The development trend of membership website profit modelZheng Duoyan invested in fitness O2O in Chin


, also the founder of thin web, has studied the case of "Niu Er". Beautician Niu Er has a large number of fans through television programs, after he published the book, creating a personal brand, "her rook annual cattle" sales also have billions of dollars.

now, the angle conversion to thin this side: this cooperation will be an occasion to how much

however, the initial stage of the enterprises, products or services are relatively single, because relative to a single product or service to make a profit and to maintain the normal operation and development to a certain size, there will be a bottleneck, it is no longer a member of increased stagnation in this one level, so he must find in order to development. The way to break the bottleneck. Personally, the main reason for the stagnation at this stage will be the relative simplicity of the service items or the lack of product categories, and the solution will be in the form of cooperation.

Zheng Duoyan slimnastics imperceptibly fire up, last year there were rumors, she will invest in the gym Chinese, recently released a more specific information: not only is the next line of investment, but to borrow the most popular O2O:

it in collaboration with Zheng Duoyan, in addition to the Online and the Offline thin network developed for Zheng Duoyan App, fitness club, Zetness operation also includes a variety of commercial promotion in mainland Chinese Zheng Duoyan, with social media account. At the same time, Zheng Duoyan has become a thin network of shareholders, but also thin net has just won the Beijing music as a creative venture pre-A round of investment, 8 million yuan music as the mother of the fund for the music as the nebula.

we can see that with the rapid development of people’s education and the improvement of living standards and the Internet including the 3G technology to the development of 4G technology, people’s medical education, etc. can achieve the remote service, along with the national policy of Internet supervision, management and operation of more standardized and institutionalized some people, the pursuit of quality service will be more prominent, which requires enterprises to provide such services for people to meet the needs of a group of people, to provide more quality services or products, the cost is also higher, bound to membership fees or other charges embodied in the form of.

Lian Dao believes that Zheng Duoyan and Niu Er different, she is more like a "product based spiritual symbol", has had two children, weight 80 kg, weight loss to 49 kilograms of inspirational experience. Cheap knife plans to Zheng Duoyan brand to "Pilates" direction to develop: Pilates is by Joseph, ·, Pilates founded a movement, the product is directly named by the founder of the name. Before you jump in the home video and multi Zheng Yan use no formal authorization, the new App, in addition to publishing new exercises and teaching action points function, and everything is still free.

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for many girls, the so-called fitness is to jump at home, Zheng Duoyan".

why is that? This is a premise, which is the future development of the Internet enterprise operation mode more prominent impact on the Internet, personal webmaster in more and more small, content based website, personal webmaster more and more difficult for one-on-one personalized service, or can not meet the personalized service the growing needs of users, so enterprise operation site advantages will be more prominent, in order to better serve customers, to provide more diversified services or products for users, there will be a few provide different service website alliance, to provide services to users.

starter: a preliminary study of website profit model

lead: the so-called business is to seize the opportunity, dare to do, also want to find low-cost network founder thin knife celebrities to the occasion, did not think that one step of the unexpected result, the fitness of Queen Zheng Duoyan in Chinese partners.

coalition formation with a product line of several companies, the interface integration, a user can use several services, the formation of alliances and the formation of a monopoly on the development trend of an industry, in order to maximize profits, they also have enough traffic to maximize advertising etc. profit.

is a weight loss website founded in 2010: thin web.

creation >


Offline, in addition to the investment of Zetness brand fitness club, Zheng Duoyan aerobics will also authorize to domestic large and small gym, they become the official aerobics teaching.

Zheng Duoyan attends also thin net annual meeting, right is also thin network founder cheap sword

membership website in the future development of the Internet, will be more popular, and will form a number of advantages of joint development trend of the site!

Online, the development of licensed App, in the above exclusive release new aerobics, the introduction of online education open class mode, let Zheng Duoyan become "Zheng", App also can make an appointment online gym aerobics;

stumbled to this day, also thin net is also a story site.


above personal view, welcome to raise different opinions, discuss the website profit pattern together.

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