Residents hail ‘landmark’ win

first_imgWhatsApp Previous articleBrian crosses over to the big screenNext articleMore Job losses as Heiton Buckley shuts down admin Linkedin Advertisement NewsLocal NewsResidents hail ‘landmark’ winBy admin – January 27, 2011 806 Twittercenter_img Email Court rules against Ballinacurra bus laneIN what is hailed as “a landmark case,” the President of the High Court, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns, this Wednesday, found in favour of the residents of Balilnacurra against Limerick City Council’s roll-out of bus lanes on Ballinacurra Road/O’Connell Avenue.The decision could have serious implications for the rest of the country.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Following protracted debate, the introduction of bus lanes on Ballinacurra Road and part of O’Connell Avenue was approved by vote, although it was considered that this could be overthrown by the city manager.The residents proceeded to seek a declaration that Limerick City Council was acting unlawfully in not using the Public Consultation Part 8 procedure, as provided for in the Planning and Development Regulations.The Limerick Post was notified of the High Court ruling  before going to press on Wednesday and when contacted, the city manager’s office replied:“In the case of the judicial review proceedings brought by Kevin Hoare, Kevin Donnelly and Barry Donnelly against Limerick City Council, heard before Mr. Justice Nicholas Kearns on  December 14, Mr Justice Kearns  upheld the appellants case.  The Judge has adjourned the matter to February 2, to hear submissions before finalising the order of the Court.“Limerick City Council has no comment pending review of the judgment and consideration of the final order of the Court”.However, Cllr Pat Kennedy, who had been to the forefront in bringing the objections of the residents to City Hall, said he is very pleased with the outcome.“I have been against the roll out of bus corridors in this area for a number of justifiable reasons.  I believe the High Court found for the residents under every heading”.At this week’s meeting of the city council, a notice of motion submitted by Cllr Kennedy, called on City Hall to remove from its City Development Plan, any proposal to provide bus corridors on Ballinacurra Road/O’Connell Avenue. The motion cited six reasons for rejecting the bus corridors from the area, and was signed by all nine of the Fine Gael councillors, including Mayor Maria Byrne.Commenting on the High Court judgment, Cllr Michael Hourigan said the outcome will have “huge implications for Limerick city and the rest of the country.“Up to now the city and county managers could overrule the councillors on issues such as this, but with this High Court ruling, a precedent has been set  – this is a landmark case”. Print Facebooklast_img read more

This typewriter keyboard will actually make you work faster » Gadget Flow

first_imgLauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She loves working with text and helping writers find their voice. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters. Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard with a tablet in its holderA number pad helps with spreadsheetsIt’s easier to type in numbers on a number pad. And if your work also involves spreadsheets, you’ll appreciate the Fineday Retro Bluetooth Keyboard‘s number pad. It’s a new addition to this retro keyboard’s 2.0 version, one users of the 1.0 version had requested. You’ll speed through your calculations with this useful feature as you’ll never have to take your eyes off your screen. Your accuracy will also improve because you won’t have to stretch your fingers to reach the numbers above the letter portion of the keyboard.Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter KeyboardFineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard with desk accessoriesA typing experience that’s truly comfortableAnother cool design element of this keyboard is its mounting stand. It holds smaller devices like a tablet or phone while you type at a 9.22-degree angle. This allows you to work from these devices for a long time without neck strain. It also makes it easier to work from both your desktop and smartphone or tablet at once.LED backlighting brightens your typing experienceFinally, this keyboard has a soft white LED backlight. This feature helps to illuminate your desk and as you work, allowing you to see everything clearly as you type. What’s more, you can easily adjust the brightness of the backlighting with the left roller knob, a design feature that makes this keyboard look just like a real typewriter.This typewriter keyboard is a great gadget for writers, creatives, and anyone who appreciates past product designs. The design is beautiful and adds character to any desk. Plus, this antique-inspired design will actually help you get work done with its ergonomic keys and its ability to let you work between your devices simultaneousl. Placing your device on the stand only improves your productivity. This Bluetooth keyboard makes a great gift for not only for writers but any professional who spends hours at their keyboard.Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard costs $158 and is available for preorder on Indiegogo.Do you like products that make use of past designs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter KeyboardFineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard on a white desk The Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard envisions a kind of workspace where beloved designs of past machines have the capabilities that people today need to get work done. This typewriter keyboard boasts shiny black metal and saddle-shaped keycaps reminiscent of typewriters from the 1920s. It also lets writers revel in their work’ tactile and audible feedback, with the satisfying sound the keys make. And it’s wired or wireless connection, hotkeys, and other tech features boosts typing speed and accuracy, according to the company’s Indiegogo page. It sounds like a great keyboard for anyone who enjoys writing.This retro keyboard gives you a satisfying typing experienceAt its core, writing is a tactile act. There’s something gratifying about feeling your fingers fly across a keyboard as you compose your thoughts. And the sound of keys clicking as you type is oh so necessary. It’s these elements you’ll get with this Bluetooth typewriter keyboard. It features ergonomic saddle-shaped keys with OUTEMU blue axis mechanical switches. They give off that noteworthy sound and pushback you need as you type.Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter KeyboardFineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard with a person typingThis keyboard is a classic tool for the modern writer- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard This typewriter keyboard will actually make you work fastercenter_img Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter KeyboardFineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard on a desk If you love the look and sound of an antique typewriter, you’ll want to check out this gadget. This typewriter keyboard looks just like a retro typewriter and its keys make that satisfying click-clackety sound. But its tech is completely modern. Keep reading to see how this gorgeous yet practical keyboard can boost your productivity.If you spend a lot of time writing for work, you know how important it is to have a good keyboard.  And if you’re into writing, it’s likely you also have a soft spot for typewriters. Who can resist the click-clackety sound of their thoughts pouring onto paper? Unfortunately, the work typewriters produce no longer suits the needs of the modern professional. Or does it? The company behind the Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard has created a keyboard that looks and sounds like a typewriter from the 1920s and it’s equipped will all of today’s tech. – Advertisement – While this writing gadget’s design calls to mind the great works of past literary geniuses, you won’t keep this keyboard on your desk just for inspiration’s sake. No, this keyboard is also a powerful tool that will help you get work done. That’s because it allows you to work on three devices at onces. So you can connect this keyboard to your desktop, phone, laptop, and tablet and work seamlessly between them thanks to a strong Bluetooth 5.0 connection. It also works in both wired modes for when you need to be a speed demon and is compatible with Windows/iOS/Android.Fineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboardFineday Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard next to a brick wallMulti-function hotkeys make typing effortlessDo you know what your grandparents probably wished their typewriters had? Hotkeys. And this typewriter keyboard has them. They let you automate some of your repeated typing actions so that you can work faster. The Fineday Retro Keyboard has a Windows’s logo key, and Mac users can use it as a Command key.Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard– Advertisement –last_img read more

Equinor to drill seven new wells at Gullfaks to recover even more resources

first_imgNorwegian oil and gas major Equinor and its partners have decided to drill seven new wells at Gullfaks field located offshore Norway and improve oil recovery by 17 million barrels. Equinor is the operator of the Gullfaks field with a 51% interest and its partners are Petoro (30%) and OMV (19%). Gullfaks lies in the Tampen area in the northern part of the North Sea. Water depth in the area is 130-220 meters.On behalf of the license partners, Equinor’s executive vice president for Development and Production Norway, Arne Sigve Nylund, on Tuesday presented an amended plan for development and operation (PDO) to the minister of petroleum and energy, Kjell-Børge Freiberg, at the Sandefjord Conference.“Our ambition is to maintain profitable production from the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) for several decades. Wells that can be drilled fast and at a low cost, near existing infrastructure, will be a major contributor,” said Nylund.Equinor said that the partners would invest about NOK 2.3 billion ($269.1M) in the Gullfaks project.The wells will be drilled in the Shetland Group, a carbonate reservoir that lies above the main reservoir at the North Sea Gullfaks field.According to Equinor, drilling on Gullfaks is challenging due to the carbonate reservoir. A well test in 2012 proved however that also this reservoir had an oil production potential. The Gullfaks partners have therefore invested more than NOK one billion in production wells in this formation since 2013, which have so far produced more than six million barrels of oil from Shetland/Lista phase 1.As this reservoir could potentially produce more oil by use of water injection, the authorities requested the Gullfaks partners to submit an amended PDO in 2019.The Gullfaks partners are now ready to recover even more resources by use of water injection and new production wells in the Shetland/Lista phase 2 development. A total of seven horizontal wells is planned to be drilled by use of existing drilling facilities on Gullfaks.“These formations that used to pose a challenge are now due to producing at a break-even below USD 30 per barrel – I find that to be a nice bonus from Gullfaks,” said Nylund.The oil from Shetland/Lista is a small contribution to the total Gullfaks reserves, but a major contributor to the remaining field potential.Furthermore, the project deepens our knowledge of carbonate reservoir production, which can be used in other parts of the world.last_img read more

Orgeron’s energy a better fit for Trojans

first_imgWhen newly appointed interim USC head coach Ed Orgeron took the podium for last Sunday’s press conference, he didn’t promise a Rose Bowl berth. He didn’t guarantee USC would beat a certain conference rival. What he did say, though, was telling.“I’m gonna have some energy, some excitement. High-fiving guys, having fun,” Orgeron said.But Orgeron’s definition of the word “fun” is a little different from the layperson’s definition of “fun.”When I covered spring practices last semester, I got to know (at least by proxy) Mr. Edward Orgeron Jr.It’s a sunny, but cool spring evening at Howard Jones field. Orgeron stands like a man of authority on the field. His boulder-like belly protrudes from his waist, draped with a baggy cardinal polo that is tucked into his shorts. He issues some instructions to the defensive linemen prior to a drill. For this drill, the linemen will crouch and run underneath a three-foot trampoline. The defensive linemen line up about five yards behind the trampolines. A piercing shriek of a whistle, then — “Coach O” comes out.His gravelly drill sergeant’s yell is at once frightening and reassuring at the same time. His usually straight back curves. Orgeron bends over and cups his hands around his mouth and imparts his wisdom.“Keep those heads up, boys! Keep your head up! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, KENNY! MOVE YOUR A–, KENNY!” Orgeron screams. He’s referring to freshman defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow, who sprints, ducks under the trampoline and comes out on the other side looking like he just finished a marathon.If there was a spiritual equivalent of Ed Orgeron, it would be Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. Except Orgeron is more of a man. And on the USC football team, there are no Gomer Pyles.Which is necessary, if you think about it. Football is the sport that most easily serves as a metaphor for war. And like war, the head coach, the “general,” if you will, plays an integral role.As generals go, former USC head coach Lane Kiffin was a pure strategist — a bit of a control freak, if you will. He meticulously trafficked the disbursal of information, to the point where practices were closed and injury information was kept under wraps. Recruiting the best players was a must. To Kiffin, the details and the strategy of the meta-game ware more pressing concerns than the tactics of football, much of which he left to his (very able) coordinators.Except that approach backfired during the heat of the game. Kiffin’s inexperience with the tactics of the actual game of football reared its ugly head earlier this season, as he was unable to master the one aspect of coaching that the world could actually see: calling plays.By comparison, Orgeron takes a far more hands-on approach. He is on the ground floor, communicating with his players. For lack of a better comparison, he is on the frontline with his soldiers, barking orders, turning boys into men. Orgeron is the Sergeant Hartmann to Kiffin’s General Petraeus. And though Orgeron’s ability to manage a game remains to be seen, his animated brand of coaching and (ironically) more relaxed demeanor towards his players (desserts after practice? Where do I sign up to play?) is a refreshing change of pace from the austere atmosphere engineered by Kiffin’s strategic designs.Whether the Trojans will win games is uncertain; they will still be without junior wide receiver Marqise Lee, and the monstrous defensive front seven still belies a thinned-out rear flank  — the secondary that gave up 351 passing yards and three TD’s last week against Arizona State. The Trojan faithful will undoubtedly want to think of better days, back when Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and Lee were making it rain touchdowns like dollar bills at the club. But with those touchdowns came a kind of dispassionate arrogance, the expectation that “this is what’s supposed to happen.”The Trojans are now at a crossroads where there simply are no expectations. It’s a bye week for USC, so that means Orgeron gets a little extra time to shift the coaching mentality from blue-blooded to blue collar. The Trojans will enter the weekend preparing for eight games of war, and in all eight of those games, the outcome is uncertain.If you’re a fan of college football, there’s only one certainty now: compared to watching Lane Kiffin calmly lose games, watching Ed Orgeron get worked up on the sideline is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Follow Euno on Twitter @eunowhatlast_img read more

Busoga United defeat BIDCO FC in Uganda premier league tie

first_imgBusoga UnitedFC’s head coach, Abby Kikomeko celebrates his club’s second goal.Jinja, Uganda  | THE INDEPENDENT |  Busoga United FC has defeated fellow Eastern based side Bidco FC in a Uganda Premier League match played on Saturday.Busoga United stopped Bidco FC 2-1 in a game played at the Jinja based Arena Stadium. Lawrence Tezikya and David Bagoole netted for Busoga United FC, while Musa Walangalila scored from a header for Bidco FC. Abby Kikomeko, the Busoga United’s head coach says that his players were determined to win the game having lost 2-1 to Onduparaka FC in their previous match.Kikomeko says his players have mastered the art of containing the ball within the midfield which he says will help perform well in the other matches of the second round of the League. Dan Kabaale, the Bidco FC interim coach says he is still laying winning strategies since he is new at the Club.  He adds that fans should be patient with their team as they anticipate for victory in the remaining League matches of the 2019/2020 season. *******URNShare on: WhatsApplast_img read more