The four step analytical webmaster how to quickly improve website weight

, increase website traffic

weight weight the weight of the website!! why so low? What are the factors that affect the weight of the website? For these problems at the forum to see every day, many webmaster in forum posts about the most is how to quickly improve website weight. Why do you value the weight and height of the stationmaster? Because the weight is a recognized way to love Shanghai for the site, even if weight high website is to optimize the long tail keywords can quickly get a good effect. So in the circle, the attention of the PR era has passed, it is now pay more attention to the level of weight. So how to quickly improve your weight? Today I share several effective methods can rapidly improve the site weight.

we can see in the diagram above, through numerical flow of Shanghai and Shanghai love love weight, weight will flow naturally high, weight will be low and no flow. And this is precisely that chain relationship between the flow and the weight of the site. I have not seen any website without traffic will also have high weight. So webmaster want to quickly improve the site’s weight, we must first improve the website traffic, is to improve the keywords ranking method to improve website traffic is the most direct, only good keywords ranking, the weight will naturally follow up. You may think it’s not so, if there is a time may be a coincidence, but by the figure, we can see, the flow is small, the weight is 1, and the flow value, the weight is 3, so this does not explain the relationship with the weight of traffic? So webmaster by increasing website traffic can be improve the site weight.



two, do well in the station optimization

space is stable and whether it affects the normal operation of the website for many.

which is the weight of influence factors? The answer is the user experience, and user experience on the site inside. So to improve the site weight that is to improve the user experience, you need to from the station. In the website optimization process, from once outside the station to focus on optimizing the present station and Shanghai foreign minister with love by Wikipedia examples, we can see the station optimization to achieve the ultimate stability for improving the ranking, increase the weight, improve the user experience has very big effect. That is not to say whether good station optimization is also affecting the factor of the high and low weight? And that from now more and more attention to the webmaster can see the station optimization. Through the station some basic optimization, such as navigation optimization, structure optimization, image optimization, layout optimization, chain optimization and so on, do a good job of setting up the basic optimization, nature is to improve your weight even without much effect will not have a bad effect.

three, security space

for this is perhaps many webmaster do not understand. Then we can demonstrate, through the picture as shown in figure

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