Google K station in the first half of the website is how to recover

then I carefully studied the Google webmaster guidelines, and did not find my site where there is a clear violation of the guidelines, Lenovo to use the same template of many sites are K, I think will not be because the template is called the problem, because Shanghai has clearly pointed out by love not love iframe call Google, although did not say, but not to the exclusion of love and do not love Shanghai. My website template is used in the iframe call, so I wondered how to change the JS call, because of this code is not how familiar, so spent a tremendous effort in helping others is finally put into a iframe call JS call, try holding the mentality to Google again submit your web site, in the course of the audit asked Google to reason your site column, I wrote the iframe call into the JS call the fact, but the attitude is very sincere. read more

How to optimize the face of malicious behaviors of competitors

as the management of these website owners for this villain behavior must hate it, how do we deal with this matter? How do we avoid let this happen? It happens, and you should find a way to resolve what? Specific attack measures specific to the analysis.

two: the chain is malicious mass problem. This phenomenon is also a headache for people, because it’s not decided on you, maybe your site is not affected, maybe your site will be right down, you can only do two things, some complaints in the Webmaster Tools Platform love Shanghai themselves. Allow yourself the chain is not recognized, the other is to contact the relevant website and then explained to love Shanghai to remove these chain. This approach is quite troublesome, practical operation is not strong. read more

The chain blog now really do

can also is a snapshot of the day, but obviously included less than Sina, but also for the recent new space, love Shanghai are ignored, people do not know is not the case, the author of a space for more than a month before the construction, until now the article also confiscate the book, but the old account is not the same, he collected or normal, the contents of the article is whether original or false original, almost everywhere are included.

This included ?

according to the results of the query, visible not included is not alone, but a common phenomenon, believe that a lot of blog outside the chain of friends have experience, these high weight blog like this, not to mention the popularity is not high, a small blog. read more

Following the events of 5 20 Shanghai love strange phenomenon of the exploding number included

last month love Shanghai 5.20 big update, resulting in many keywords website ranking sharply, believe that reading this article, most of my friends have a deep impression, then love Shanghai official in the club owners to clarify the reason why our system in the process of updating data out of the situation, "it seems an understatement, but the love of Shanghai 5.20 site events spread range is very wide, is not a small storm on the internet. Love Shanghai as a national Internet industry, can give full play to local advantages over the global search engine giant Google, this is worthy of our pride, also hope to mature and perfect, really strong. But very unfortunately after a lapse of one month, love Shanghai and the problem, the author in the examination yesterday morning when Links, found that the number of sites included many more, several web sites without any cause or reason included increased volume of tens of thousands, in wonder and feel wrong, because I am a query with Chinaz webmaster tools. The first suspect is the webmaster tools to obtain data error, then change to love station network query, the same result. Seems to love Shanghai, then I site several included the number explosion domain, siteA domain name, but it is not included in the page A domain name, has appeared in a number of other domain name of the page, as shown below: read more

Link and high quality links to rival

judging from the title I have to emphasize today is flooding and high quality links of the two different links is how to bring different effects, both of who you want, we all know that the site is a must in Shanghai dragon optimization process, then a part of Shanghai Longfeng site a link optimization is very important, he played the role of not only to climb from the search engine spiders, is more of a good user experience, from the perspective of the test site in order to reduce the death of him or the existence of a chain, this will allow the user to feel a sense of complex websites and out of order to show users no, good user experience, to search engine, this is not essential website. read more

The four step analytical webmaster how to quickly improve website weight

, increase website traffic

weight weight the weight of the website!! why so low? What are the factors that affect the weight of the website? For these problems at the forum to see every day, many webmaster in forum posts about the most is how to quickly improve website weight. Why do you value the weight and height of the stationmaster? Because the weight is a recognized way to love Shanghai for the site, even if weight high website is to optimize the long tail keywords can quickly get a good effect. So in the circle, the attention of the PR era has passed, it is now pay more attention to the level of weight. So how to quickly improve your weight? Today I share several effective methods can rapidly improve the site weight. read more

The development trend of membership website profit modelZheng Duoyan invested in fitness O2O in Chin


, also the founder of thin web, has studied the case of "Niu Er". Beautician Niu Er has a large number of fans through television programs, after he published the book, creating a personal brand, "her rook annual cattle" sales also have billions of dollars.

now, the angle conversion to thin this side: this cooperation will be an occasion to how much

however, the initial stage of the enterprises, products or services are relatively single, because relative to a single product or service to make a profit and to maintain the normal operation and development to a certain size, there will be a bottleneck, it is no longer a member of increased stagnation in this one level, so he must find in order to development. The way to break the bottleneck. Personally, the main reason for the stagnation at this stage will be the relative simplicity of the service items or the lack of product categories, and the solution will be in the form of cooperation. read more

nformation search keywords

classification "laptop computer", "super", "netbook, laptop bag, laptop battery"; on the right, we can see

generally, search this kind of word, the search for their products or services have a certain understanding, but also did not achieve their objectives and requirements, they search this kind of word is in order to get more detailed information. For example, if the "computer" is the navigation type search keywords, the "Tsinghua Tongfang", "HP" belongs to the type of information search keywords. A search for "Tsinghua Tongfang", "HP" is definitely the person of computer have a certain understanding, but want to know more about computer brand, performance, price and other more detailed information. read more

Black October is necessary to submit website directory


since October 23, 2012, Shanghai issued the fight against cheating love chain, directory sites has been in decline, the website weight is worse than before, many owners are hesitant to also don’t classification directory submission site, because this kind of website weight high, a popular search engine’s favor, therefore, although we are now know the directory sites has been greatly inferior to the past, but still did not immediately withdraw from, there are still many webmaster has been diligently submitted to classified catalogue web site, hoping to have a qualitative change Many a little make a mickle.. The Tuiyou network (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝/) with you talk about whether there need to submit sites directory read more

Webmaster do Shanghai dragon to find their own learning optimization gold deposit

Shanghai Longfeng exchange platform website currently has a lot of, the most famous portal site than in Admin5, chianz, tui18 three, and the Shanghai dragon promotion forum of the most famous is the Shanghai dragon why, Admin5, Chinaz, tui18,28tui and many other sites, there are a lot of new stations such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain slowly out of the tip.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Before talking a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but a lot of the time is that some of their own experience, for some of my own learning methods have never done this, today I want to introduce is about learning some experience of the Shanghai dragon. Learning, one is to find a place of knowledge, the two is to find the methods of learning, the three is to form a mature knowledge system, this study is the best way to learn. To achieve these three points, the first point is to find the optimal learning gold deposit. read more