Following the events of 5 20 Shanghai love strange phenomenon of the exploding number included

last month love Shanghai 5.20 big update, resulting in many keywords website ranking sharply, believe that reading this article, most of my friends have a deep impression, then love Shanghai official in the club owners to clarify the reason why our system in the process of updating data out of the situation, "it seems an understatement, but the love of Shanghai 5.20 site events spread range is very wide, is not a small storm on the internet. Love Shanghai as a national Internet industry, can give full play to local advantages over the global search engine giant Google, this is worthy of our pride, also hope to mature and perfect, really strong. But very unfortunately after a lapse of one month, love Shanghai and the problem, the author in the examination yesterday morning when Links, found that the number of sites included many more, several web sites without any cause or reason included increased volume of tens of thousands, in wonder and feel wrong, because I am a query with Chinaz webmaster tools. The first suspect is the webmaster tools to obtain data error, then change to love station network query, the same result. Seems to love Shanghai, then I site several included the number explosion domain, siteA domain name, but it is not included in the page A domain name, has appeared in a number of other domain name of the page, as shown below:

this is not the wrong person? I can’t believe the immediate results, delete IE cache, the new query is still the same result. It is a web site and later to bind multiple domain names? Immediately ruled out such inferences, because so many sites are also bound a few domain names, and I Links mostly grassroots webmaster, not to the point of such luxury? Do these sites are suspected of cheating, and immediately ruled out this inference, because one of my sites also appeared in such a situation, I have been to continue the operation too observant of conventional standards., query these sites and keywords ranking snapshot is the same as before, no phenomenon and sign right down, just your own domain name. Rather baffling some more "from Mars".

to Shanghai dragon why forum took a look, there are a lot of friends talk about this topic, some say is love Shanghai show, some say is to stimulate the webmaster nerve, some say love Shanghai draft data error, some say is the K station precursor, unclear anecdotal. Before writing this article I once again for several sites, the situation is the same as yesterday. What is the love of Shanghai data error or other reasons? I believe there will be results quickly. We should keep the common heart, will relax the nerve as usual to eat when the meal, the sleep time and sleep, when the update content updates, follow the prescribed order completion of the work day their noses is good. In this paper, by the love of September women’s taobao贵族宝贝 new (贵族宝贝zhxxc贵族宝贝) original release, reproduced please retain the copyright information.


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