‘No war on Syria or at home’

first_imgAt table, from left: Clarence Thomas, Sara Flounders, Judy Greenspan and Teresa Gutierrez. WW photo: Al WynnOakland, Calif. — Activists from Occupy Oakland, longshore and postal workers, and anti-police brutality, immigrant rights and antiwar movements gathered here for a Workers World Party forum on July 8. They discussed U.S. threats against Syria, the organizing behind New York City’s May 1st march by immigrants, Occupy Wall Street and unions, and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s deep connection with African-American and other communities and its relationship with Occupy.Sara Flounders, WWP Secretariat member and International Action Center codirector, exposed how the U.S. has backed opposition Syrians and outright mercenaries carrying out violence against the Syrian people and government. She also discussed the imperialist media’s warmongering, based on hypocritical “responsibility to protect” excuses, and Washington’s long-term strategy of launching endless, unwinnable wars solely to profit from destruction and to disrupt resistance to its global hegemony.Flounders quoted the so-called Syrian opposition’s own stated plans to “open Syria to the West,” end Syria’s close relationships with Iran and the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples, and align Syria with the region’s reactionary regimes.Teresa Gutierrez, WWP Secretariat member and co-coordinator of the New York City’s May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights, spoke of the “four-by-four” effort that forged an alliance among the May 1st Coalition, unions, Occupy Wall Street and immigrants in one of the country’s most multinational cities. She described how during this effort, the groups debated whether or not calling for a general strike was appropriate, why a permit was needed for a march that included undocumented workers, and police repression against Occupy activists. Thanks to these efforts 50,000 people marched on May Day in New York.Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10 Coastwide Caucus and Convention Delegate and Million Worker March Movement co-chair, spoke to the history of the ILWU’s port shutdowns — against the Iraq war, in solidarity with Palestine, against the police murder of Oscar Grant and in solidarity with Occupy.Thomas said reclaiming May Day was a victory, a “winning back of consciousness” by workers in the U.S., begun by immigrants in 2006 but now accepted by many union activists and by Occupy. Thomas emphasized how “shutting down Wall Street on the waterfront,” as expressed in West Coast Occupy literature, was a powerful step up from general mass marches in the streets.The discussion included racist police killings — “the war at home” — and the upcoming “March on Wall Street South” in Charlotte, N.C. Flounders observed that perhaps Occupy’s greatest gift has been to reintroduce a class perspective with their exposure of the 1%.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

A very hot summer

first_imgProtest in Texas.It gets very hot in June in McKinney, Texas, 30 miles north of Dallas. So when 19-year-old high school senior Tatyana Rhodes invited her classmates to a “school’s out” pool party on June 5 at her subdivision’s facility, the Craig Ranch North Community Pool, dozens of students, Black, Latino/a and white, showed up.But instead of everyone having a nice time taking a cool dip in the pool, the party’s host was physically attacked by a group of white adult residents shouting racist slurs. The Black youth were told to leave the pool and “return to Section 8 housing.” (nytimes.com, June 10) The racists then called the police.A dozen white McKinney cops responded to a “disturbance” of multiple juveniles “who do not live in the area or have permission to be there.” One of the cops was Eric Casebolt. A white teenager named Brandon Brooks video recorded what happened next.Shoving and cursing at only the Black teenagers and ignoring the white ones, Casebolt brandished his gun at them after he wrestled an already sitting and crying 15-year-old girl, Dajeeira Becton, onto her stomach, shoving her face into the ground and kneeling on her back. The young woman was clad only in a bathing suit when she was manhandled by Casebolt.When Adrian Martin, 18, tried to comfort Becton, he was arrested by Casebolt. Charges were later dropped.When Brooks released his video of this racist atrocity on YouTube, hundreds marched in protest on June 8 through downtown McKinney. This righteous outrage, along with the strong Black Lives Matter movement across the United States, has forced the resignation of Casebolt as well as the job suspension of one of Rhodes’ racist attackers. Community members and leaders are calling for Casebolt’s arrest and prosecution for assault.Swimming pool racism not newAchieving the right of African-American youth to swim in pools and at beaches has long been a flashpoint of the struggle against racism. On July 27, 1919, a 17-year-old African-American boy named Eugene Williams was swimming with friends in Lake Michigan near Chicago. When Williams crossed the “boundary” into the “white beach” area, a group of white men threw rocks at him. One of them struck Williams in the head, causing him to drown. The cops refused to arrest any of the whites involved in this assault and murder.Violence broke out. White mobs attacked the Black community, setting fires that left 1,000 families homeless. Thirty-eight people were killed, with more than 500 injured.In Pittsburg in 1931, young Black men tried to enter a city pool. They were held underwater and beaten by white swimmers while the cops watched. When more than 100 Black people held a “wade in” in 1960 in Mississippi, a white mob attacked them with pool sticks, lead pipes and chains.There have been many other such attacks against African Americans at beaches and pools over the years.These racist attacks on the right of Black children just to be able to go swimming have a devastating impact. A recent study by “USA Swimming” indicates that 58 percent of African-American children cannot swim, almost double the rate of white children. Black children drown at nearly three times the overall rate.There has been a stony silence of the capitalist political establishment, one that includes all the presidential candidates, about the racist McKinney pool attack. Nor have any of them spoken out against the numerous deaths of unarmed young Black men by racist police from Ferguson, Mo., to Los Angeles, from Cleveland to Staten Island, N.Y., and all across the country.Hillary Clinton made a major policy speech in New York City on June 13. Yet Clinton said not one word about the well-publicized attack on Black children in McKinney. Nor did she voice any support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Capitalist politicians will not roll back this tide of racist killings and police attacks.The historic Black Lives Matter movement, along with organized support by all workers and other oppressed peoples, is the force that will get killer cops jailed and achieve justice as the struggle against racism and national oppression continues to grow across the U.S.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

CNO Adm. Jonathan Greenert Visits USS Wasp

first_img View post tag: Naval CNO Adm. Jonathan Greenert Visits USS Wasp View post tag: Adm. Back to overview,Home naval-today CNO Adm. Jonathan Greenert Visits USS Wasp Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jonathan Greenert visited USS Wasp (LHD 1) to witness, first hand, the on-going Bold Alligator 2012 (BA12) amphibious exercise and to speak with Sailors and Marines, Feb. 4.BA12 is the largest joint and multinational amphibious assault exercise the East Coast has seen in the last 10 years. The exercise is being held to revitalize the partnership of the Navy and Marine Corps while observing amphibious capabilities in the fleet and their contribution to naval operations.“For you, war fighting is first and I want you to be ready,” Greenert said to an audience of Sailors and Marines in Wasp’s hanger bay during an all hands call. “My job is to provide you with the tools to enable you to do that.”BA12 is the culmination of years of individual unit training from various fleet assets brought together to accomplish various littoral missions and assess overall readiness. Assets involved include two submarines, 25 ships, 120 aircraft and 20,000 Sailors and Marines covering the full spectrum of subsurface, surface, ground and air capabilities.While onboard BA12’s command and control flagship, the CNO was briefed by senior leadership about the strategies, tactics and learning opportunities that have and continue to develop from the 14-day exercise, which includes forces from eight other nations.The areas being tested and evaluated by BA12 are the proficiency and efficiency of the amphibious fleet on forward presence, deterrence, sea control, power projection, maritime security, and humanitarian assistance and disaster response. Greenert said due to the ever-changing battle environments and mission requirements of our nation’s military, amphibious forces are receiving more attention and resources to meet those challenges.“We’re putting in place a support ship called a mobile landing platform,” Greenert said, which would augment the aging Marine transport grey-hulls currently in service. “We are supporting the next LHA (America-class), so we’re all in for these big decks… We’re all in for amphibious operations.”Greenert said amphibious operations are a high priority of the Navy-Marine Corps team and continue to gain importance.Greenert ate lunch with Sailors and Marines in the Stinger’s Nest and then toured Wasp speaking with crewmembers from the bridge to engineering spaces to the galley.Following his tour CNO met a sea of green and blue in the hangar bay to address the entire crew and give them a current snapshot of where the fleet is at from his perspective. CNO discussed the Navy’s Sailing Directions and highlighted the importance of the strategic maritime crossroads before opening the meeting up to questions from the crew about any topics of interest or concerns.After spending nearly an hour addressing the sea of green and blue’s questions ranging from perform-to-serve to the future of amphibious operations, Greenert thanked all the Sailors and Marines for their participation in BA12 and their service and commitment to the Navy and the nation.“I want to thank you all very much for what you’re doing,” Greenert said.[mappress]Naval Today Staff , February 08, 2012; Image: navy Training & Education February 8, 2012 View post tag: Navy View post tag: Jonathancenter_img View post tag: visits View post tag: CNO View post tag: Greenert View post tag: USS Share this article View post tag: Wasp View post tag: News by topiclast_img read more

Mbeki receives Athens honour

first_img1 March 2005President Thabo Mbeki has received Athens’ highest honour for his contribution to the struggle against apartheid.Athens Mayor Dora Bakoyannis presented Mbeki with the City of Athens Medal of Honour on Friday, saying that Greece and South Africa shared a brotherhood in cause of freedom.President Mbeki was in Greece for a three-day state visit to the Hellenic Republic.“There is a second reason this ceremony takes on for us an importance deeper than usual”, said Bakoyannis. “It concerns the strong symbolism embodied in your own person. You symbolise, Mr President, the long and tortuous struggle against apartheid.”The mayor said she hoped the strong ties between the two countries, forged in times of misfortune, war and inequality, “culminate this century in the final success of the process of peace, fraternity and prosperity”.Mbeki said the honour bestowed upon him posed a challenge, as he now had to live up to that honour.“The things that you said constitute somewhat of challenge because this means we then have to make sure that in future we do not dishonour this medal of merit”, Mbeki said.He committed to do “everything I can to make sure that this vision you projected of a world of peace, of fraternity, of prosperity” became a reality.Mbeki invited Mayor Bakoyannis to assist in building a new South Africa, as the country responded to the challenge of fast-growing and expanding towns and cities.He also congratulated the Mayor on a “great achievement” for being the first woman mayor of Athens.He added that South Africa had much to learn from Greece’s successful hosting of the Olympic Games last year.“[W]e should draw on that experience … particularly in the context of what we shall have to do in a few years’ time to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup”, Mbeki said.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Champs Trophy: mission accomplished

first_img6 October 2009The curtain came down on another major international sporting event in South Africa on Monday, as Australia ended the run of giant-killers New Zealand to claim the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy.The competition went off without a glitch, and will serve as a useful yardstick for the International Cricket Council to measure the 50-overs-a-side game against Twenty20 cricket.Earlier in the year, South Africa hosted the Indian Premier League (IPL) and now, on the same grounds, the ICC can compare how much of a crowd-puller the longer form of the game is against the shorter game.South African crowd support for the Champions Trophy was decent, but markedly smaller than for the IPL which, with its mix of cricket and show business, took the country by storm and drew near full houses throughout its 59-match duration.Having said that, the elimination of the Proteas from the Champions Trophy after the pool stages undoubtedly took some gloss off the event for local cricket supporters.The pitchesSomething else that some liked, while others did not, was that the Wanderers pitch in particular – SuperSport Park in Centurion outside Pretoria was the other venue – offered a more balanced challenge between bat and ball than has been seen in limited overs cricket in recent times.The trend has been to favour batsmen over bowlers; in fact, the six highest totals in 50 overs history have been scored since 12 March 2006, when South Africa famously chased down Australia’s 434 to total 438 for 9 – at the Wanderers.One wonders whether the ICC welcomed the fairer pitches. After all, they have been looking at ways to increase the appeal of the 50-overs-a-side game, contrasted as it is against the fireworks of Twenty20 cricket.The Champions Trophy went down well, but it admittedly made a much smaller splash than the IPL; now, the ICC might want to take note of South Africa’s upcoming domestic limited competition, which will introduce a number of innovations, all aimed at jazzing up the “longer” shorter version of the game.It’s not that the Champions Trophy wasn’t successful. It was. It’s just that, contrasted against the IPL, one-day international cricket may have to fight for its survival.Comfortable win for AustraliaFollowing Monday’s final in Centurion, a familiar name will be carved on the ICC Champions Trophy.With New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori, the player of the match in their semi-final win over Pakistan, out of the match with a hamstring strain, the Black Caps went into the contest missing their most important player, and it showed in a comfortable win for Australia, achieved with 28 balls to spare.Stand-in skipper Brendon McCullum opted to bat after winning the toss, but it backfired on him personally as he went for a duck after a 14-ball stay at the top of the order.PartnershipsNew Zealand’s second-wicket partnership of 61 between Aaron Redmond and Martin Guptill proved to be the Kiwis’ best stand of the innings. Guptill’s 40 was their highest score, as only Neil Broom (37) and James Franklin (33) also passed 30.Aussie off-spinner Nathan Hauritz proved the most successful bowler, snaring 3 for 37 from his 10 overs, as New Zealand struggled to 200 for 9 in their 50 overs.An in-form and battle-hardened Australia, who came into the Champions Trophy on the back of a six-one series thrashing of England, and had a number of batsmen in good form, weren’t going to be challenged by that total, although the New Zealanders made it difficult for them in the early overs.CenturyOpener Shane Watson struck his second century in the competition, an undefeated 105, to guide his side to victory and win player of the match honours, as they reached 206 for 4 after 45.2 overs.Kyle Mills did his best to stop the Australia run chase, knocking over an impressive 3 for 27 from his 10 overs. Good bowling from Mills and Shane Bond put the Aussies under early pressure, but they needed more support from the rest of the bowling attack and didn’t get it.Australian captain Ricky Ponting failed on the night, falling to Mills for one, but he was named Player of the Series after scoring the most runs in the competition, 288, and leading his team with distinction.Cameron White combined with Watson to put on 128 for the third wicket, contributing 62 from his bat before departing with only 50 runs needed for victory.Despite the loss, the Champions Trophy served as a nice boost to New Zealand cricket. The lightly-regarded Black Caps had surprised a number of teams on the way to the final to show that they have the ability to compete with the best.After opening their challenge with a five-wicket loss to South Africa, they comfortably beat Sri Lanka and England to qualify for the semi-finals. There they beat an in-form Pakistan in the final four.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

3 Companies That Tackle Complexity in the Cloud

first_imgThe deep complexities of managing a cloud infrastructure for the enterprise are only just beginning to emerge. Today we are at Gluecon, talking with three companies about managing that complexity in the cloud. Let’s take a quick look at these three companies and the services they provide.MakaraMakara is a startup that provides a service for making applications cloud ready. In the traditional enterprise, there is a full view of an application and how it is behaving. The server is there to check and fix. In the cloud you do not have that visibility. If a node dies, there is no view into what happened. The provider may be able to provide some information. But pretty much if the application is not built correctly then there can be some serious issues in play. Makara builds data infrastructures for applications. It outfits application capsules with a data infrastructure so the developer can keep tabs on the application after it is deployed to the cloud. Tags:#cloud#cloud computing#events SOASTASOASTA is in the business of cloud testing. It tests the performance of Web applications. SOASTA built its test platform on top of a real time engine that can look at an application and its performance in the dynamic world of the cloud.Here’s a bit about SOASTA’s cloud analytics. From the Amazon Web Services blog:“The new product, CloudTest Analytics, builds on SOASTA’s existing CloudTest product. It consists of data extraction layer that is able to extract real time performance metrics from a number of existing APM (Application Performance Management) tools from vendors such as IBM, CA, RightScale, Dynatrace, New Relic, Nimsoft. The data is pulled from the entire application stack, including resources that are in the cloud or behind the firewall or at the content distribution layer. All of the metrics are aggregated, stored in a single scalable data warehouse, and displayed on a single, correlated timeline. Performance engineers can use this information to understand, optimize, and improve application and system performance.”From IBM: 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… OpsCodeOpsCode developed CHEF, which is essentially a cook book with a variety of of recipes for automating the grueling manual tasks that have historically been required to fix server issues. The cloud is dynamic. There may be a spike in demand that requires adding 100 servers. Opscode’s automation capabilities give the capability to detect and add nodes. In essence, you write code to describe how you want each part of your infrastructure built, then apply it to your servers. Gov 2.0: Scaling, Automation, & Management in the Cloud A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… alex williamslast_img read more

Lakers blow big lead, rally late for win over Bulls

first_imgMOST READ Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting Los Angeles trailed 95-92 with less than four minutes to play before Ingram — who also had nine rebounds and was 10 for 18 from the field — started the rally with a pair of free throws.Nikola Mirotic scored 14 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter, and Denzel Valentine and Bobby Portis had 16 apiece for Chicago, which has dropped three straight.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThis was the opener of a five-game road trip for Los Angeles, which led by as much as 15 in the first half before Chicago rallied to tie the score at 68 early in the third quarter. The Lakers, though, answered with 11 straight points and led 84-72 entering the fourth.The Bulls rallied again and took a 92-90 lead with 5½ minutes remaining on Valentine’s 3-pointer. It was Chicago’s first lead since 3-2. Mirotic hit a 3-pointer to give the Bulls the 95-92 lead before Los Angeles took control. Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram, left, shoots against Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic during the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Jan. 26, 2018, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Matt Marton)CHICAGO — Brandon Ingram scored 25 points, including eight in the final 3:18, and the Los Angeles Lakers rallied late for a 108-103 victory over the Chicago Bulls on Friday night after losing a 12-point, fourth-quarter lead.Jordan Clarkson had 19 points and Brook Lopez added 17 for the Lakers, who have won four straight and eight of 10.ADVERTISEMENT Read Next TIP-INSLakers: Rookie G Lonzo Ball missed his sixth straight game with a sore left knee. The second overall pick is averaging 10.2 points, 7.1 rebounds and 7.1 assists.Bulls: Zach LaVine, playing in just his seventh game of the season following ACL surgery last February, played a season-high 26 minutes. His minutes restriction was lifted to 26-28 minutes before the game . Chicago was 17 for 36 on 3-pointers and now has made at least 10 3s in each of its last 11 home games.DUNN STILL OUTChicago G Kris Dunn missed his fourth straight game with a concussion, and it’s unclear when he might return.“The symptoms really haven’t changed much,” coach Fred Hoiberg said. “He’s feeling a little bit better today, but he’s still doing very limited physical activity.”ADVERTISEMENT Antetokounmpo scores 41 points as Bucks torch Nets Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers Dunn, who suffered the concussion following a hard fall in a game on Jan. 17, still is experiencing headaches, fatigue and grogginess.UP NEXTLakers: Visit the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.Bulls: Host the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday. Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View comments Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises LATEST STORIES Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s weddinglast_img read more

Back from cricket, Australia’s Barty now French Open champ

first_imgDA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew In this image released Saturday, June 8, 2019 by the French Tennis Federation Australia’s Ashleigh Barty holds the trophy in the locker room after winning her women’s final match of the French Open tennis tournament against Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic in two sets 6-1, 6-3, at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris. (Corinne Dubreuil, FFT, via AP Photo)PARIS — Ash Barty sat down to meet with reporters, crossed her arms and rested them on a table that held the French Open trophy she’d just won.Beneath the table, her white-and-black shoes were covered with rust-colored, clay-court dust.ADVERTISEMENT Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess And now Barty should, in theory, be moving into the portion of the year that suits her the most: Wimbledon and its grass, where play begins July 1, followed by the hard-court season that includes the U.S. Open.It was after a first-round loss at Flushing Meadows in 2014 that Barty decided to step away from tennis. She had been a top junior player, who won the girls’ title at the All England Club, but the pressures and stresses of the professional tour were a lot to take as a teenager.So Barty walked away, becoming a pro in another sport: cricket.After almost two years away, she returned to tennis in 2016, originally with a ranking outside the top 600.But now, with a fresh perspective and a new confidence, she is a whole new person — on the court and off.“They go hand-in-hand. I think I have become a better person, and with that, I’ve become a better tennis player, as well,” Barty said. “I keep saying I have an incredible team around me who help me in every single facet of my life.”Barty had never been past the fourth round of a major until getting to the quarterfinals at the Australian Open this January. That helped her self-belief and it just kept increasing over the past two weeks.All traceable, in some way, to her time away from the sport.“Look, if she didn’t take a break, I’m not sure she’d still be playing,” Tyzzer said. “So I think the time away was the best thing for her.”She is the first Australian to win the French Open since Margaret Court in 1973. “I mean, I said to my team at the start of the year, I was just worried about falling over. And I can successfully say that we got to the end of the clay-court season and I did not fall over once,” she said with a smile. “So I’m pretty pumped with that.”The results the first five times Barty entered the French Open: three losses in the first round, two in the second round.“She looks forward to the grass-court season every time we play on clay,” joked her coach, Craig Tyzzer. “So I’m not sure what she’s going to expect now. She’s had a pretty good clay season now. So it’s going to be hard to top what she’s done here.”Sure is. But Barty does appear to have the required skill, the willingness to adapt within a match and the desire to improve that could make her someone to watch for years.She will move up to No. 2 in the rankings Monday, behind Naomi Osaka, who won the previous two major tournaments.ADVERTISEMENT Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next View comments Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. center_img ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP Ferguson beats Cerrone by TKO at UFC 238 MOST READ Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Two-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport First question: At the start of 2019, which Grand Slam tournament did you think gave you the best chance at a title?“Certainly not here,” Barty replied Saturday night, without hesitation. “That’s for sure.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsHey, give the 23-year-old Australian credit for honesty.After all, right up until the past two weeks, which culminated with her 6-1, 6-3 victory over 19-year-old Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic in the final, Roland Garros and its slow surface didn’t jump out as ideal for Barty. In the past, she had plenty of trouble with the way clay dulls powerful serves and other strokes, as well as the footwork it requires. LATEST STORIES Hers is a country with a proud history in tennis, of course.Court won more Grand Slam titles than anyone else, 24. Rod Laver, who was at Saturday’s final, is the only man to win a calendar-year Grand Slam twice. Plenty of other Australian names fill the sport’s record books.“I don’t think she thought she could win it,” Laver said. “Then, all of a sudden, her game improved. And then I think she said, ‘I’m in a new world. I’ve stepped up my level here.’”Who knows what’s next?last_img read more

a month agoMan City striker Aguero admits being Liverpool and Owen fan

first_imgMan City striker Aguero admits being Liverpool and Owen fanby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City striker Sergio Aguero admits he grew up a fan off Liverpool.And he says Michael Owen was his favourite striker.Aguero has been Manchester City’s main man for eight years, winning four Premier League titles in the process. His latest league triumph came at the expense of Liverpool, who were searching for their first in the competition. Owen revealed his own admiration for Aguero in his book when discussing the finishing of United striker Marcus Rashford.He argued: “Players like Robbie Fowler, Aguero or Harry Kane, these people who are obsessed with goals. I don’t think he is obsessed with goals.”It seems the respect is mutual, as Aguero wrote in his autobiography Born To Rise: “I’ve always liked Liverpool, maybe because I used to play for Independiente who also played in red.”As a kid, I wanted to be Michael Owen and when I saw him score that goal for England against Argentina I thought ‘you little sh**’! Even aged 10, I knew they couldn’t allow him that much space. He was a terrific player at that time.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more