How to optimize the face of malicious behaviors of competitors

as the management of these website owners for this villain behavior must hate it, how do we deal with this matter? How do we avoid let this happen? It happens, and you should find a way to resolve what? Specific attack measures specific to the analysis.

two: the chain is malicious mass problem. This phenomenon is also a headache for people, because it’s not decided on you, maybe your site is not affected, maybe your site will be right down, you can only do two things, some complaints in the Webmaster Tools Platform love Shanghai themselves. Allow yourself the chain is not recognized, the other is to contact the relevant website and then explained to love Shanghai to remove these chain. This approach is quite troublesome, practical operation is not strong.

phenomenon: the site was attacked, there are a lot of Trojans, have some bad content of the page, there are some bad ads. The content of the website is normal check every webmaster must do, once this phenomenon should be the website content in the local backup, and then carefully find undesirable content, bad Web site, you can use the method of software combined with manual to find, only to find out all of the content. If you can’t, you can look at the website of the search results page, which can be seen from this should be related to the alarm information. Find out all the problems should be very fast, such problems should be attributed to three aspects, one reason is the server space management is not strict, a website is the program itself, a problem is one of the reasons, is not the company’s internal staff problems, this is a malicious retaliation or an unintentional leak. In love inside the Shanghai bad page content, must use the love of Shanghai’s own webmaster tool delete processing, this method is more efficient.

has a lot of website structure perfect, ranking the ideal, the situation is very good, because this site is a competitive industry, many peers, competitors are also a lot of chance is a ten page, in this case, there are many competitors will use malicious methods good site to attack, their goal is very simple, easy to be punished by some optimization means that these site is down right, let these good new sites have been punished and lose ranking.

four: domain name. Some people will focus on this domain.

three: attack phenomenon. This attack is reflected in the huge access attack, space business solutions is good, it’s a large well-known business space, the space business has a perfect firewall, for such attacks can be effectively defended, won’t let your website hang things, you should also set the bandwidth a little, and fundamentally improve their cost of crime, he asked for dull and give up, this is a good idea.

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