Mayor congratulates Limerick’s Ruth Negga on Oscar nomination

first_imgLifestyleArtsEntertainmentFilmNewsLocal NewsMayor congratulates Limerick’s Ruth Negga on Oscar nominationBy Editor – January 24, 2017 1098 Walk in Covid testing available in Limerick from Saturday 10th April No vaccines in Limerick yet Print Shannondoc operating but only by appointment RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WhatsApp Linkedin Twitter Facebookcenter_img Catalyst International Film Festival launches today Email First Irish death from Coronavirus Previous articleMunster confirm Hart & Farrell capture as Hanrahan returnsNext articleGuitar night for Dolan’s Editor Limerick City and County Mayor, Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon has congratulated actor Ruth Negga on her Oscar nomination for her role in the film ‘Loving’.“I was absolutely delighted to hear the news, and all of Limerick is certainly rooting for her,” said Mayor O’Hanlon. “It’s great for Limerick – we’re on the map now in the film industry, especially with our new purpose built Troy Film Studios in Castletroy open for business.”Displaying his knowledge of cinema through the ages, the Mayor pointed to another famous local actor in commending Negga’s achievements, “Ruth is the second Limerick person to be nominated for an Academy Award.  Richard Harris was nominated twice.”Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up “Ruth has done her family in Dooradoyle and Limerick very proud,” the Mayor said. “I will be writing to her on behalf of the citizens of Limerick to congratulate her on her nomination and the best of luck at the ceremony next month.  Win or lose, I would love to invite her and her family to a Mayoral Reception, when her schedule allows,” he concluded. Advertisement TAGSfeaturedMayor Kieran O’HanlonRuth Negga Surgeries and clinic cancellations extendedlast_img read more

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 match grades, highlights and results

first_imgWell, that was quite the ending. Bray Wyatt returned as The Fiend to drown Braun Strowman in their Swamp Fight to close WWE Extreme Rules 2020. It was yet another cinematic match that won’t be well-received by everyone because it lacked any sense of finality.  Cesaro, Nakamura, Kofi and Big E are excellent talents who deserve the spotlight, but a tables match for a feud that has been lukewarm at best wasn’t the right move. Ultimately, it wasn’t a bad match; they just worked with what they had. The INTENSITY in the #TablesMatch is off the charts as @TrueKofi & @WWEBigE look to retain their #SmackDown #TagTeamTitles at The Horror Show at @WWE #ExtremeRules !— WWE (@WWE) July 19, 2020On another note, The New Day will eventually get the titles back when WWE is tired of Cesaro and Nakamura. I don’t make the rules. Grade: C+ MORE: SN Q&A with Titus O’NeilExtreme Rules delivered on its billing as “The Horror Show,” but it wasn’t easily digestible because of so many strange finishes and stipulations. A few matches did overdeliver, including Asuka vs. Sasha Banks and Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler. The former ended in controversy that will leave people wondering who the actual champion is, while the latter was a hard-hitting affair that saw McIntyre retain his title in a unique setting. Unfortunately, Apollo Crews was unable to compete and MVP crowned himself the new United States champion. Here’s how it all went down. Bray Wyatt def. Braun Strowman (?)What the hell was this?We knew shenanigans were going to be in full force for a Bray Wyatt cinematic match with Braun Strowman, but these cinematic matches are becoming more and more difficult to digest. A return of the old Bray Wyatt was welcome, but then we dived into the ridiculous with snake bites, random attackers getting set on fire and playing off Braun’s infatuation with a demonic version of Alexa Bliss. Things just got more and more silly to the point where if you rolled your eyes at everything you would fall asleep.  The false finish was well-executed, though, with Braun thinking he finished Bray by kicking him into the swamp, but then The Fiend returned and drowned Wyatt. That’s how Extreme Rules ended.Out of the #SwampFight … #TheFiend @WWEBrayWyatt emerges. #ExtremeRules— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2020Wow.Now what?Grade: FDrew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler (WWE championship)Nobody ever thought Ziggler would beat McIntyre considering that Ziggler did nothing to earn a title shot, but the fact that Ziggler gave himself Extreme Rules while limiting the WWE champion to regular match rules made this entertaining. As always, McIntyre impressed with his power and finesse while Ziggler sold everything his opponent had like a million bucks.’Nuff said. #ExtremeRules @HEELZiggler— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2020Ziggler refused to go away and used everything to his advantage. Tables and chairs were used to try to take down the reigning champion, but McIntyre would shrug off his opponent’s offense and go back to throttling Ziggler with power moves.McIntyre’s WWE run has been well-booked and he continues to entertain; Ziggler again proved why he is one of the better hands on the roster.A kip up into a Claymore was brilliantly executed and finished off Ziggler in a great match.Grade: A-Sasha Banks def. Asuka (?) (‘Raw’ women’s championship)Before the clunky finish, Banks and Asuka delivered a Match of the Year contender. It’s difficult to put into words just how good Banks is at telling stories with her body and expressions, but this match was a perfect example. It must also be noted that Banks’ work as a heel is phenomenal. Whether it be her in-ring banter or vicious move set, it all works, not to mention that she bumps like a maniac.  Not to be overshadowed, Asuka has transitioned finely into a babyface from the killer she was in NXT. She worked brilliantly from underneath as Sasha combined limb work and vicious strikes to set a frantic pace that found Asuka constantly searching for a way to rally. Everything from a perfectly executed frog splash from Sasha to an avalanche codebreaker from Asuka made their way into this bout as these women easily put on one of the best matches of the year. #TheBoss @SashaBanksWWE ‘s code for victory may have just been BROKEN. #ExtremeRules @WWEAsuka— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2020A muddled finish put a damper on the match, but it also protected both women. Bayley attempted to interfere when Sasha was tapping from the Asuka lock, and that led to Asuka accidentally misting the referee. With the ref out of commission, Bayley inexplicably put on the referee shirt after the title was used to down Asuka and then counted to three.  This certainly won’t go down as a win for Sasha but it extends a great feud. Grade: A-Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio (Eye for an Eye match)Was there any way this match could have a satisfying finish given the stipulation?Trying to make sense of how a pair of pliers, a kendo stick and a normal set of wrestling moves would remove an eye just makes your head hurt. Without the Eye for an Eye stipulation, this match would have been a lot easier to digest because the work here was smooth. There was a beautiful sliding destroyer spot by Mysterio that sent Rollins into the barricade and Rey hitting Rollins with a curb stomp on the outside was a nice touch. It appeared that Mysterio had Rollins when he attempted to put his eye through the edge of the ring steps but a low blow, superkick and curb stomp set up Rollins to finish the job.THIS. JUST. HAPPENED. #ExtremeRules #EyeForAnEye @reymysterio— WWE (@WWE) July 20, 2020And then we went all the way goofy. Rollins put Rey’s other eye into the stairs. Before he went for a curb stomp, he noticed Mysterio’s (fake) eye was out of the socket. Rollins puked, the match was over. A ridiculous ending to what was a good match. What do we do with this?Grade: B (before the finish) DUD (after the finish)Bayley def. Nikki CrossBayley has turned what was a lukewarm heel turn into pure gold. Between her improvements working as a heel and pairing with Sasha, she has been nothing short of excellent. Nikki has always been a strong hand and her showing here was no different. She made sure this match wouldn’t be devoid of action. No mercy found here. #ExtremeRules @itsBayleyWWE— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) July 19, 2020There were a few weird moments, such as Nikki hitting a hanging neck breaker on the outside and Bayley somehow beating her back to the ring. Of course, Sasha would end up interfering by handing Bayley her Boss ring. Bayley hit Nikki in the midsection with the ring and finished her with a Rose Plant. A perfectly fine match but the finish was never in doubt.Grade: C+Nakamura & Cesaro def. The New DayTables matches are generally devoid of suspense and deliver an exhausting number of teases. This match was no different. Both teams worked hard but the stipulation really kept the match from being something special. There wasn’t a ton of drama, but Cesaro powerbombing Kofi through a pair of tables to become champions was a solid finish.last_img read more

New Board Directors appointed at Ruimveldt Lions Club

first_imgAs the new fiscal year begins in July for the Ruimveldt Lions Club, a new Board of Directors, who were elected, were welcomed last Saturday to their newly appointed positions during an installation ceremony and dinner meeting at their den in Festival City, North Ruimveldt. These Directors are now tasked with overseeing the management of the club.From right: Past District Governor, Lion Sean Noel handing over the gavel, a symbol of the President’s authority, to Lion Daryl Adams, the newly installed PresidentAt the ceremony, Lion Adams, an anaesthetist by profession, was presented with the symbolic gavel, as he was elected President of the club, along with Debbie-Ann Thompson filling the crucial role of Club Secretary.During his acceptance speech, Daryl Adams noted that the motto for the year will be “Progress through shared vision, commitment and active participation”, which places much emphasis on more meaningful community projects, and recruitment of younger members to ensure the viability of the club in its future.In addition to the auspicious installation ceremony, the Leo Club of Ruimveldt (a sponsored youth project of the Lions Club) also held its installation ceremony which saw medical technologist, Shamar Khan accepting the leadership for the group, and the introduction of new members to the youth project.Being in existence for more than forty years, the Ruimveldt Lions Club is a part of a larger network of the world’s largest service organisation that is Lions Clubs International.Lions clubs, wherever they exist, function under the motto, “We Serve”, as the organisation seeks to aid in the upliftment of the less fortunate in society.last_img read more

A continent in midst of ‘seismic shift’

first_imgA spectacular increase in global flows into Africa and Middle East funds supports experts’ view that the economic balance of power is shifting as “frontier economies” increasingly drive growth.The centre of economic gravity is shifting eastwards and southwards with “huge consequences” for the world we live in, according to John Battersby, the UK country manager for the International Marketing Council of South Africa. Speaking after a May international media forum in Johannesburg, Battersby said the global power balance was changing: emerging countries were more rightly called “high growth”.Click here to get the full story from Fund Strategy.last_img read more

3 Cinematography Tools for Capturing Perfect Exposure

first_imgLight MetersTried-and-true light meters are the established way to gather the exposure of your scene and expose your image properly. Not only do light meters help you generally expose a scene, they also assist you with creating the proper contrast ratios for your image.There have been many innovations in the world of light meters in the last couple of years. Now you can turn your iPhone into a light meter with something like Lumu.Light meters are powerful tools, especially during day exteriors when the sun’s position and cloud coverage are constantly changing. If you’re working on coverage of a dialogue scene over the course of an hour, the sun’s position (and, inherently, your lighting ratios) could drastically change. By using a light meter, you can ensure that the contrast ratios and exposure on your talent’s face stays consistent so there’s not a harsh jump in continuity.Exposing your images correctly will save time in the post-production workflow. With access to tools we have today, nailing your exposure should be easier than it ever has been.Looking for more information on lighting? Check out these articles:Light Meters 101: Why You Should Use One for Video ProjectsHow to Properly Calibrate Light MetersSimulating Light From A ScreenUsing 16 FREE Light and Dust Overlays with Motion Graphics and FootageHow to Light an Exterior Day Scene Without Lighting False ColorFalse Color has become one my favorite tools for nailing exposure every time. A lot of cameras and monitors don’t have false color built in. However, if you do have a monitor, like a SmallHD or a camera like a RED or ARRI, this built-in feature is a powerful tool.False color uses different colors to represent exposure values across your screen. For example, let’s say that green represented a value of 55-65 IRE on your monitor. Those areas of the image that are within that exposure range would be highlighted green. Now if the color red was used to highlight overexposed areas of your image, all areas of over-exposure would be highlighted with red. To understand this a little more fully, check out this video from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on understanding false color. Nailing perfect exposure is one of the cinematographer’s most essential roles. Learn to set the right exposure to streamline post-production.Cover image via Shutterstock.Blown-out highlights or underexposed shadows can become a real pain during the post-production process. Luckily, there are many tools available for getting impeccable exposure that it is now more simple than ever. We’re going to take a look at three of the tools I like to use on set when trying to get the perfect exposure.HistogramsAt first, histograms can be intimidating. However, once you learn to properly use them, you begin to realize how powerful they can be. A histogram gives you a quick glimpse at the various exposure values of your shadows, midtones, and highlights across an image. In general, if your histogram is reading more to the left, that implies that your image is underexposed. If the histogram is resting more toward the right, your image is likely overexposed. Generally, having the histogram in the center of the chart is the ideal exposure. Check out this video to learn just a little more about histograms.last_img read more