is the Shanghai dragon why, Admin5, Chinaz, tui18,28tui and many other sites, there are a lot of new stations such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain slowly out of the tip.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Before talking a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but a lot of the time is that some of their own experience, for some of my own learning methods have never done this, today I want to introduce is about learning some experience of the Shanghai dragon. Learning, one is to find a place of knowledge, the two is to find the methods of learning, the three is to form a mature knowledge system, this study is the best way to learn. To achieve these three points, the first point is to find the optimal learning gold deposit.

we talked about Shanghai Longfeng, each point experienced webmaster will have their own way of learning a set of optimization, when do not understand the problem has its own set of experience to learn to study and solve, but we really find optimal gold mine own? I believe that many people are not or we! There is a gold like this, but there are not many gold, then how should we do? I talk about some views about the optimization of gold


2, optimization of learning gold to choose a good tutorial

! Shanghai dragon!

a lot of people will choose the place to learn some knowledge of AC Shanghai dragon, but really want to find a good place to experience much! I usually go into these sites inside each section to find some articles to see, especially in the forum, a good article is recommended to have his natural color, such as a push. Shanghai dragon why inside the essence of the article is very good, every time you can learn a lot of things! This is my first gold mineral inside the optimization of learning


has a lot of expert now have their own blog, such as Lu Songsong, Wang Tong, Xiao Jun and other expert blogs are good places to study, especially the Lu Songsong blog, you can go to see him, each article is access to hundreds of thousands of comments, this platform, thanks to Lou loose blog there is a high quality a large number of articles, we can learn a lot of things to do in Guangzhou, Shanghai dragon Xiao Jun is also very good, his article is Shanghai dragon more knowledge, you can go to learn about. This is my second gold mineral resources to optimize the learning


1, optimize the learning website platform gold to choose good

Shanghai Longfeng optimization learning difficulties, especially for newcomers, or encountered a bottleneck, this time must have their own Shanghai dragon tutor. My teacher is my brother Shanghai dragon, he is the third largest mineral mine! Not to say my brother Shanghai dragon how Li >

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